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Rocket content

What does it take to get your B2B content in the hands of enterprise decision makers? Learn about Rocket Content, which shoots up the chain of command, influences everyone it touches and is irresistibly-shareable.

Build better content, and get it to a higher level.

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Rocket content

  1. (rocket content)<br />Your b2b secret weapon.<br />Flickr photo credit: mayhem<br />
  2. hurdles<br />core challenge<br />Enterprise decision-makers are here<br />Flickr photo credit: Elizabeth Haslam<br />
  3. how executives find business information<br /><ul><li>77% view guidance from colleagues at work as very valuable, compared to 43% maintaining the same view of online communities
  4. 22% see “guidance from contacts in online communities” as “very valuable”
  5. 74% find the Internet, as an information source, “very valuable”
  6. 51% percent find information from “at-work contacts” to be “very valuable”
  7. 53% prefer to “gather information for decision making” themselves, while 47% either “start the process and forward it to others to complete,” or “assign others to gather the information”
  8. Only 16% of “non-IT execs read work-related blogs daily”</li></ul>Flickr photo credit: Kent3ed<br />
  9. rocket content…<br />Gets to the top.<br />Shoots up chain of command<br />Influences everyone it touches<br />Is irresistibly-shareable<br />Helps sell upward, internally<br />Flickr photo credit: Intiaz Rahim<br />
  10. To get here…<br />…aim a little lower.<br />Flickr photo credit: rustman<br />
  11. Your link to the C-Suite<br /><ul><li>More likely to understand & get excited about value prop
  12. Acts as decision support to BDMs
  13. More likely to be engaged in social media
  14. Has more time to listen to you
  15. Isn’t on the “About Us” page</li></ul>Flickr photo credit: MattiMattila<br />
  16. Ponder these questions:<br />Can I easily imagine this content…<br />…being passed to an executive?<br />…being referenced in a presentation?<br />…being used as a counterpoint to an objection?<br />…making someone pick up the phone?<br />Flickr photo credit Piero Sierra<br />