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Three-Step Sales Funnel That Will Get You Booked


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If you require phone-calls, appointments or one-on-one consultations this sales funnel will be your best friend and an irreplaceable weapon. I was introduced to it by one of my mentors that brings in hundreds of thousands per month in consulting services. It helps you fill up your schedule. It helps you automate your scheduling process. It eliminates almost 80% of your unnecessary emails and phone calls. It increases the number of appointments/calls/consultations and reduces the drop-out rate of your prospects. It helps you pre-qualify your prospects and pre-frame to wotk with you on your terms, not theirs. This is a must-have set up if you are running paid traffic and you need to scale your operation. Even if you are not running paid (cold) traffic to your offer, it's still a great tool that helps you automate and scale your lead generation.

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