Goal Settings for Success Online


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Goal Settings for Success Online

  1. 1. Click Here to Visit<br />Internet Marketing Review<br />Your Internet Marketing Goals – Part II<br />This is a second article in a series of articles about Internet marketing review business goal setting. By using the methods of goal setting that I am about to uncover in this article you will set yourself apart from the ninety five percent of other Internet marketers and, in fact, any other people on the planet. Yes, the majority of the Earth population never sets any goals in life and in business and, as a result of this neglect, achieves nothing. <br />They do not have money, power, and relationship they so desire and they drift aimlessly in life in a hope that someone else (governments, charities, church, their grandma) will take care of them or that things would magically turn out good for them. Their biggest dream is to win the lottery of life but they never even buy a ticket. You are not one of them, are you? Well, even if you are, you are in good hands. We are going to fix it all right now. Grab a few sheets of paper and a pen and be ready to be transformed.<br />Let us quickly go over the top major characteristics of the well-defined goal. If you remember from the previous post, they are positivity, specificity and timeliness. We will start with the first one. I would like you to just stop and start thinking about what do you want out of your business. Write it down on paper and when you finish go over it and read it out loud. It must sound positive. For example, "I do not want to go to my day job anymore" is negative; "I want to make one million dollars" is positive.<br />However, there is one more very important characteristic of the well-formed goal. Please, please, pay close attention now. It is being TOWARDS desired outcome, not AWAY FROM undesired outcome. Let me give you an example. "I want to quit my day job" is positive but is is AWAY FROM kind of outcome. You want to move away from some undesired situation or prevent something bad thing to happen. While it might work, and I agree that fear is a greatest motivator of all, you must reverse your thinking if you are to become successful and achieve you desired outcome.<br />Just stop and start thinking about what do you want. What kind of outcome you will move towards that will take care of all "don't wants" that you might have? Let us take the example of "I want to quit my day job". What kind of outcome you will move towards will take care of it? I might have an idea that it can be something like "I am working four hours per day from home and earn $123497 per year after tax" or it might be something like "My real estate investment portfolio brings me a passive income of $9857 per month after tax" or it might be something else but you get the point.<br />What's wrong with away from? Well, it is simple. Your mind (this grey matter inside your skull in between your ears) takes everything you say literally. When you use "I want to quit my day job" as a goal guess what happens? You will ALWAYS be in the state of WANTING to quit you day job because you want it. Got it? That is why you need to drop this crap and start moving TOWARDS what you want now.<br />So, go ahead, take a sheet of paper and rewrite your goal in a way it is towards the desired outcome. Take a minute and write it down in as much detail as possible and when you are ready, come back. Done? Welcome back. How did you go? Read over your Internet marketing review business goal and check for all the important points. It must be positive, towards the desired outcome, specific and timed. Have you got everything covered? If yes, congratulations. You are making a good progress. We will continue in the next article.<br />