Internet Marketing Review Issue 1


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Issue 1 of Internet Marketing Review

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Internet Marketing Review Issue 1

  1. 1. March 14th, 2011 Published by: ReviewOfThis search engine optimization activities but allows them to quit their day job andKeyword Research can also result with a significant loss of live the life of their dreams. And onlyMade Easy money on an unsuccessful pay per click one or two people out of hundred full campaign. time Internet marketers are actuallyA lot of Internet marketing newbies becoming millionaires. So, if you are toexperience problems with keyword The Internet marketer must carefully start an online business, all the odds areresearch. For a beginner Internet select the offer taking into consideration against you.marketer it might be hard to determine all the factors and metrics. Onlythe right keywords for their newborn use a reputable network that paysonline business. The overwhelming commissions on time, every time. Select the offer with a payout that allows you Internet Marketingamount of information on the Internetdoesnt help to clear things up. to be profitable. Take into account your Expert web site traffic, conversion ratio of your Do you actually know who canThe best option for a beginner landing page, offer conversion rationmarketer will be to use special really be considered a proven Internet and cost per click on Adwords. marketing expert? There are many self-keyword research software developed byreputable company that has a proven proclaimed Internet marketing gurushistory of Internet marketing success Becoming a online teaching big groups of people how to make a killing on the This kind of software makes theprocess of finding profitable keywords Successful Internet However a lot of these so-called expertswith decent amount of traffic and Marketer are actually making money by selling their advice to unexperienced Internetextremely low competition very easyto complete. Special keyword research marketing novices.modules and pre-defined filers will Selecting an expert to trust is matterallow you to easily browse through of life and death for you new onlinethousands of long tail keywords and business if you want it to survive. Youidentify real gems that can make your must check carefully how many otheronline business profitable in no time online businesses, affiliate marketingflat. promotions, or niche blogs your InternetTwo of the most popular keyword marketing expert of choice has. Do aresearch tools available are Keyword background check, ask people on theElite and Market Samurai. You should forums, join their mailing list and see iftry both tools and select one that suits It the information you get from them is anyyou best. is not easy to succeed as an Internet good. marketer online. During the last several If you go to an Internet marketing years, hundreds of thousands of people seminar you can network and meet a lotSelect the Right rushed to start their online business of online business experts and get theirAffiliate Offer in the hope to become overnight advice on which Internet marketing millionaire. However, statistics say that expert to follow.One of the common problems of the amount of people, who succeedbeginner Internet marketers is the online, among those who start a newselection of an affiliate program to online business, is less than two percent. Easy Productpromote on their web site using search The exact number is one point sixtyengine optimization or with a paid traffic seven. This basically means that out Creation Formulasuch as Google Adwords or Microsoft of one hundred people who become There is an easy way to create a productAd Center. Selecting the right offer from Internet marketers only one or two are to sell online. Many Internet marketingthe reputable affiliate network is crucial actually making any profit online. But experts have taught this method and itfor the success of the promotional even if they make a profit, only one or is very easy to do and it is also verycampaign. Selecting the wrong offer will two out of hundred Internet marketers powerful. It allows you to create a highnot only waste a lot of time spent of are making a full time income that 1
  2. 2. March 14th, 2011 Published by: ReviewOfThisticket product which can be sold online marketing expert, the best option forin a matter of hours, literally overnight. you will to spend some money to attend The Story of theWhat is it, you ask? It is creating an a good Internet marketing seminar. Internet MarketerInternet marketing interview of course. You need to be careful here though. There are lots of different InternetAll you need to do is go to Google marketing seminars around the worldand search for the name of the and not all of them are created equal.Internet marketing expert youd like To be honest with you, the majorityto interview. You can easily find all of them are pure waste of time and,the contact information, including their in fact, are a hidden sales pitchesemail, phone numbers, home address, where savvy Internet marketing gurusand social security number on their web are trying to sell you as many ofsite. After that just call them up and Internet marketing training courses asask for an interview. Almost every one they possibly could. You can spend tenof them will agree, because these online times more money on these courses Success is so easy to achieve. I reallymarketing experts are actually looking than you paid for the Internet marketing mean it. Super easy and super funfor more exposure and more fame. They seminar itself. So, you need to be very as well. I didnt think it would becan even mail your offer to their mailing careful and research all the speakers of possible before I started my firstlist after the interview to make some the upcoming seminar before you make Internet marketing business online. Imoney as affiliates. any monetary commitments like buying didnt know much about business and entry tickets and booking a hotel and about the Internet. All I could do isCreating a Good travel. to play Xbox all day long and maybeQuality Content surf some entertainment and news webAny Internet marketing expert, if they Internet Marketing sites online. I barely knew how to use a computer properly. Honestly. I haveare any good at what they do online, Success Story learned about Internet marketing fromwill tell you that in order to get any a friend of a friend of mine. He used to Internet marketing is super easy. Iranking in Google whatsoever you need be a real estate salesman, or something cannot understand why so many newbieto create a lot of content but not any similar. Pretty boring job, I would say. Internet marketers are struggling totype of content. All this content you However, in short year, he was able to achieve any success online. I mean, itneed to create should be relevant to completely replace his income from his doesnt make any sense to me. It justkeywords you are targeting in your affiliate marketing promotions online. doesnt. I started my online business asonline business. The question when is, I was instantly hooked. I grabbed a an affiliate marketer with virtually nowhere to get a good quality content for pen and a paper and jotted down the time and money. I was working a muchyour new Internet business web site. phone number of this guy. That was the hated day job as a software supportFirst of all, you can write it yourself. moment that changed my life forever. engineer and mainframe computerIt is pretty easy if you know what you Since then, my life had never been the programmer at a big corporation inare doing and you know how to perform same. Sydney, Australia. I was bored and Ia simple online research using search didnt like what I was doing. So, Iengines and tools like Market Samurai. decided to start my Internet marketing Email Marketing business and take matters in my ownThe other option is to outsource it andpay other people to do it for you. hands. Did it work, you ask? Of course Success it did. It did work so well, I could never Please read the following article veryTo get more Internet marketing advice imagined I can become successful sogo to my web site and join a weekly carefully. These three golden rules of quickly, almost overnight, and be able to a successful email marketing campaignnewsletter. You will get tons of tips and live the life of my dreams. I only worktricks on Internet marketing success. will save you a lot of time and, possibly, a couple of hours per day now from my tons of money. Ignore it and you home office at Bondi Beach and for the might lose hours and hours of valuableWhich Internet rest of the day I just surf. Life is beautiful now. time and spend unnecessarily large amounts of cash for nothing. FollowMarketing Seminar these rules and if will almost guaranteeis Good? you email marketing campaign success. Here are the three golden rules for emailIf you are new to the Internet marketing marketing success:and do not know any other Internet 2
  3. 3. March 14th, 2011 Published by: ReviewOfThis • Always use double opt-in. Sure, social media to promote affiliate you can turn it off in your Aweber products and earn substantial The Best Social account at a click of a mouse commissions by doing that. And this Media Marketing but please do not. You will get is not an accident. Any savvy Internet complains and a banned account marketer knows that more than half a Niche as a result. billion people are members of popular social networking web site named • Before sending tons of promotions Facebook. And more than hundred and to your Internet marketing mailing fifty thousand people are member of list, make sure you have sent Twitter, the popular micro blogging enough valuable content and status update online service. These build enough rapport with you numbers cant just be ignored. The audience. They wont buy from you ability to reach huge groups of people otherwise. interacting online is real opportunity A • Mail often but not too often. This is for savvy Internet marketer to promote lot of Internet marketers ask a question self-explanatory. their own products and services as well about what is the best product to as send out affiliate marketing offers, or promote on Facebook and Twitter.Follow these rules for email marketing even build a mailing list. And it is easysuccess. The answer is very simple. Nothing to achieve with Twitter. You can simply beats a dog training niche in this join the network and quickly create regard. After spending hours and hoursWhat is a Bum a huge following. The recommended number of followers is at least thirty of testing different affiliate marketing offers on Facebook and Twitter IMarketing? thousand. After that just twit promotion collected a big set of test data to after promotion and make money. analyse. Ive spent around a month toThe most common question Internetmarketing newbies often ask an Internet statistically analyse this data and comemarketing expert is how to make Building a Big to conclusion that the most profitable niche for Facebook, Twitter, and othera lot of money very-very quicklywithout spending a lot on pay per List of Twitter social media marketing platforms is dog advertisement and search engineoptimization campaigns. Think it is Followers Dog training niche turned out to beimpossible? Well, I suggest you to think Creating a huge Twitter following can fifteen times more profitable comparingagain. Impossible is possible with … be a daunting task for a beginner social to the make money online niche,drum roll please … bum marketing. Yes, media marketer. However, this is not eighteen times more profitable thanladies and gentlemen, bum marketing something to be ignored. A huge number forex trading niche, and whopping fiftyit is. All you have to do is to write a of followers are the very thing that precents more profitable than cats potthree or four hundred word article per makes twitter marketing possible. Any training, add your name with an affiliate link experiences Internet marketer knowpromoting one of the high commission that. Just think about it. Without a large So, if you would like to maximiseproducts and you are golden. It is as amount of followers you do not have the probability of your social mediasimple as that. Bum marketing is a very any audience to promote your products marketing business online, choose thepopular way to start making instant or services, or send affiliate promotions. dog training niche. The numbers provemoney online. You dont need any But how do you do it without drawing it.experience as an Internet marketer. All too much attention from the Twitteryou need is some creativity to write greatcontent and a couple of minutes per police? There a lot of automatic tools that can build you a huge list of followers Build Wealth As anday to submit your article to hundreds on a complete autopilot but they are Internet Marketerof article directories using special mass getting too dangerous to use. You risk There are three ways to build wealthsubmit software. your account to get banned if you use too in this world. One is to work the job, much automation. Read Twitter terms save a lot and invest properly, the of service if you do not believe me. TheHow to Get More best way to do it nowadays is to hire an other is to invest aggressively, and the best option is to start and grow yourTwitter Followers? outsourcer to add people to your follow list and twit a lot of valuable content so business. The choice of a business typeTwitter is a true Internet marketing is very important. The advantages of the people start to follow you.weapon. More and more Internet Internet marketing over the brick andmarketers nowadays are turning to mortar business are obvious. 3
  4. 4. March 14th, 2011 Published by: ReviewOfThisWith Internet marketing you do not services available online. In our age ofneed almost any start-up capital. A Building Quality technology almost everybody can do it.lot of Internet marketers started their Backlinks Secondly, you need to be able to writebusinesses on shoestring budgets. You Back links are the most important content. This means writing differentcan start you online business with just a thing to consider when promoting you articles, blog posts, forum commentscouple of hundreds of dollars. web site online. The ranking algorithms and other types of content. The thingWith Internet marketing you do not of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other is online content is a king. This isneed any equipment or supplies to start online search engine consider back how you get ranking in Google, receiveyour business. All you need to have is link as the most important fact when traffic to your web site, and, eventually,any cheap computer or laptop and a they determine your rank. Building make money by selling either yourdecent Internet connection. Most of the large amount of back links must be own product or service online, or bypeople already have both of these things. a top priority activity in your Internet promoting one or the other affiliate marketing business. offer.So, what are you waiting for? Why notgo and start your Internet marketing One, often overlooked, way to build a lotbusiness today? of back links to your web site or blog is to Internet Marketing use social bookmarking. Although a lot is a BusinessWhat is Article of social bookmarking web sites use no follow links and, therefore, do not pass Making more sales, generating moreSpinning? a much needed link juice to you web site leads, and making more profit is a goal or blog, some of them are still using do of any business, not just an InternetYou can leverage content, written by follow links. marketing business. The question thenyou, or by any outsourced writer you Fortunately now you can use special is, why so many Internet marketers dopaid to write articles for you. All automated software to look for social ignore a few simple basic principles forsuccessful Internet marketers know the bookmarking web sites that allow do operating a successful business? Theresecret. And the secret is simple. You follow links. What you must do next is to are few answers to this question.must use article spinning technique.Article spinning technique is a way submit the URL of your web site or blog First of all, a lot Internet marketers cometo turn one unique article into a there. You will get more traffic. from corporate jobs where they are justbunch of unique articles. If you spin an employee following an order from theyour article to only thirty precent boss. They have no idea of what businessunique content, you can still generate Internet Marketing is and how it operates. Sad but true.more than three hundred articles and Business Secondly, unlike corporate executivessummit them to your web 2.0 onlineproperties, article directories, feeder Opportunity and chief officers of big corporations, newborn Internet marketers do not haveblogs, or article distribution networks. Is Internet marketing a right business proper business education under theirEach submission will give you at least opportunity for you? Only you can belts. Master of business administrationone, sometimes two or more back links answer this question but we can give you degree is not something an averagewhich will help you r web site or blog to some advice on what Internet marketing Internet marketer possesses.rise in the search engine rank. Spinning business is and how it can help youarticle is very simple. All you have to do These two factors help us to quit your day job and start makingis to get special synonym aware software understand why so few Internet real money and, eventually, live the lifelike The Best Spinner and use it to create marketing businesses survive. Statistics others only dream many synonyms for phrases in your is daunting. The vast majority ofarticle as you can. After that you are Firstly, you need a basic understanding Internet marketers fail to make profit.done. of computer and Internet. You must Those who do are those who have proper be able to browse the Internet, watch understanding of what business is and online videos on YouTube and send how to operate it. email using one of the free web mail 4
  5. 5. March 14th, 2011 Published by: ReviewOfThis or blogs you are capable of creating • They have some mindset issues.Successful and maintaining over the long period Make sure you know why you are inInternet Marketing of time, your strengths and weaknesses business and what kind of outcome when it comes to an Internet marketing you would like to have. Begin withPromotion and web site creation, and so forth. an end in mind. Write your goal inTo successfully promote your web site Write your goals in a journal, review a journal and review them daily.or blog online you can use on of the them often, and take action. • Not enough market research. Youfollowing techniques: I publish a blog with valuable Internet must spend a fair amount of time marketing information, including researching a market and finding • Add your web site or blog to as Internet marketing articles and tips. the best products to promote as an many online web site directories as Visit my web site to learn more about affiliate. you possibly can online niche marketing. • Not enough or no keyword • Submit as many articles as you research. Keywords are a key Number of Pages can to a wide variety of article to the search engine ranking. directories (try and post at least Find the proper high traffic, one article per day, possibly more) and Your Website low competition keywords and • Add as many posts as possibly to different online Web 2.0 web sites, Rank optimize you web site accordingly. Make sure you use a proper blogs, or community sites The very important factor Google takes tool when you do your keyword into account when determining your research. I recommend Market • Submit your videos to YouTube, web site or blog rank is the total number Samurai and Keyword Elite. Viddler, Vimeo, and any other of pages on your web site. The more online video sharing web site you Avoid these pitfalls and you will achieve pages you have got the better your rank come across success. will be. The better your rank is, the • Participate in forums, answer higher your web site will come on a questions, and use you signature to search engine results page. You goal create a link back to you web site or is to increase an amount of pages on blog your web site or blog. You have several • Submit as many links as you options to do so. You can post as many possibly can to various link articles as you can write or purchase. building web sites You can post a lot of private label rights articles which you can buy for a • Buy pay per click and pay per very little money. Or, you can syndicate view traffic from big companies content from other web sites, article like Google Adwords and Traffic directories, or blogs. You will achieve the Vance best results when you combine all these methods.Get more Internet marketing tips at mywebsite. Grab more Internet marketing tips, subscribe to a newsletter, and get free Internet marketing report at my webInternet Marketing site.Goal SettingHave clear goals when you start your Internet Marketingnew Internet marketing project, website, or blog. Without clear goals in mind Pitfallsyour new project is almost certainly As an owner of a successful Internetdoomed to be never completed or to marketing review web site I oftendie soon after you finish deploying you asked a question by the novice Internetbrand new blog or web site. Start with marketers about the pitfalls of thean end in mind. Know you outcome. online affiliate marketing business. TheKnow what you want. You must have a common pitfalls for an online marketingdefinite numbers in mind when it comes newbie are the the amount of money you would liketo make online, the number of web sites 5