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Internet Marketing

  1. 1. March 14th, 2011 Published by: ReviewOfThis It will sabotage all your efforts in money making just to avoidNo B.S. Guide to Making being evil. It will create a story in your head about why youMoney Online, Part I didn’t do what needed to be done to make money and you willBy Egor on March 14th, 2011 believe this story and justify your success preventing actions. Do you follow me? All modern education system is designed to produce mindless drones that will work 9 to 5 in factories or corporations. You’ve been programmed to be a failure in business since your early childhood. If you have this kind of crap in your head, no matter what you do you will certainly fail. You unconscious mind will do ANYTHING to make your reality congruent with your values and beliefs. Let me tell you what I’ve got imprinted and had to get rid of. See, if you can recognise any of these beliefs (unless you’ve been born with a silver spoon in your mouth). Rich people are evil/dishonest/greedy People with a lot of money must share their wealthSo, you want to be an Internet marketer? Welcome to the with everybodyclub. Chances are you’ve read some guru newsletter, boughtsome Clickbank product, read some blogs, or even hung out at You need to be lucky to make a lot of moneyWarriorForum for a while reading about all these “hey I made Making a lot of money is freaking hardhundred bucks online” “success” stories. Maybe you even triedto make a couple of websites. You’ve listened to the gurus, done Making money online is probably some kind of scamall the right things, posted articles, Hubpages, blog comments. Generating a lot of back links with software robots isBut you never made any significant amount of money, never spamming (and spamming is evil)managed to rank your website or maybe you ranked it just to I can keep on and on but you get the point.find out that nobody buys the crap you are trying to sell. If itsounds like you, then read on. SolutionHere is my no B.S. guide to making money online. Today we Adjust your values and change you beliefs on anwill cover the first and the most important key to success. And unconscious level.this is that grey crap you have inside your skull between yourears. Here is a little exercise you can do. Take a sheet of paper and write down as many answers to the following question as youMindset can. Answers must be short one or two words.No guru will tell you about that, but your mindset is crucial What’s important to you about your life?for your success. I am not talking about positive thinking or Keep writing until you run out of answers. Then keep askinggoal setting here. These things are important and we will cover yourself this question. You will come up with some more andthem later, but I am talking about some serious shit here. The run out again. Keep asking this question. In the last round thekind of shit that can not only prevent you from making any most unconscious values will come out. After you finish, lookmoney online but also will sabotage your whole life for that at the list and arrange them in the order of importance.matter without you even noticing it. Do the same exercise for the following question.I am talking about your unconscious values and beliefs here.Stuff that has been imprinted in your mind during your What’s important to you about your work?childhood, in the school, university, during your work life. Now, look at these lists. This is YOU! If you have MONEY at theIf, for example, you have been imprinted with a belief that bottom and PLEASE MY BOSS at the top, guess what happen?people with a lot of money are evil, for your unconscious mind You need to have powerful set of values and beliefs to is as real as the belief that sun is going to come tomorrow. 1
  2. 2. March 14th, 2011 Published by: ReviewOfThis The old way. Publish your article to as many article directoriesTools as you can, hoping other webmasters will pick it up andHere are the most powerful tools I found to help me re- republish, thus giving you a backlink.program myself. An automated way. Register at article distribution service like Article Marketing Automation where hundreds of hungry webNLP site owners have registered their websites and are waiting forWhen it comes to operating your head and fixing unconscious you to give them an article to publish.stuff, nothing beats NLP. I’d recommend finding a good NLP Did I mention it is all automated? After you put your articleMaster Practitioner in your area by recommendation and do a there it gets published day after day, every day giving you apersonal breakthrough session. It’ll cost you a little fortune but steady stream of backlinks. Over time, as you publish more andyou will get rid of most of the problems in one therapy session. more articles, the stream becomes a river that becomes a floodYou will never be the same ever again. of backlinks.Hypnosis 2. One Way LinksYou can visit a hypnotherapist to install the positive beliefs In bad old days people used to use reciprocal linking. I scratchon an unconscious level as hypnotic suggestions. Your NLP you back, you scratch mine. I link to you, you link to me.Practitioner will likely be a hypnotherapist as well, so you can The rise and fall of free-for-all link pages and other “spammy”do both. Another option is a self-hypnosis. techniques put an end to reciprocal linking. Now you should link to me and I don’t. One way links is the name of the game.Brainwave Entrainment So, how you do it?Very powerful mind altering technology backed by a solid The old way. Write very cool “pillar” post and hope otherscientific research. You can use special sound beats to get people will spread the word and link to you (also known asyour mind into trance state and then use visualization or “link bait” technique), thus giving you a backlink. Or find a lotself-hypnosis to install any belief. It is like having a personal of high PR blogs relevant to your niche that use do-follow links,hypnotherapist. There is inexpensive software that allows you post a “smart” comment hoping it gets approved, thus givingto do it. you a backlink. Or, maybe, find a forum or two and participateConclusion for ten months before posting a link to your signature, thus giving you a backlink.I’ll be blatant; if you are to make any decent amount money An automated way. Register at BuildMyRank or similaronline you need to get your shit fixed up. Forget about all service, where they have tons of high PR blogs waiting for yourthe latest techniques, software, loopholes and alike until you post to be published. Outsource the post writing to them, soCREATE the right mindset for success. How badly do you want you yourself do nothing. Watch your site climb up in the This is a single, most powerful ranking technique you mustTo be continued… use now (your competitors do). 3. RSS Submission3 Automated Link Building When you add your blog’s RSS feed to RSS directory, everyStrategies You Are Not Using time you publish a post, the feed gets updated and you get a backlink from RSS directory. So, what do you do?What You ShouldBy Egor on March 14th, 2011 The old way. Register at RSS directory. Submit a feed (remember to enter capture). Go to Yahoo Pipes or similarHow is your link building going? How much time did you tool and create a mashup of different RSS feeds. Submit thespend on link building this week? So you know time (unlike mashup too. Rinse and repeat hundred times for better is not renewable resource. You only have so manyhours in a day and only so many weekends left before you die. An automated way. Install Web Traffic Genius plugin, spendWould you like spend more time building links? Of course, not. ten to fifteen minutes to configure it, add RSS directorySo, what do you do? The answer is automation. Here are three accounts, add decapture. Watch Web Traffic Genius generatesautomated link building strategies you are not using what you different RSS feeds for you and submits them to all the RSSshould. directories. Well, actually, there is nothing to watch. It is all done automatically every time you post to your blog.1. Article Marketing Automation Here you go. Three automated links building strategies. Now,Article marketing is a very important source of backlinks. How pick up at least one strategy and implement you do it? And leave me a comment what you did. 2
  3. 3. March 14th, 2011 Published by: ReviewOfThisPS. This article is flooded with evil affiliate links. When you domain. When posting to Hello.TXT prefix the URL with a starbuy anything, send me an email, I have a gift for you. (*) to disable their URL shortener.Short URLs, link juice, and How to get your site indexedblog post syndication by Google in 24 hoursBy Egor on March 14th, 2011 By Egor on March 14th, 2011One of the easy ways to get free backlinks to your blog is to Here is a quick and easy way to get your brand new websiteuse social media syndication. What I mean by that is simply indexed by Google in 24 hours. I successfully use it to get myusing a service like Ping.FM or Hello.TXT to submit your brand new niche sites indexed and start ranking in no blog post announcement to a bunch of social networks Make sure you follow it to the letter because each step is veryat once. You post title and URL goes to Twitter, Facebook, important.Posterous, Tumblr, and so on. Since you are usually limited by140 characters, both Ping.FM and Hello.TXT are using their 1. Domainown URL shorteners to trim your URL. Get yourself a good used domain name with back links. SecondHere is how it works: best choice in to buy a brand new domain but make sure to pay for three year registration. This kinda tells Google you are • User click on shortened link not a fly by night business. Aim for .com only. Forget about the rest. For more impact register or buy a domain name with your • URL shortener service sends 301 redirect to the browser primary keyword phrase in there. • User gets redirected to you blog post Here are few places to get a used domain name:But what happens to the link power along the way? Is the • Sedomagical link juice gets transferred to your blog via the link? Itdepends on a couple of factors. • • Afternic 1. Is the micro-blogging service you’re updating support do follow links? If they don’t then, in theory, no link juice is • Buy Sell Web Site passed and it doesn’t count as a back link by Google and • NamePros others. 2. Does the link juice actually flow via 301 redirect? Mark I buy all my new domains from Namecheap. The best registrar from Seer Interactive took trouble to run some real tests by far. with link juice distribution via 301 redirects. You can 2. Website read the results here. The good news is Google seems to pass the link power via 301 redirect but Yahoo and Bing I prefer to use WordPress for all my websites but this is seem to do not. Either way, some of the link power is still not crucial. The method will work for static HTML websites lost. as well. So, create a website and add five to seven pages of relevant keyword rich content. Now, add and activate GoogleHere are the results of my own investigation with XML Sitemaps plugin for WordPress or create and is PR8 micro-blogging platform, similar to Twitter, an XML sitemap for a static website using http://www.xml-that uses do follow links (free backlink). I’ve check the ranking This is the most important step. I’ve seendata for a few of my sites referenced in, some of websites not being indexed for months because they missed anthem via my own URL shortener, other using direct link to XML sitemap. Just adding a site map made them indexed inthe domain. According to Yahoo Site Explorer direct links to a day or two.the domain count as backlink to this domain, however URLshortener links count as a backlink to the URL shortener 3. Bookmarking and tweetingdomain. Create a few accounts on social bookmark and microblogging websites. Make sure you aim for established and reputableThe moral of the story is, do not use URL shortener when sites. I’ll give you a sample list later. Go there and tweet somesyndicating your content via Ping.FM or Hello.TXT. If you use pages from your website and socially bookmark some, backlinks will count towards the URL shortener domain You may also socially bookmark your tweets and tweet your(not what you want). If you need short URL, install the social bookmark website profiles. Do not overdo it or you riskshortener script or plugin for WordPress on the same domain your accounts to be banned pretty web site is on. This way you get a link back to the same This will not create proper back links but we are aiming for a quick indexing here, not quick ranking (yet). 3
  4. 4. March 14th, 2011 Published by: ReviewOfThisHere is a good list of microblogging platforms: • • • • http://tumblr.comHere are some good social bookmarking websites to start with: • • • • • • • http://folkd.com4. PingGo to and ping your blog URLand all the URLs of your microblogging timelines and socialbookmark profiles.You are done.I can not guarantee your website will be indexed in 24 hoursbut it will be really fast. I’ve seen brand new site indexed in justa few hours. Sometimes it takes two or three days. It never tookme more than a week to get a website to Goggle index. You cantry to do more bookmarking and pinging in a couple of daysbut do not overdo it. Do not follow a pattern, be as randomas possible. And remember, used domains are by far the bestchoice.If you’d like to speed up and automate the process ofbookmarking and pinging, I highly recommend the softwarecalled Bookmarking Demon. It automates the whole process ofbookmark submissions and pinging and make it more random.If you try this method, leave me a comment. I’d like to knowyour results. 4