Settings Goals for Online Success


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Right now we will cover something very important for your Internet marketing blog business. Many online marketers neglect these things so you understand the results. It isn't a hidden secret that ninety five percent of individuals unable to make any serious income online. As far as I recall, the average Online marketer's "cash flow" is something like a few thousand dollars. Per year! Now, you definitely don't want to join in on this crowd. In the event you really intend to make a full-time cash flow on the internet you need to focus on me very attentively right now.

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Settings Goals for Online Success

  1. 1. Click Here to Visit<br />Internet Marketing Review<br />Goal Settings for Online Success – Part I<br />Today we are going to cover something very important for your Internet marketing review business. The majority of Internet marketers ignore these matters and you know the results. It is not a secret that ninety five percent of people do fail to make any significant money online. As far as I remember, an average Internet marketer's "income" is something like one or two thousand dollars. Per year! Now, you definitely do not want to be part of this crowd. If you truly desire to make a full time income online you have to listen to me very attentively now.<br />If you are to succeed online or in any other significant endeavour in your life you have to set goals. If you are anywhere like me, you have probably read a lot of self-help gibberish about positive thinking, goal settings and alike. And do not get me wrong, positive thinking and other self-help methods work wonders if applied properly. However, today we are going to execute a bit different goal setting plan. Grab a few sheets of paper and a pen and read on. It will be fun, I promise.<br />First step for you will be to write down your WHY. Just kinda stop and start thinking about why you are doing all this Internet marketing stuff. There must be a big and compelling reason why. Go ahead and spend a few minutes writing your big why answer on paper. Go ahead and do it now, I will ait...<br />Welcome back. Well done. Now, have a look at what you have written. First of all, is it positive? If you written that your boss is an arsehole and you want to make money to quit your day job, guess what? It is negative. If you have written something like "I want to buy a Porsche and fly a private jet", that's positive. Put a big plus on a paper if you answer is positive and a minus if it is negative.<br />Next step is to read your answer again and see if it specific or not. For example, "I want to make more money than I am making now" is not specific. It is actually total crap. I mean, you can make one cent more money and it will still be more than you are making now. Specific answer would sound like "I want to make $93123.23". Check your answer. If it is specific, put a big plus on paper, if it is not, put a big minus.<br />Now, check if your answer has any time frames for completion. If you answered "I want to quit my day job", it is double crap. First, it is negative and second, it has no time frame. By when do you want to quit your day job? Or better, how much money will you make by when so you can do whatever you want. Or much better, how much money will you make by when so you can go skydiving in New Zealand (because "whatever" is not specific enough). Does your answer have a time frame? If yes, big plus for you, if no, big minus.<br />Have a look at your sheet of paper now. If you have less than three pluses you have a problem. If you have less than three pluses, what you have written is not a goal and is not a compelling reason WHY. You are very likely to fail to achieve it. It is imperative for your outcome to be specific, positive, and timed. Just think about it.<br />In the next part we will discuss how to create a compelling goal for yourself and how to set yourself up to success in achieving it. For now, your homework is to rewrite your answer in a way it is positive, specific and has a time frame. And remember, Internet marketing review is a business. Talk soon.<br />