What Is Copywriting | Internet Marketing Review


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What Is Copywriting | Internet Marketing Review

  1. 1. Click Here to Visit Internet Marketing ReviewClearing Up the Confusion aboutCopywritingCopywriting should not be confused with the process of getting a Copyright. A Copyright is arecorded submission of something that has already been written, and needs the protection offeredby this process to prevent unauthorized use or sale of duplicates of your work. Lets take a look atwhat is involved in writing copy that is either for sale, or to be used in some printed form.In the cyber world of the Internet, entrepreneurs are busily writing content to describe theirproducts and services, and these documents are then accessible to the world. It usually doesnt takelong to realize how time consuming it is to write fresh and original content, and they hire someoneto do for them. Providing this type of copy is known as copywriting.When the search engines started requiring original content, providing this type of service requireswriting without duplicating the content on some other website. If there is duplication, the SE spiderswill detect it and either ignore your web site, or completely block it out of their search engine resultspages.It may seem like it would be easy to sit down and simply start writing, but when it comes to writingfor the Internet, there is a lot more involved in it than writing a book. Online businesses are trying torank as high in the SERPs as possible by using specific words which the SEs use as keywords toproduce their results.In most cases, these keywords need to appear in specific locations of a document in order to helprank the page higher in the SE results. The effort gets more exciting when the SEs decide to changetheir algorithms for this location. Attempting to stay informed of such changes can be a dauntingtask.The writing style that is used can also be an issue in where a web site ranks in the search engines.There are certain types of punctuation which are either penalized, or totally ignored, when thedocument is indexed. Using numbered lists, and special characters can results in your page not evenappearing in the search engines.Article directories also have requirements on what type of content they will allow you to submit totheir services, and can be even more reason to need the services of someone who is in the knowabout SE requirements. When attempting to promote your web site, you may want to considerhaving a company do your copywriting for you.