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Bookmarking Demon Review - Social Bookmarking is DEAD!

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Bookmarking Demon Review

  1. 1. March 27th, 2011 Published by: ReviewOfThisBookmarking Demon Review – Social Bookmarking Is DeadThis is Bookmarking Demon review. Click here to visit official Bookmarking Demon website.The Truth about Social BookmarkingYou’ve probably heard a lot of crap about social bookmarking. Maybe you’ve heard that social bookmarking doesn’t workanymore and is not as effective as it used to be few years ago. Maybe you’ve heard a total opposite like social bookmarking isa best way of getting tons of high PR do-follow backlinks on an autopilot. So, what is the truth? Is it still worth it to bookmarkall your web properties everywhere? Or should you drop it altogether? And the most important question; is it worth it to spendthe time required to run a proper bookmarking campaign?My Take on Social BookmarkingFirst of all, there are two types of social bookmarking sites.First is main bunch of major sites, like Digg, Reddit, Mister-Wong, Mixx (got bought recently, not accepting new users anymore),Diigo (this one I really use to keep my browser bookmarks because Delicious sucks), and some more. They have few things incommon. They are mostly no-follow (there are exceptions to this rule), they use CAPTCHA extensively (not all of them), andthey hate self-promoters and automated software. You can still spam the hell out of them but the change to you ranking willbe minuscule if any.Second is a bunch of sites running a version of open source social bookmarking script like Scuttle, Pligg, or PHPDug. There arethousands of these sites online. The majority do not require CAPTCHA to submit a bookmark, although it is usually requiredfor account creation. Some of them have decent PR. They are a bit of a mix of do-follow and no-follow. Many of them are poorlymoderated. Some of them are not even indexed.In my opinion it is virtually worthless to bookmark your money site many times on any of the social bookmarking sites. Worthlessin terms of time spent versus results. Backlinks form these sites have supposedly lost their power in the eyes of Google. Also,to get a variety of links on major bookmarking sites you’ll need to open many accounts which, in turn, will require a good setof paid proxy servers or a constant harvesting and testing the free ones (they log your IP and easily spot your multi-accountset up resulting in ban of all the accounts). I’d use major sites to bookmark my Web 2.0 link wheels using one or two accountsbut that’s about it.Social bookmarking is good for one thing though. And it is spam links support. If you send out thousands of articles with ArticleMarketing Robot, do a massive profile links blast, or submit hundreds of blog comments, all pointing to your link wheels, videos,or even a money site, your most important task, in order to get a permanent ranking boost, is to make them indexed and keepthem in index. If your post never gets indexed or drops out of index you don’t have a backlink. The solution is to socially bookmarkthem and do RSS blasts with all you spam links. It is important to do both. Social bookmarking gives your low quality links somelow quality backlinks and RSS blast pings search engines to come and crawl them.Here comes one little problem. An average verified XRumer blast delivers anywhere from 1000 to 10000 links in 24-48 hours.You need a good social bookmark automation tool and a proper strategy to execute to handle this amount of links in a shortperiod of time. I’ll give you both, read on.Automating the Process – Bookmarking DemonBookmarking Demon to me is the best dedicated social bookmarking submission tool available at the moment. The ultimatesocial bookmarking automation robot, exactly what we need to accomplish our mass bookmarking task. Let’s have a look at itscapabilities. 1
  2. 2. March 27th, 2011 Published by: ReviewOfThisBuilt In DatabaseBookmarking Demon comes with more than a hundred of sites, which are the mix of do-follow and no-follow. Almost all ofthem require CAPTCHA to register an account and roughly third of them require CAPTCHA to submit a bookmark. The goodnews is you can add an unlimited amount of Scuttle, Pligg, or PHPDug sites and Bookmarking Demon will visit each of thesites and determine if it can post there. You will also know if you need CAPTCHA to submit a bookmark or register an account.Now, this is important. We will be blasting away several thousands of bookmarks and we don’t want to type all the CAPTCHAs.Using DeCaptcher to submit this amount of links will cost you a little fortune. I put it simple; we want sites that do not requireCAPTCHA to submit a bookmark. Account creation is OK, it’s one off process.Account Creation and Email VerificationThis is a standard feature of all automated tools nowadays. All your accounts on all the bookmarking sites will be createdautomatically. Then you will run an email verification process which will download all confirmation emails from thebookmarking sites and click on the confirmation link. All is done on the autopilot.I have a couple of recommendations here. Enable DeCaptcher to avoid typing CAPTCHA manually. You will be creating hundredsof accounts and typing CAPTCHA isn’t something you want to do here. Next, avoid any free email providers like Hotmal, Gmail,Yahoo, and others. They will filter half of your confirmation emails as spam. Create a new email box at your hosting account andenable POP3 access. Then, use this email to create accounts. If you are going to create more than one account per site (makessense for some ScuttlePlus sites that limit amount of bookmarks you can submit per day), then create several email boxes. 2
  3. 3. March 27th, 2011 Published by: ReviewOfThisOne of the cool features of Bookmaking Demon is importing of the accounts. This means you can outsource the account creationprocess to someone else on a forum or elsewhere for peanuts and then import the whole lot of accounts at once. You can gethundreds of accounts created for thirty bucks or less.Scuttle/Pligg/PHPDug Sites SupportYou can add an unlimited number of bookmarking sites that use these open source scripts. Using these sites is a main part ofmy mass bookmarking strategy. You can search for a good list of these sites on forums or harvest your own list with Scrapeboxand add them to Bookmaking Demon. Bookmaking Demon will visit each site and do quick health check. It will only processand add sites that it can post to. 3
  4. 4. March 27th, 2011 Published by: ReviewOfThisWeb Pages QueueThis is where you put all the pages you want to be bookmarked. Bookmaking Demon will visit each page and get its title, tags,and description. You can edit this data later on and spin it using JetSpinner syntax if you wish. It makes sense to do when you aresubmitting to main set of sites. In my mass bookmarking strategy we don’t have time needed to spin ten thousand descriptionfields, so it is not that important.You can also use RSS Crawler here and add some URLs from various RSS feeds and mix them with your own URLs to makeyour bookmarking feed look more natural. Again, it makes sense for main sites camouflage but not for mass bookmarking. Wewill be pouring out so many bookmarks from so many sources that everything will look “unnaturally”.Bookmarking QueueAfter you created a list of web pages you’d like to bookmark you add them to the bookmarking queue. Bookmaking Demon willpick pages from this queue one by one and submit them. If CAPTCHA is required for submission process, you need to type itmanually or use one of the CAPTCHA solving services. Bookmaking Demon supports DeCaptcher and Bypass Captcha.Be careful here because, by default, Bookmaking Demon will try to submit your web page to all of the bookmarking sites youhave selected. If you are bookmarking XRumerblast of 5,000 profiles on 300 sites it will result in 1,500,000 submissions. Even 4
  5. 5. March 27th, 2011 Published by: ReviewOfThiswith 20 threads doing one submission per 10 seconds, it results in roughly 208 hours (8 and a half days) of non-stop submission.I explain my Bookmaking Demon set up for speedy processing in a separate section below.Pinging SupportBookmaking Demon supports pinging of all of the submission results. There are no ping servers set up by default but you canuse the same set of ping servers you use in WordPress. Bookmaking Demon will check each ping server and only add those thatare alive. You can add any web page to the pinging queue and use this module as a standalone pinger.ReportingThis comes handy if you are doing social bookmarking for your customers as part of SEO services package. You can export thesubmission results to Excel and use them to create a fancy report for your clients. You can also export the ping results in thesimilar manner. Or, you can go crazy and bookmark your bookmarks from this report. Or turn your bookmarks into RSS feedand ram it via some RSS submitter software. 5
  6. 6. March 27th, 2011 Published by: ReviewOfThisSchedulerYou can schedule you bookmark submission. You can either set it to run at certain time or create a drip feed schedule whereyou bookmarks are submitted in small chunks over a period of time. You need to have a CAPTCHA service enabled if you’dlike to post to CAPTCHA enabled sites. If you don’t have it they will be skipped. To be honest, I never used a scheduler on mylocal computer for a couple of reasons. First, I am blasting a lot of bookmarks at once to a large number of sites almost all thetime. Second, scheduler block the whole Bookmarking Demon. You can’t do anything when scheduler is running. Not even addnew pages to queue.The Good • User-friendly interface • Unlimited number of user-added sites • Hands free submission (if you use DeCaptcher or CAPTCHA-free services) • Regular product updates • Superb support (24 hours reply to your tickets) • Scheduler blocks the whole interface when it is running. You can’t do anything, not even add new pages to queue or edit titles and descriptions. • Adding web pages to bookmarking queue is very slow. It can easily take an hour or more for a large number of pages (I am talking about thousands of pages).The Bad • Scheduler blocks the whole interface when it is running. You can’t do anything, not even add new pages to queue or edit titles and descriptions. • Adding web pages to bookmarking queue is very slow. It can easily take an hour or more for a large number of pages (I am talking about thousands of pages).Verdict A must have for any serious promoter. Period.My Social Bookmarking Demon StrategyNow I’d like you to stop and read this section very carefully. This is my strategy that makes the whole social bookmarking processworth your while.The main point here is use social bookmarking to promote your promoters. This includes all the spam links from blog commentsand forum profiles, and mass article blasts. 6
  7. 7. March 27th, 2011 Published by: ReviewOfThisFirst step is bookmarking of your money site, main Web 2.0 feeder sites, YouTube videos and alike. This step is optional butit doesn’t hurt to do it. You can skip it if you are short on time. I use only main high quality social bookmarking sites and oneset of accounts for this submission. Remember to turn ON anti-bot and human submission simulation in Bookmarking Demon.Every time I create a new post on a feeder site or create a new YouTube video, I bookmark them once on all main sites togetherwith some RSS content for camouflage. That’s it.In short, all URLs on all sites.The main step is to bookmark all your mass articles submissions, XRumer profile blasts and mass blog comments. You’ll havea list of several thousand sites to bookmark. My strategy here is to bookmark each URL on at least one social bookmarking site.In short, one URL on one site.I use only Scuttle/Pligg/PHPDug sites that do not require CAPTCHA for bookmark submission (account creation is OK). WithCAPTCHA solving enabled you’d be paying five to twenty bucks for each bookmarking session run. Not good. So, CAPTCHA-free sites only.To execute this strategy you’ll need a massive list of these sites. You can grab lists from forums and run them via BookmarkingDemon or, better, use a good harvesting tool like Scrapebox and build your own list. Another option is to purchase a list or buyBookmarking Demon via my link and get my list of verified sites as a bonus.When you build you list of social bookmarking sites, make sure to weed out any porn related sites and sites that are not indexedby Google. Again, Scrapebox is very good for that. For better results, you can get rid of sites with no PageRank too but I usuallykeep them.It is relatively safe to turn OFF the anti-bot feature and human simulation in Bookmarking Demon when you submit to thesesites. It’ll speed up the submission process dramatically.I also supplement mass social bookmarking with RSS feed blast. I use my custom software to turn all links into RSS feeds. Youcan use or similar service to do it. Then I submit feeds to RSS directories like Feedagg and Feedage and also runthem via RSS Submitter software.It gets your low quality backlinks indexed and gives them a little bit of support backlinks.My Bookmarking Demon Set UpThis the description of the exact set up I use for mass bookmarking link to Scuttle/Pligg/PHPDug sites. The key is to do aslittle as we can get away with. This means we will be bookmarking one link on one social bookmarking account. This why it isimportant to create as many account on our low quality social bookmarking as we can.Here are the preferences I use.PerformanceIncrease the number of threads if your computer can handle it. If you have a high end quad core CPU you can easily doubleit to 40 threads. 7
  8. 8. March 27th, 2011 Published by: ReviewOfThisSet waiting time to zero. This essentially disables human simulation. We are going to blast our bookmarks as fast as we can toa bunch of un-moderated websites, so we can get away with it.Reduce waiting time to one minute or less to give up submitting to sites that are down faster.Enable submitting to a first available category to be able to submit your bookmark regardless if you set a category in socialbookmarking sites list or not.Disable anti-bot and enable CAPTCHA skipping. We are not paying for CAPTCHA solving here.Set an option to generate only ONE bookmark PER ACCOUNT. Otherwise each of your bookmarks will go to all of the accounts.We want to bookmark each web page once only.RandomizationMake sure to disable random web pages pick up here.MiscellaneousSelect option to auto delete bookmarking sites that rejected your user name and password because it usually means your accounthas been banned. We don’t need sites that ban us in our list. 8
  9. 9. March 27th, 2011 Published by: ReviewOfThisAccountsEnable CAPTCHA solving to create account. Create least three or more accounts on each social bookmarking site using differentuser names and emails. Check emails and confirm your accounts.Submitting and PingingAdd your web pages to queue and submit and ping them in chunks. Make sure to delete submitted pages from the list of pagesto bookmark in between submission runs.I’ll go in more depth on this process in my Bookmarking Demon quick-start PDF which you get as a bonus when you buyBookmarking Demon via my link.And the last tip. Get yourself a good Windows VPN to run all your submissions with Bookmarking Demon and others tools.In this case you can start all your blasts and disconnect from the server leaving them running. It’ll save your home networkbandwidth and processing power of your computer for the better use. And you’ll sleep better, guaranteed.Bookmarking Demon BonusNow, good review is not a good review without a bonus. Here is my Bookmarking Demon bonus offer.The problem with using Bookmarking Demon to execute my strategy is you need to find a lot of Scuttle/Pligg/PHPDug sitesand keep your list up to date. This is a tedious and time consuming task. You need to master a harvesting tool live ScrapeBox orsearch hundreds of forum posts to create a good list. Then, you need to feed your list to Bookmarking Demon to process. Thiscan take hours and hours to filter the list of a few thousands of sites only to find ten or twenty working ones. • Harvesting is complex and time consuming • Filtering porn sites and sites banned from Google is time consuming • Even if Bookmarking Demon accepts you site, it can fail to create an account or publish bookmarksI’ll be straight. Time is money. So, if you buy Bookmarking Demon via my link I will give you a list of pre-selected socialbookmarking sites I personally use in my campaigns. Some folks out there sell lists of thousands of unverified sites. You payonly to spend enormous amount of time filtering these lists out of porn and de-indexed sites. My list isn’t that large but all sitesare verified by me personally. Here is what you get: • List of 300+ verified Scuttle/Pligg/PHPDug sites • I successfully created an account on all these sites • I successfully submitted bookmarks to all these sites • You will get the updates for as long as you stay on my customer list • PLUS You will get my link building mind map. A visual map of the link building process I use to rank sites fast • PLUS Bookmarking Demon quick-start PDF. How to start blasting bookmarks using my strategy in no time flatHere is how to get your bonus: • Clear your cookies (optional but highly recommended) 9
  10. 10. March 27th, 2011 Published by: ReviewOfThis • Buy Bookmarking Demon using THIS LINK • Use a contact form to send me you receipt • I’ll get back to you with your bonuses as soon as I canConclusionHere you have it. Social bookmarking is definitely not dead and can be used quite successfully to support you low tier linknetworks and ensure quick indexing of mass article directory submissions, xRumer blasts, and blog comment spam. Howeverit’s imperative to complement it with RSS blasts which are the topic for the other article. Bookmarking Demon is probably thebest social bookmarking automation software on the market, so, if you don’t have it, buy it now. Then, leave you comment belowand join the list to get more cool stuff (no B.S. guaranteed). 10