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Sharing Economy - Dec/2015

Short presentation on Sharing Economy. Performed as the final work of the English course (second semester of 2015).

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Sharing Economy - Dec/2015

  1. 1. SharingEconomy Igor Azevedo Sampaio - Dec/2015
  2. 2. Social science that studies how scarce or limited resources can be allocated and used efficiently to satisfy our unlimited wants. a possible (classical) definition of Economics
  3. 3. Inflation Unemployment Budget Deficit Government Regulation Single challenge - efficient usage of scarce or limited resources /* for maximum benefit */
  4. 4. What is Sharing Economy (aka access economy, collaborative consumption or peer economy) ?
  5. 5. NewEconomicArrangement abundance excess sustainability [in a smaller scale] access Recife has 4.22 person/car (2013) parked ~95% of the time internet | comunication social networks
  6. 6. NewEconomicArrangement Optimization of resources through the redistribution, sharing and reuse of excess capacity
  7. 7. NewEconomicArrangement collaborative consumption participants share access to products or services, rather than having individual ownership (disownership is the new normal)
  8. 8. Companies World’s largest “taxi” company owns no vehicles
  9. 9. Companies Platform for funding projects applies no money itself
  10. 10. Companies World’s largest accommodation provider, owns no real estate
  11. 11. Controversy
  12. 12. Questions ?