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Technology Entrepreneurship Venture Lab 2012


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Turning worst idea to the best one

Published in: Business, Technology
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Technology Entrepreneurship Venture Lab 2012

  1. 1. Water distributionserviceTechnology Entrepreneurship Venture Lab2012
  2. 2. Problems of current solution● Pure drinking water remains one of critical resources on the Earth● 39% of world population need better sanitation facilities (WHO/UNICEF)● Current water delivery services are archaic
  3. 3. Water cooler in your office/house?Limited amount of waterOccupies space
  4. 4. What you get with bottled waterdelivery?● No-timely delivery● Not enough or too much bottles delivered● Someone need to be available physically to accept delivery● Is your water always fresh?● Losing time, money, ...● Does it looks familiar?
  5. 5. Our proposal● You will get water always on time● You will get as much as you need● Any time, day or night● Always fresh and clean● Wanna that?
  6. 6. Centralized water purifying systemUsing existing building infrastructure
  7. 7. Water delivery is pipe`s jobReverse osmosis - the best from known filtration methodThe green technology and eco-friendly materials for pipes
  8. 8. Now you DONT need to:Do phone calls for orderingWait for delivery (in unsuitable time)Keep bottles (in case of multiple bottlesordering)
  9. 9. You will always haveDrinking water in unlimited amount
  10. 10. Maintenance serviceOur company takes all responsibility forequipment maintenance later.
  11. 11. Call us NOW!+1-800-000-000-0FRIENDLY WATER SERVICE INC