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Good day investment present startup sabantuy


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Good day investment present startup sabantuy

  1. 1. mobile app for good mood
  2. 2. every day we have hundreds messages, posts, photos, videos we waste 2-10 hours in social nets
  3. 3. what if you try? to make notes of your best moments to preserve photos to share your good mood with your loved ones
  4. 4. we have mob app local version 1.0 for iOS & andriod 2000 users web site landing page video publics in: facebook, instagram, vkontakte
  5. 5. now we have users in over 60 countries version 2.0 will be online, you ll be able to see good days of your loved ones and share them your good mood
  6. 6. our items total users 300k Grouth Numbers $360k payment users 30k Inner sales $55k AvPrise (premium value sales) $12.0 COS $180k CPA $0.60 Investments (version 2.0) $20k Profit $215k
  7. 7. our team Sergey Sobolev CTO Olga Elizarova market expert Igor Nurmukhamedov founder
  8. 8. Thank you! have a