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Tomas bsc eng


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IT solutions that supports the whole Strategic planning workflow, from defining Mission, Vision, SWOT analyses, Strategic objectives, action plans, KPI's, strategic monitoring through Strategic maps, Dashboards, with great Analyses possibilities through OLAP and excel, can be used for Balanced scorecard, TQM, 20 keys and other performance methodologies. More on EMAIL me on , if you would like some more information about this solution.

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Tomas bsc eng

  1. 1. TOMAS.BSC A perfect tool for strategic and operational management
  2. 2. Balanced scorecard VISION Financial perspective To succeed financially: How should we appear to our shareholders? Customer perspective To achieve our vision: How we should appear to our customers? Internal business processes To satisfy our shareholders and customers: What business processes must we excel at? Learning and growth perspective To achieve our vision: How will we sustain our ability to change and improve? Page  2
  3. 3. Problem Profitable growth of the corporation 90% of corporations do not reach goals from their Strategic plans Successful corporations typically had  Objective and project oriented management.  BSC system introduced.  Strategic office established. Page  3 Gap between strategy formulation and execution  60% of corporations do not link financial objectives to strategic planning.  The incentives of the key personnel are not connected with the strategy realization.  Processes of the strategic planning are not connected.
  4. 4. The latest researches show that BSC is used by 1 2 60% world top-300 banks 3 Page  4 60% Fortune 1000 companies 40+% middle sized comp. in Europe
  5. 5. Strategic desk and BSC BSC Development strategies Program strategies Cash-flow management Business process perspective Financial perspective Page  5 Learning and growth perspective Clients perspective
  6. 6. Mission and Vision  First define the mission and vision. EASY TO USE Define it on corporate level, business units, processes, virtual units. Page  6
  7. 7. SWOT analysis  Make SWOT analysis for Company and Business units. EASY TO USE Make SWOT analysis for business units too, if there have different competition, working on different markets. Page  7
  8. 8. Cascading strategies  TOMAS.BSC can cascade strategies down from corporate levels to business units and ultimately to employee level. It can assign tasks to achieve strategic objectives (with terms, performers, priority, attached documents). EASY TO USE Detail strategies for markets, products and business units. Page  8
  9. 9. Task review and reporting  Through internet, all persons involved get reviews of tasks for realization of the strategic objectives, Performers report about their tasks, reports can be viewed by different parameters (due tasks, by performer, status…) . EASY TO USE No installation. Just login on internet site and click ‘My task’ to report. Page  9
  10. 10. Key performance indicators  What can’t be measured can’t be managed, so define indicators to measure success of the fulfillment of strategic goals. EASY TO USE Define what you want and how you will measure if you achieve it. Page  10
  11. 11. DASHBOARDS EASY TO USE Double click to see which BU, product or market has a problem EASY TO USE Create your own Dashboards Page  11  Through dashboards you can monitor, how you prosper towards planned strategic goals at all levels of the company.  Here, Red indicates below the plan and green indicates that you are above plan.
  12. 12. DETAILED ANALYSIS  Detailed drilldown analysis makes it easy to follow-up and monitor progress towards goals and history.  Applications warns you about potential danger (on business units, products or buyers). EASY TO USE See immediatelly where the is problem. Page  12
  13. 13. Dynamic Strategic map  Dynamic strategic map indicates if there are bad KPI‘s or tasks are delayed for a specific strategy.  There is the whole Strategic plan on one page every morning. EASY TO USE Red colour alerts shows where problems occur Page  13
  14. 14. We can monitor also Map with locations success. Page  14
  15. 15. Strategies and KPI‘s influence  For every indicator you see which strategic objectives is influenced (directly or indirectly) when planned goals are not achieved. Page  15
  16. 16. Plan, Do, Check, Act  BSC encourages the learning process and ensures directions for constant improvement.  All employees can contribute through initiatives for improvement. EASY TO USE Check if responsible persons ACT ed accordingly Page  16
  17. 17. Convenient acces from everywhere  Web or mobile BSC for convenient access anywhere. Page  17
  18. 18. What you measure: Business excellence  Solution can be used also for monitoring the results of business excellence (Total Quality managementTQM,EFQM). EASY TO USE Create new perspectives and achieve multiperspective view on your business Page  18
  19. 19. What you measure: 20 Keys  Example of how the system could be set up to monitor Kobayashi methodology of 20 keys. Page  19
  20. 20. What you measure: Processes  Through dashboards it can monitor, how you prosper towards planned strategic goals on all processes. EASY TO USE Add processes and define Mision, Vision, SWOT, Strategies... or link them from Tomas.Proces Page  20
  21. 21. What you measure: Operative measures  Use the software to follow-up operatives or crisis measurements. EASY TO USE Create operative indicators, monitor them on one Dashboard Page  21
  22. 22. OLAP Cube Analysis option  For review and analysis use, as an option, OLAP multi-dimensional cube. EASY TO USE Rotate dimensions, sort data, make ABC Analysis, prepare your own Reports and Charts Page  22
  23. 23. Automated reporting through excel  Monthly report preparation for KPI‘s can be automatized through help of excel add-in. EASY TO USE Use existing excel Reports, connect to BSC database and just refresh every month Page  23
  24. 24. BSC designer  BSC creator can create independent creation of BSC system (perspectives, indicators, formulas, aggregation, warnings, users, e-mail warnings, ...). EASY TO USE No need for programming, you can do everything on your own. Page  24
  25. 25. Data loading  Data is loaded manually, automatically or through excel. EASY TO USE IT prepares automated export from ERP in defined structure and is imported automatically in BSC. From company‘s ERP Through excel Manually in BSC Page  25
  26. 26. BSC for group of companies  Every company in the group has its own BSC, Comp.Asia is automatically data transferred to Central Data-warehouse. Comp USA Corporate Comp.Africa Headquarter ® ® Central BSC Comp.South BSC server for corporate management America EASY TO USE See all companies strategic performance in one place and make benchmarking between them. Page  26 Central Datawarehouse Comp. Australia Local BSC servers Clients with WWW acces to central BSC
  27. 27. Central administration for group of companies  Tables (products, BU, markets...) matching is edited through WEB interface. EASY TO USE Access plant codes, match them with central database codes, online. Page  27
  28. 28. TOMAS.BSC clients Designers/Consultants           Define Mission/Vision. Define SWOT. Define Strategic goals. Define action plans. Define Indicators and formulas. Create Strategy maps and Dashboards. Load data. Analyze performance. Using OLAP Analyses and excel-add in. Create users rights. Page  28 Managers           Review Dashboards. Review Strategic maps. Analyzing KPI‘s. Make comments and Initiatives. Create Dashboards for their business units. Add strategies for their business units. Create action plans. Monitor tasks realization. Analyze Strategic performance. Using OLAP Analyses and excel-add in. Performers     Review their tasks. View on which strategy their tasks influence. Report online about performing their tasks. Upload documents to their reports.
  29. 29. TOMAS.BSC Overview Business excellence Balanced scorecard Strategic planning and monitoring Performers Managers Designers/ consultants Operational management Total Quality management Page  29 Proces monitoring Project monitoring
  30. 30. Before and After: Changes & Benefits Before (current situation)  Strategic plan of business units (BU) is only on paper.  Difficult to monitor if planned activities in BU are finished.  Difficult to monitor Indicators of success from BU and react promptly.  Stimulations for the BU managers can’t be linked to achievement of strategic goals.  Monitoring only financial KPI’s of the BU can alert on the problems with delay (even one year or more).  No analytical tools for analyzing data of one company and group.  Stimulations for the employees can’t be linked to achievement of strategic goals. Page  30 After ( Implementation )  Realization of the Strategic plan can be monitored on Strategic maps, that alerts about late task or bad KPI‘s.  Strategic plan of all BU can be easily seen inside IT tool in one location.  Red colors alerts on delayed tasks.  Dashboards with KPI’s for every BU, and business area, benchmarking, traffic lights to be alerted.  We can get success for every BU manager calculated and weighted from KPI’s he is responsible for.  Balanced KPI’s from all perspectives: financial, customers, process, learning and growth.  OLAP analytical tool with great analytical power (drill down, rotation, filtering, sorting, charts, aggregations for Regions…  Excel add in for automatically preparation of reports for management.