Google Local Search Workshop - Snowmass Tourism December 2013


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A presentation given to the Snowmass Tourism members in December of 2013. Contains info on updating your Google Local listing, tricks and tips to get help and fix errors, and how to collect reviews.

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  • Consulting, Training, Writing and Doing
  • A complex system of automated bots has been periodically syncing these databasesSyncing the databases has never been a smooth process due to different naming conventions, categories, update schedules, review processes, etc.
  • All the local information will be stored in the same database, which should reduce problems. No separate pipelines and no more syncing
  • Google is still calling these Places, but that may fade out
  • Most businesses already have listings on Google Places, even if they’ve done nothing to put it there
  • Google seems like it’s trying to de-emphasize rankings, but they have really emphasized them more IMO
  • Google seems like it’s trying to de-emphasize rankings, but they have really emphasized them more IMO
  • Google Local Search Workshop - Snowmass Tourism December 2013

    1. 1. Google Local Workshop Mary Bowling and Carrie Hill Small Business Marketing
    2. 2. About Us Consult, Train, Write, Speak and Do: SEO, Local SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media, WordPress Design Optimized! Twitter @IgnitorDigital /GoogleLocalWorkshop Google+
    3. 3. Slides and Links Get Slides and Links to More Information Here: Twitter @IgnitorDigital /GoogleLocalWorkshop Google+
    4. 4. Google Maps…Google Local… Google Places…Google+Local for Business CONFUSED? Twitter @IgnitorDigital /GoogleLocalWorkshop Google+
    5. 5. No Wonder! Different Google platforms that deal with local information have always worked off of different data bases: •Google Maps •Google Places •Google+Local Databases synced via automated bots Result: errors, conflicts, merges, reversions, frustration! Twitter @IgnitorDigital /GoogleLocalWorkshop Google+
    6. 6. Now, One Master Database “One database to rule them all” as of late Nov 2013! All local information will now be stored in one place! Learn more: But we still have different user interfaces for Local info: •Google Maps •Google Places •Google+Local Twitter @IgnitorDigital /GoogleLocalWorkshop Google+
    7. 7. Google Maps Google’s representation of the real world in map form - all about physical features on a map If your business does not have a physical location, it doesn’t get a spot on Google Maps. Twitter @IgnitorDigital /GoogleLocalWorkshop Google+
    8. 8. Google Places A layer placed on top of the map that shows “Places” - boundaries, points of interest & establishments. Businesses are “establishments” The factual listings you create and/or edit for your business are Google “Places” Twitter @IgnitorDigital /GoogleLocalWorkshop Google+
    9. 9. Google+Local Google+ is the social layer of Google-it will eventually associate with everything Google. Google+Local for Business is the information from your Places listing appearing on the Google+ user interface. Twitter @IgnitorDigital /GoogleLocalWorkshop Google+
    10. 10. Wait for Google All of the these business listings will soon be enabled with all of the social features of Google+ If you have not already enabled social sharing on your Google+Local for Business pages, wait for Google to do it for you! Twitter @IgnitorDigital /GoogleLocalWorkshop Google+
    11. 11. Local Knowledge Panel This is what most searchers see! Twitter @IgnitorDigital /GoogleLocalWorkshop Google+
    12. 12. Where Do Listings Come From? Local business listings are assembled by computer from many different data sources: Data Providers: information obtained from traditional aggregators of business information Verified Business Owner: Information submitted to Google and verified by the business owner Mapmakers and Reviewers: Paid employees and volunteers who check and correct Maps and business listing information Yellow Pages and Other Directories: information obtained from public directories created and licensed from 3rd parties Enhanced Content: can include reviews, photos, business hours, payment methods, and other details. Obtained via feeds from other websites and from Google’s Street View project. User Generated Content & Other Websites. Both these sources are either submitted to Google directly (like a review) or scraped from other sites Twitter @IgnitorDigital /GoogleLocalWorkshop Google+
    13. 13. New Google Maps Currently in beta testing, but everyone will get this new interface Top 3 appear in box – to see others, go to list Others not in any ranking order, but the highest rankers have biggest markers More about the map and the locations of the businesses than before Twitter @IgnitorDigital /GoogleLocalWorkshop Google+
    14. 14. The Local Carousel Changes how you “optimize” your listing What’s Needed? Good photo Great ratings Plenty of reviews Expect this to spread beyond hospitality Twitter @IgnitorDigital /GoogleLocalWorkshop Google+
    15. 15. Knowledge Panel Optimization It’s still photos, reviews and ratings that are being emphasized Twitter @IgnitorDigital /GoogleLocalWorkshop Google+
    16. 16. What Now? Plenty of opportunity in Snowmass! Twitter @IgnitorDigital /GoogleLocalWorkshop Google+
    17. 17. Why You Need Good Reviews and How to Get More Twitter @IgnitorDigital /GoogleLocalWorkshop Google+
    18. 18. Reviews Feed Local Search Listings Twitter @IgnitorDigital /GoogleLocalWorkshop Google+
    19. 19. Reviews Feed Local Search & Conversions Reviews enhance listings and search results. Take advantage. Twitter @IgnitorDigital /GoogleLocalWorkshop Google+
    20. 20. Consumers Trust Reviews More than They Trust You! Twitter @IgnitorDigital /GoogleLocalWorkshop Google+
    21. 21. Reviews Cannot Be Ignored It’s important to CONTROL the conversation! If you don’t control who, and where, the negative reviews will still come, and you’ll have less control over where, and the direction of the conversation. Twitter @IgnitorDigital /GoogleLocalWorkshop Google+
    22. 22. Best Way to Get Reviews? ASK! You know who your happy customers are, ask them to review your business. Work Smart, Not Hard – use tools to make your life easy! Google+ Local Reviews Widget (not available to everyone yet) For More Info – Twitter @IgnitorDigital /GoogleLocalWorkshop Google+
    23. 23. Direct the Conversation Send Reviewers to Sites Where you Need Help The best way to combat a notso-great review is with more GREAT reviews. Send happy customers to websites where you need help, by controlling the conversation, you can control where customers leave you reviews. Twitter @IgnitorDigital /GoogleLocalWorkshop Google+
    24. 24. Fix What is Broken & Take Responsibility “Doers” make Mistakes. Learn from them. If you're not making mistakes, then you're not doing anything. I'm positive that a doer makes mistakes. John Wooden Twitter @IgnitorDigital /GoogleLocalWorkshop Google+
    25. 25. Setting Up Your Google Local Business Listing Twitter @IgnitorDigital /GoogleLocalWorkshop Google+
    26. 26. Google Account If you have one, sign in If you don’t, create one: Twitter @IgnitorDigital /GoogleLocalWorkshop Google+
    27. 27. Guidelines Business Name: Use what’s on the sign outside your business Business Address: Your actual physical street address – no PO Boxes If you do not meet with customers at this address, address will be hidden from view Business Phone: Use your local phone number with area code Add toll free number as a secondary number Description: Don’t stress over this. Very few people will see it. Twitter @IgnitorDigital /GoogleLocalWorkshop Google+
    28. 28. Guidelines Website: The URL of your website Do not use URLs you don’t own or control If you don’t have a website, it will default to your Google business listing page Categories: Get these right. They REALLY matter! Twitter @IgnitorDigital /GoogleLocalWorkshop Google+
    29. 29. Photos and Videos Upload up to 10 photos and 10 videos: The photo you set as your profile photos is likely to be the one Google shows in the Local Carousel, the Local Knowledge Panel and your Google+Local for Business page. Don’t make your profile photo a logo Google likes photos of the outside of your biz - include sign Look at businesses like yours in competitive areas to see what they are doing with photos and videos Service businesses: introduce yourself & your staff Twitter @IgnitorDigital /GoogleLocalWorkshop Google+
    30. 30. Google Local Support Look for answers here, first: Then call Google Local Support It is your best chance of getting problems resolved 1.Login to your Google account 2. Go to this URL: 3. Click on Contact link, enter your number, get a call back and wait your turn Twitter @IgnitorDigital /GoogleLocalWorkshop Google+
    31. 31. THANKS! Mary Bowling Carrie Hill Twitter: @MaryBowling Blog: Google+: Twitter: @CarrieHill Facebook: Google+: Twitter @IgnitorDigital /GoogleLocalWorkshop Google+