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Schema Semantic Markup & Search


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Schema semantic markup presentation from Pubcon 2013

Published in: Marketing, Technology
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Schema Semantic Markup & Search

  1. 1. Schema Semantic Markup and Search Carrie Hill Co-Founder @CarrieHill Twitter @CarrieHill +
  2. 2. The problems you face Problems – Address city not the same as nearest popular city or city you DBA in – Competing with a large name-brand website – A lot of competition – Everyone else has the same style of search result – Resources and Time Twitter @CarrieHill +
  3. 3. Which Schema Do We Use? There are nearly an infinite number of choices when it comes to Structured Data. AT LEAST 574 Different Options That’s 328,902 combinations of 2 schemas That’s 188,131,944 combinations of 3 schemas That’s a lot of Schemas! 1) Lifts you above the pack 2) Offers better descriptions of what your page offers 3) Biggest “bang for your buck” Twitter @CarrieHill +
  4. 4. A Hint for Picking a Schema Twitter @CarrieHill +
  5. 5. Reviews #5 Twitter @CarrieHill +
  6. 6. Recipe Twitter @CarrieHill +
  7. 7. Products Twitter @CarrieHill +
  8. 8. Location Twitter @CarrieHill +
  9. 9. Offer You can only format 1 product per page, but you CAN put multiple offers on that one product. EBay is a prime example: Twitter @CarrieHill +
  10. 10. Servicing Locations Twitter @CarrieHill +
  11. 11. Video – A LOT Of Opportunity Mark up your EMBEDDED videos Twitter @CarrieHill +
  12. 12. Area Businesses, Locations, Activities Twitter @CarrieHill +
  13. 13. BONUS These Google Spreadsheets will mark up a Restaurant or Local Business just by filling in the blanks. These markups have a few extra items that set them apart from other markup tools You can copy into your own Google Docs and Edit to mark up any business! Visit Twitter @CarrieHill +
  14. 14. Thanks Questions? Comments? I’d love to connect – find me on: Google+ = Twitter @CarrieHill +