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Agile Tour -Comverse case study


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This is a case study of an Agile pilot in Comverse which was presented By Galit Altinyuva AVP, localization unit manager, as part of AgileTour 2010, an international conference that was organized by Ignite and held in the Computer Science Faculty of the Technion, Israeli leading academic institute for technological studies

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Agile Tour -Comverse case study

  1. 1. Galit Altinyuva – Nov 2010y
  2. 2. About me:About me: AVP, Localization Unit Manager @ Comverse Background in S/W Development & several Managerial positions in R&D
  3. 3. O T tO T tOur TargetOur Targetgg 1
  4. 4. 2009 2008 We have set a 2 years improvement plan t titargeting: 50% cost improvement in 2009 During 2009 many improvements were implemented: Continuous integration 2010 High Cost Long TTM Low Quality p Additional 20% cost improvement in 2010 25% i t i TTM Continuous integration Improved testing methodology Generate “bank of test cases” for project utilization Moving to Agile… 2010Low Quality 25% improvement in TTMGenerate bank of test cases for project utilization Documentation optimization - Templates Enhanced trainingEnhanced training Something didn’t work – Thinking “out of the box” was required
  5. 5. Why Agile? s •Improve project Visibility • Improve TTM TTMTTM Benefits • Increase Flexibility • Enhance ability to Manage priorities nessB • Enhance software Quality • Reduce Risks BudgetBudget QualityQuality Busi • Improved Productivity • Reduce Waste ts • Increase Team accountability • Reduce actual Cost Benefi Increase Team accountability • Increase Collaboration • Increase Employees satisfaction 5 Soft p y • Improve Team morale
  6. 6. Getting StartedGetting Started Select external experts for Agile implementation AgileSparks – provided full support & guidance throughout the implementation p g p Define pilots & success criteria 2 projects were chosen for pilots with well defined success criterions in terms of Cost, TTM & Quality p High management attention High focus on pilots Making a buzz around agileg g 6
  7. 7. Agile - Scrum Process Daily Scrum • What did you do yesterday? • What will you do today? 24 Hours What will you do today? • Any obstacles? Hours Planning Planning 2 Weeks Sprint Backlog – features assigned to sprint Features expanded to tasks Retrospective Review Potentially Shippable Product Prod ct Backlog 8 Product Backlog – Prioritized project features
  8. 8. Impediments Faced… Too manyy meetings I don’t know how to give EE Teams g Teams It is impossible to Management is tracking my working It is impossible to split my large tasks into small ones progress every day
  9. 9. Tracking & MonitoringTracking & Monitoring Agile steeringAgile steering Scrum Master & Product Owner forumsScrum Master & Product Owner forums RBL templatep Measurement dashboard 10
  10. 10. Pilots’ Results – Great Success TTM reduced in 20% Pilots Results Great Success Cost aligned with targets – 30% reduction High Quality ~1-3 defects on customer site 11
  11. 11. Successful Pilots – The next Impediment ? Define tool for mass projectsp j
  12. 12. Agile Championg p • Accountable for the Agile implementation • Objective – Coach and mentor Needs to be: Certified Scrum MasterCertified Scrum Master Up-To-Date with Agile trends and processes Seek for continuous improvement Responsibilities: Makes sure Agile process is being followed in all projects in similar wayMakes sure Agile process is being followed in all projects in similar way Initiate and facilitate internal Scrum forums (such as SM forum, PO forum etc) Define tool measurements and visibility reportsDefine tool, measurements and visibility reports Facilitate the Steering Committee meeting Monitor the Scrum Ceremonies (Daily, Review, Retrospective, Planning) i diff t j t d k it i ffi i tin different projects and make sure it is efficient
  13. 13. Agile Supporting Tool - VersionOne F ll A il Lif • Planning and tracking • One view for impediments & Retrospective Full Agile Life- cycle Support • Drag-and-drop Task board • Drag-and-drop ranking and iteration planning Simplified User Interface • 50+ Pre-packaged agile metrics and reports • Executive-level Dashboards with best practice i Reporting metrics p g • Free platform and third-party tool connectorsOpen Integration Free platform and third party tool connectors • Integration with QC, CQ, Hudson p g Platform 14
  14. 14. Looking Ahead All I Si ht4 j t i l ti A ilAll InSight4 projects are implementing Agile Positive trends in terms of Cost, TTM & Quality Focus on Testing Automation C t t D t d hiConstant Day-to-day coaching Project management tools assimilation
  15. 15. Th k YThank You Galit Altinyuva Galit.Altinyuva@comverse.comy @