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Organic and Paid Tactics on Facebook


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This presentation takes a deep dive into understanding activation on Facebook. You have fans but how do you make them take action? What are organic activation techniques for Facebook marketing? Where does paid activation fit in?

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Organic and Paid Tactics on Facebook

  1. 1. Organic and Paid Tactics on Facebook
  2. 2. Agenda // Understanding Activation on Facebook // Organic Activation • Native Facebook Tools • Social Plugins • Frictionless Apps • Facebook Promotions // Paid Activation • Facebook Engagement Ads • Ads • Sponsored Stories // Q&A
  3. 3. Understanding Activation on Facebook
  4. 4. Why is Engagement Important? // Facebook’s Edge Rank Algorithm determines newsfeed content. Affinity • Engagement and Interactions Weight • Relevance (has a user commented or liked from that brand before) Recency • Timeliness of content – fresh content is valued over over old content
  5. 5. Why is Engagement Important? // To put it simply, the more engagement – typically the more newsfeed inclusions. The more newsfeed inclusions, the more organic fan growth. Engagement Newsfeed Inclusions Organic Fan Growth Awareness of Product
  6. 6. Why is Engagement Important? “…companies that are both deeply and widely engaged in social media surpass their peers in terms of both revenue and profit performance by a significant difference.” Altimeter Group, EngagementDB report of the top 100 worldwide brands
  7. 7. Recent Newsfeed Changes // Recent Changes • News Ticker • Comments • Check-ins • Likes • Top Stories & Recent Stories • Top stories- features the interesting stories at the top • Photos are larger
  8. 8. Recent Newsfeed Changes // Recent Changes • Frictionless Sharing
  9. 9. Recent Newsfeed Changes // An analysis of 600+ Facebook pages of different size and activity revealed the recent newsfeed changes: - Decreased Impressions by 22% Increased Likes by 16% Increased Comments by 14%
  10. 10. Organic Activation: Native Tools
  11. 11. Organic Activation: Native Tools // Social Plugins • Like Button: Share pages from your site to a Facebook profile • Send Button: Helps users send content to their friends. • Comments: Comment on content on a website or a Facebook tab
  12. 12. Organic Activation: Native Tools // Social Plugins • Activity Feed: Shows users likes and comments from others on your site. • Recommendations: Gives users personalized suggestions for pages on your site they might like. • Like Box: Lets users like your Facebook page and see its stream
  13. 13. Organic Activation: Native Tools // Social Plugins • Login/Registration: Shows profile pics who have signed up in addition to a login button, allows users to easily sign up for your website. • Facepile: Shows users profile pics of users who have liked your page or signed up for your site. • Live Stream: Allows users to share activity and comments in real time, as they interact with a life event.
  14. 14. Organic Activation: Native Tools // Social Plugin Example: MetaCafe • Daily likes more than tripled, going from an average of 2,000 likes per day to over 7,000 likes. • Daily referral traffic from Facebook to Metacafe doubled, going from about 60,00 to 120,000. • Total Facebook actions (likes, shares, comments) rose to 20,000 per day.
  15. 15. Organic Activation: Native Tools // Social Plugin Example: American Eagle • American Eagle added the Like button next to every product on their site and found Facebook referred visitors spent an average of 57% more money than non-Facebook referred visitors
  16. 16. Organic Activation: Promotions
  17. 17. Organic Activation: Facebook Promotions // Birding the Net
  18. 18. Organic Activation: Facebook Promotions // Birding the Net
  19. 19. Organic Activation: Facebook Promotions
  20. 20. Organic Activation: Facebook Promotions
  21. 21. Organic Activation: Facebook Promotions
  22. 22. Organic Activation: Facebook Promotions
  23. 23. Paid Activations
  24. 24. Relevant Facebook Advertising // Self Serve Ads • CPC vs. CPM: Have the choice whether you want to pay on a Cost per click basis or a costper-impression basis. Can set a daily budget. • Typically used to traffic to a Facebook Page, Application/Tab, Website, Event • Can be targeted by: • Location, Language, Education, Work • Age, Gender, Birthday, Relationship Status • Likes & Interests (“camping”, “hiking”)
  25. 25. Relevant Facebook Advertising Newer targeting options: • Friends of Connections • Targets friends of users who have already connected with your page • Connections • Targets current fans of your page.
  26. 26. Relevant Facebook Advertising // Sponsored Stories • Designed to bring to light organic actions. • For instance if someone: • Likes your page • Interacts with your application • Checks in to a location This activity can be served in an ad unit
  27. 27. Relevant Facebook Advertising // Sponsored Stories 1. Page Like Stories: Shows that someone “likes” your page, from Facebook of from the Like box on your website. 2. Page Post Stories: Shows current fans a post from Facebook, to increase engagement 3. Page Post Like: Friends of fans will see posts that are liked
  28. 28. Relevant Facebook Advertising // Sponsored Stories 4. Check-In Stories: Are shown when a user’s friend checks in to a location, points to a place page 5. App Shared Stories: Shared stories from apps (typically activity within the last 7 days). Takes users to a specific page in the Canvas app. 6. Game Played Stories: Promoted to friends of users who play your game at least twice or for at least 10 minutes in the last month.
  29. 29. Relevant Facebook Advertising // Sponsored Stories 7. Domain Story: Promotes to friends of users who have in the last 7 days: • Liked a piece of content on your website using the Like button • Shared using the Share button • Pasted a link to your website in a status update • Domain stories take you to the home page of the domain
  30. 30. Relevant Facebook Advertising // Expanded Premium Ads - Newest ad unit for Facebook - Displayed on the homepage - Ad recall can double, and engagement increases
  31. 31. Learn More • •
  32. 32. Questions? Lisa Braziel 919.653.2587 @lisabraziel