No BS Social Media Marketing, Revisited


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The social media marketing ecosystem has changed significantly over the past 18 months, which means new opportunity—and new bulls#*t—for marketers to sift through.

Explore which trends you should follow and which trends your should ignore in this presentation featuring renowned (and hilarious) social media author and savant Jason Falls (VP Digital Strategy, and Ignite Social Media President Jim Tobin.

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  • Jim introduces himself and Jason.
  • Jim takes care of housekeeping details.
  • Our agenda is short and sweet but we’ve got a lot of content. Our goal is to surface some of the BS in the social media business and help our beloved audience of marketers delineate the good stuff from the meaningless stuff.And I think that we’ll have a good time doing it. We’ve got a lot to cover so let’s get to it.
  • Jim – Jason, you wrote this book almost two years ago. An awful has changed since then, but the sentiment remains the same. Social media changes quickly and it isn’t obvious which new things are meaningful and which new things aren’t. As a result, there is an awful lot of BS in the business. What motivated you to write the book in the first place?(transition to next slide)
  • Jason summarizes the “tree hugger” mentality that is/was common in the social media business.Jim chimes in with thoughts on how perception of social media and social media marketing have changed over his time in the business.-- No longer an experimental channel, but a strategic channel.-- No longer interns at the helm, but experienced processionals.-- No longer consequence-free, but accountable and measured.
  • Jason summarizes that the “you’ve just got to engage” mentality is actually OK and important, but only if it maps to a meaningful business goal.Jim chimes with the “business drivers” that are most relevant to Ignite clients.
  • Jim: You can obviously talk the talk, Jason. Can you share how you’re walking the walk at CafePress? CafePress CEO Bob Marino stated recently that “Social media is our playground.” That seems like an ambitious statement to me…Jason: …
  • Jim: Jason – can you tell us about this activation / sweepstakes program?Jason: (provides talking points re: activating customers to drive brand conversations.)
  • Jim: Jason – the “Press It” widget is an interesting product that isn’t overtly social in the sense that it doesn’t integrate with Facebook or have a hashtag. But it is social in the sense that it creates value for you customers and community. Can you tell us about this program and how it has performed so far?Jason: (provides a few minutes of talking points about PressIt.)
  • Jim: And last but not least, I know that CafePress has a big product launch coming down the pike later this month. What can you tell us about Create & List?Jason: (provides a couple talking points related to Create & List.)--
  • Jim: That’s great, Jason. Thanks for sharing those great examples of what you’ve got going on at CafePress. So now let’s talk about some of the new stuff – some of the elements that you would cover if you were to write a new version of your book today.We’re going to cover a lot of topics quickly.Tweet your thoughts, experience, opinions, etc. Tag your tweets with #nobssocial
  • Jim: I’m actually going to kick us off with the first one…(Jim shares some thoughts on Facebook hashtags, Jason chimes in.)
  • Jim: Speaking of ads on Facebook – there are a lot of them…and they’re getting more expensive and less effective.Possible questions for Jason:Do you guys make much use of Facebook Ads at CafePress?What is your general philosophy about social media advertising?Will ads be the death of Facebook? How will this play out?According to data from the CMO Survey conducted by Duke’s Fuqua School and The AMA, social media budgets are set to triple over the next 5 years. Will all of this just go to advertising?
  • What are your thoughts on the recent spike in lo-fi, mobile, social video? Is this stuff relevant for brands?NOTES:--Facebook paid $700M for Instagram. Twitter paid $1M for Vine.According to data from earlier this year from Twitter and RJMetrics, Vine was crushing other mobile/social video providers – 3% of highly active Twitter users were using the tool, which is a strong indicator from early adopters. Contrast Vine with Instagram, which just passed 100M users a few months ago.
  • Jim: Path is one of the few remaining independent, mobile-centric social networks. Do you use Path, Jason? Do you think that the company has long-term viability for users? For marketers?NOTES--- The company has had a history of data privacy issues, previously automatically uploaded all of your phone contacts.- In February 2013, the company was fined $800,000 by the FTC for storing data from underage users and will be required to have its privacy policy reviewed every two years for the next 20 years.
  • Jim: Jason – tell me the first thing that comes to mind when I say:MySpace$20MJustin TimberlakeMySpace just paid $20M to re-launch itself with an interesting commercial. Does this even matter to marketers?
  • Jim: Tumblr has always been a bit outside of the mainstream for marketers. We’re running a few Tumblr-centric programs for our clients. Both Yahoo and Tumblr said that Tumblr will move forward business as usual post acquisition – do you believe this is the case?YouTube’s price tag seemed ridiculous when Google acquired several years ago…but now the acquisition looks like Google got a steal. Will we look back on the Yahoo / Tumblr deal in the same way?
  • Private company financial analyst PrivCo predicted that Foursquare will die by the end of 2013, citing missed milestones, floundering usage, and minimal revenue traction.The company raised $40M in debt a few months later…but still. Foursquare doesn’t get the buzz that it once did. Is location-based marketing dead? Or will it just be different?
  • Jim: Last not least, Reddit has become an undeniable force on the social web. Is there anything here for marketers? Or is it best avoided altogether?
  • No BS Social Media Marketing, Revisited

    1. 1. No Bullshit Social Media Revisited We’ll begin shortly…
    2. 2. Who’s presenting? Jason Falls Jim Tobin Founder, President Ignite Social Media @jtobin Founder, Social Media Explorer VP, Digital Strategy, @JasonFalls #nobssocial
    3. 3. Details • • • • Jim & Jason will lead Q&A at the end of the call. Tag your tweets with #nobssocial. We’re recording the show. We’ll send an email follow up with the deck and recording. #nobssocial
    4. 4. Agenda: 1. 2. 3. 4. Old BS No BS @ CafePress New BS Q&A
    5. 5. Old BS
    6. 6. The Inspiration Behind Today’s Talk
    7. 7. You’ve got to be human. You’ve got to engage. You must join the conversation.
    8. 8. 7 Social Media Business Drivers • • • • • • • Enhance Branding & Awareness Protect Your Reputation Enhance Public Relations Build Community Enhance Customer Service Facilitate Research & Development Drive Sales & Leads #nobssocial
    9. 9. No BS @ CafePress
    10. 10. Generate Brand Conversations
    11. 11. Create Value For Your Community
    12. 12. Coming Soon: Create & List
    13. 13. New BS
    14. 14. Facebook’s Next Ad Delivery Mechanism? Tweet your thoughts, experience, etc. Tag your tweet with #nobssocial. #nobssocial
    15. 15. Speaking of Ads on Facebook… Image: #nobssocial
    16. 16. Will Lo-fi Social Video Eat the World? #nobssocial
    17. 17. Does Path Have A Path Forward? #nobssocial
    18. 18. MySpace Renaissance or Just Hipsters Dancing? #nobssocial
    19. 19. Google : YouTube :: Yahoo : Tumblr? #nobssocial
    20. 20. Could Foursquare Really Die? #nobssocial
    21. 21. Reddit: Gold Mine? Death Trap? #nobssocial
    22. 22. This Webcast: BS? Not BS? • Did we miss anything? • Tag your tweets, questions with #nobssocial. • Thank you for attending! #nobssocial