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Presentació co society vf-en


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Presentació co society vf-en

  2. 2. 90% of CEO’s at international leading companies think innovation is a key success factor for the future of their organizations.+66% of CEO’s at the most innovative internationalcompanies consider idea generation the easiest part of the innovation process.20% of Spanish companies actually do some kind of innovation.READY FOR THIS JOURNEY? © 2013 INDUCT SEA
  3. 3. INDUCT• Born in 2007, Induct is an international leading company developing innovation initiatives all over the world• International branches: Oslo (Noruega), Boston (USA), Beijing (China), Bangalore (India), Berlin (Germany), London (UK), Sao Paulo (Brazil ) & Barcelona (Spain)• Vision: to spread the innovation movement all over the world• Mission: to become the main allied for organizations in the public and private sector in their process to become more innovative• Unique value: Inducts provides the only extreme-to- extreme open innovation platform supported by Dr. Henry Chesbrough. Through the platform, we are able to build the innovation capabilities within companies and create sectorial innovation hubs © 2013 INDUCT SEA
  4. 4. OPEN INNOVATION “Open innovation is the intentional use of both the internal and external knowledge in order to speed up innovation and expand markets. This implies that organiaztions must use internal and external ideas, teams, and insights, in order to make innovation happen.” Henry Chesbrough (“Open Innovation: the new imperative”), Dean at the Haas Business School at Berkeley, and President at Induct¡’s Counceling Commitee.Open Innovation is a CO-spirit process! © 2013 INDUCT SEA
  5. 5. OI SAASChallenges. Ideas. Projects. Impulses. Groups. Innovation library. Innovation processes. © 2013 INDUCT SEA
  6. 6. FLAGSHIP PROJECTS Impact (Disseminate) Best Actual Practices Standard of Care Ideas & Challenges  InsightChallenge Proposal Work- Process  groups  Stimulate world leading specialists Impact CIMIT Prioritize applications with conditions and potentials Products/ Planner  Connector Challenges Services & Needs Enable collaboration between specialist environments Clinical Best Impact Practice Dashboard CuratorSolution Implement Funding Invent & Finder Research Proposal Campaigns Find Online ranking/review by selected groups of specialists Ideas & Enabling Advanced search technology to stimulate learning Prototypes Opportunities TechnologiesResults Innovate Number of applications increased more than 50% Bug-free technical implementation High customer satisfaction among gatekeepers & usersProcess In January 2011, CIMIT announced a call for FY2012 pre-proposals in its Innovation Grant program Over 300 multidisciplinary teams responded, a 50 percent increase over last year One hundred fifty-five pre-proposals have been selected to advance to the full proposal stage and compete for CIMIT Innovation Grants «The overall general feedback is very positive. of up to $100,000 They find it easy to use, best yet!» Diane S. Spiliotis, CFO/CIO, CIMIT Innovation-Preproposals.html © 2013 INDUCT SEA
  7. 7. HEALTHCARE NHS Innovations London Stimulates Innovation in Health Service Through New Offering Oslo University Hospital Proposes Open Healthcare Innovation Zone to Include All Stakeholders Helping Norway, Sweden, and Denmark Form EU-Funded Open Healthcare Innovation Zone Innovation network with Bangalore 187.000 employees and collaborators First implementation in Spain, other will come soon © 2013 INDUCT SEA
  8. 8. INNOVATION AT WORK Strategy 4. 1. Reward Encourage Benefits Goals The Innovation Indicators ecosystem Culture Structure Governance 3. 2.Measure Manage © 2013 INDUCT SEA
  9. 9. 1. ENCOURAGE • Generate awareness • Create and show the management’s commitment (online & offline communications) 1. • Create participation opportunities (make it easy to generate Encourage ideas) • Motivate (not only the 10% of natural innovators) • Involve innovation champions: employees, customers, wholesalers, etc. • Set up a culture of innovation “The more visionary CEOs understand that innovation is as much about purpose and culture.” Michael van Hove, Strategos © 2013 INDUCT SEA
  10. 10. 2. MANAGE “The limits to innovation have nothing to do with technology or creativity. It’s all about management capability” Ray Sata, CEO at Analog Devices • Define your Innovation types (challenges, ideas, proposals, groups) • Define stages and tasks • Manage your end-to-end innovation processes • Set up your innovation organization and teams • Collaborate 2. Manage • Design a calendar • Decide which are your ideas evaluation criteria • Follow your innovation Innovation funnel © 2013 INDUCT SEA
  11. 11. 3. MEASURE “Innovation is ultimately about Return on Investment” Robert Brands, Innovation coach • Define innovation kpi’s • Create stage and process scorecards to filter ideas and take 3. better decisions Measure • Learning process based on results • Improvement your innovation processes whenever is needed © 2013 INDUCT SEA
  12. 12. 4. REWARD • Celebration • Professional recognition 4. • Remuneration on objectives Reward • Talent detection • Career development based on “innovativeness” “Many workplaces are enclaves of aiding and abetting immature, disrespectful, even harmful behavior.” Deborah Mills, Mills - Scolfield © 2013 INDUCT SEA
  13. 13. INNOVATION ROAD MAP Communities Strategy Benefits Goals The Innovation Open Innovation ecosystemIndicators Culture Structure Governance Businesses 1. Design your 2. Set up your 3. Manage your innovation framework OI platform communities © 2013 INDUCT SEA
  14. 14. WELCOME ABOARDThe new leadership requirements: Openness Standards Collaboration These three elements are key to your company’s long-term strategy and road-map to success. © 2013 INDUCT SEA
  15. 15. LET’S STAY IN TOUCH Joan Ras Mob:+34 654 56 60 01 Ignasi Clos Mob : +34 659 55 14 01 Alf Martin Johansen Mob: +47 90 17 94 35 amj@inductsoftware.comEncourage. Manage. Measure. Reward. © 2013 INDUCT SEA