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Iggly Biggly Compensation Plan


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The Compensation Plan

Iggly Biggly Inc. consists of three 2 X 2 follow your sponsor matrices.

1. Become a distributor/wholesaler ($20.00 cost) , sign Purchase and Independent Distributor agreements ( for 1099 at end of the year), receive wholesaler/distributor's rights and replicating website and your own retail sales site.
2. Enroll 2 people and help them each enroll two people. Then you will earn a pair of flipflops, re-enter the wholesaler20 level , and move to the wholesaler50 level.

3. Continue building your business 2x2, and your wholesaler team (your 2 plus their 4) will move up to the wholesaler50 level to cycle you out of wholesaler50 where you will earn another pair of flipflops, $100, and re-entry to wholesaler20. You also advance to wholesaler150.

4. When your team ( your 2 plus their 4) advances to the wholesaler150 following you, you cycle and earn another pair of flipflops, $380, and re-enter the wholesaler20 again.

5. If you work, you earn. The faster you work, the faster you earn and qualify.

6. Pay it Forward WORLD, even helping those underneath you to qualify will push you faster through the matrix, and you will earn faster and have helped someone more than you would ever know.

7. Remember each 20.00 position we give you will cycle and as people are sponsored they fill your first empty position that cycles, 2 x2 x 2 always. It is best to build by helping your people fill their empty positions after you have first two.

Have a Powerful and Prosperous Day,
Joanna MaGrath
Iggly Biggly Independent Wholesaler/Distributor Contractor
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Official Iggly Biggly Website:

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Iggly Biggly Compensation Plan

  1. 1. Joanna MaGrath 813-479-8908 Iggly Biggly Independent Distributor/Wholesaler Contractor
  2. 2. Remember Each $20.00 Position Will Cycle and As People Are Sponsored They Fill Your First Empty Position That Cycles, 2 x 2 x 2 Always. It is Best to Build By Helping Your People Fill Their Empty Positions After You Have Filled Your First Two.
  3. 3. Helping Those Underneath You to Qualify Will Push You Faster Through the Matrix, and You Will Earn Faster and Have Helped Someone More Than You Would Ever Know.
  4. 4. • Iggly Biggly Official Independent Contractor Website: • Pay $20.00 Dollars Via Secure Payment Service • Sign Purchase Agreement • Sign Independent Contractor Agreement (Sign Purchase and Independent Distributor Agreements for 1099 at end of the year) • Wholesaler/Distributor’s Rights • Replicating Website • Your Own Retail Sales Site
  5. 5. For Taking The Time To View My Presentation.
  6. 6. Joanna MaGrath 813-479-8908 Iggly Biggly Independent Distributor/Wholesaler Contractor Signup - Blog –