Andrew Cohen in Moscow, June 2010


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Spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen, founder of EnlightenNext, attended the 17th International Transpersonal Conference from June 23-27, 2010, in Moscow, Russia.

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Andrew Cohen in Moscow, June 2010

  1. This summer, the Russian Association for Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy invited spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen, founder of EnlightenNext, to participate in the 17th International Transpersonal Conference. <br />
  2. The conference took place between June 23rd and 27th in Moscow, which has been the cultural heart of Russia for centuries.<br />
  3. The conference was held at the massive Izmailovo hotel complex, one of the most prestigious conference halls in Russia.<br />
  4. Prominent spiritual figures from around the world were in attendance. Here Brother David Steindl-Rast, a Benedictine monk and renowned interfaith theologian, speaks with Andrew Cohen before a session.<br />
  5. Dr. Karan Singh (second from right), the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir, and Rajesh Dalal (far right), who continues the work of the great J. Krishnamurti, also took part in the conference.<br />
  6. Pilot Baba, a pilot-turned-saint who has been featured in the pages of EnlightenNext magazine, was one of the guest speakers.<br />
  7. Andrew delivered one of the conference’s keynote addresses, introducing his teaching of Evolutionary Enlightenment to a primarily Russian audience.<br />
  8. Many of the speakers—including Pilot Baba, YeshiNamkhai, Svetlana Doroganich, TeloTulkuRinpoche, Rajesh Dalal, Andrea Fisher, Karan Singh, Brother David Steindl-Rast and Andrew Cohen—took to the stage for a panel discussion titled “Spiritual Practices in Everyday Life.”<br />
  9. Andrew Cohen: “We all need to do whatever we need to do to ensure we’re in the best possible position to respond to the unpredictable nature of life from the highest perspective of enlightened awareness. For some people this might mean performing spiritual practices for many hours each day; for others it may mean simply abiding as they always already are.”<br />
  10. Andrew joined Jim Garrison, Eduard Sagalaev, and Harris Friedman for a panel discussion on “Global Problems and Human Evolution.”<br />
  11. Andrew Cohen “When looking at our collective global crises, it’s important to be able to see them in the largest framework possible. That framework emerges when we embrace an evolutionary worldview. An evolutionary worldview uniquely enables us to see all events, from the macro to the micro, as part of an evolving multidimensional cosmic process. Our current global predicament is not separate from that process and the more we are able to see it in that light the easier it will be for us to come up with appropriate, creative solutions.”<br />
  12. The third panel discussion that Andrew participated in, together with Christina Grof and David Lukoff, was entitled “Spiritual Emergency.” <br />
  13. Andrew Cohen: “A spiritual emergency can mean either of two things: a breakthrough or a breakdown. Experiencing a spiritual emergency is an inevitable necessity if a spiritual aspirant is ever going to truly make the profound and permanent transformative leap to a higher state of consciousness and a higher stage of development. But not all individuals are equally suited to make that leap. Because of this, some recoil when they find themselves face-to-face with the actual emergence of their own higher potentials. This is when the self divides against itself and existential confusion and overwhelming doubt may be the result. In the best case scenario, the self takes a quantum leap in which it powerfully awakens to a higher level of its own evolutionary potential. Here it can integrate and become whole at this entirely new level.”<br />
  14. The panel discussions introduced Andrew to important figures in the world of transpersonal studies, such as Richard Tarnas, author of The Passion of the Western Mind—a favorite book among the editorial team of EnlightenNext magazine.<br />
  15. Between sessions, the conference offered a valuable opportunity for Andrew to catch up with old friends, such as Jim Garrison, who cofounded the State of the World Forum with Mikhail Gorbachev in 1995.<br />
  16. Many of these informal meetings occurred over meals: here, with brother David Standl-Rast and Rajesh Dalal.<br />
  17. Prior to the conference, Andrew and Rajesh Dalal had never met. But the two immediately found a keen interest in each other’s work.<br />
  18. Here Andrew engages in conversation with Joseph Subbiondo, President of the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS).<br />
  19. Andrew was introduced to BronislavVinogrodsky, a renowned Russian shaman, scholar, author, and musician.<br />
  20. Audience members frequently engaged Andrew with questions after his talks on Evolutionary Enlightenment.<br />
  21. PavelLuksha, a journalist and author, interviewed Andrew for a magazine article and a book.<br />
  22. Andrew was also interviewed for a TV program about psychology on Moscow’s Channel 7.<br />
  23. A Russian group specializing in Indian music provided entertainment for the closing ceremonies.<br />
  24. The busy schedule allowed for very little sightseeing. Here, Andrew is pictured near Red Square with Tom Steininger, head of EnlightenNext’s operations in Germany, and Rob van Vliet, head of EnlightenNext’s Amsterdam center.<br />
  25. Visiting the Kremlin in Moscow’s Red Square.<br />
  26. To learn more about the 17th International Transpersonal Conference, visit <br />