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Silk bank


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Silk bank

  2. 2.  Banks play a vital role in strengthening economy of any country. They help in mobilizing savings and provide capital for trade, commerce and industry. In Pakistan, Banking sector has always shown remarkable results in the past and is carrying on with it.  SILK BANK is one of the new banks in Pakistan, and is playing a key role in the development of the country.
  3. 3.  On September 15,2001, the State Bank of Pakistan approved the transfer of majority control and management of the prudential in favor of Saudi Pak.  On March 31, 2008, a Consortium comprising of IFC, Bank Muscat, Nomura International and Sinthos Capital- which was led by senior bankers Shaukat Tarin and Sadeq Sayeed - acquired an 86.55% stake in Saudi Pak Commercial Bank for around USD 213 million or USD 0.47 per share (PKR 29.3 equivalent per share). Saudi Pak was rebranded as Silkbank Limited on June 1, 2009. Under the new leadership the bank will continue to focus on SME & Consumer financing resulting in efforts of increased profitability.
  4. 4.  Our new identity Silkbank – is a name with a meaning that endorses our values. The name takes its inspiration from ‘Silk’, a natural element known for its unique properties. Our inspiration also comes from the Silk route which has been a corridor for trade and commerce between Asia and the rest of the world for centuries.  Our ascending symbol marks our quest to move higher and our tag line “Yes we can” is a promise of unmatched service quality to our customers
  5. 5.  Vision statement: Benchmark of Excellence in Premier Banking  Mission statement: To be the leader in premier banking, trusted by customers for accessibility, service & innovation; be an employer of choice creating value for all stakeholders.
  6. 6.  IFC (International Finance Corporation) A member of the World Bank Group, fosters sustainable economic growth in developing countries.  Nomura Holdings A leading investment bank with network in over 30 countries and total assets of USD 221B. Recently acquired Lehman Brothers in Asia and Europe.  Bank Muscat Largest bank of Oman with assets of over USD 15 billion, having significant presence in the Middle East.
  8. 8.  Silk bank All-in-One Account provides you the ultimate security and protection, amazing banking facilities and much more convenience… all absolutely free.  Initial deposit Rs. 1000/-  Average balance Rs.100,000/-  Worry free cash withdrawals ( Rs.25,000 per annum)  Use your mobile phone without fear ( Rs.5,000)  Lost your vital documents (Rs. 5,000)  Liberate yourself from the fear of home burglary (Rs. 100,000)
  9. 9.  Protection For Your Family in case of Accidental Death or Disability (Rs.200,000)  Free Cheque Book  Free Pay Orders & Demand Drafts  Free Intercity Transactions  Free VISA Debit Card  Free Withdrawals from all ATMs  Free Internet Banking  Free SMS Alerts  Free Statements Through Your Email
  10. 10.  Initial deposit Rs. 1,000/-  Current account  Dormant in six months  Students and salaried. Debit Transaction/credit transaction Two free transaction per month.Rs.100/- for all subsequent transaction during the month Online Transfer Charges (inter-city Transaction) 0.10% min Rs.150/- Online Cash Deposit and withdrawals 0.10% min Rs.150/- Cheque Return Rs. 300/- per instrument Cheque Book Charges 25-leaf cheque book
  11. 11.  Silkbank Business Value Account is a current account that brings respect and recognition to your business.  Silkbank Business Value Account also protects your business inventory and cash withdrawals from the bank – absolutely free.  Initial deposit Rs. 1000.  Average balance Rs. 100,000.  Protect your business inventory up to Rs. 10,000,000.  Worry-free Cash withdrawals Rs. 25,000 per annum
  12. 12. Pay Orders/ Demand Drafts /Call Deposits. Monthly Average Balance PO,DD,CDR Below Rs.100,000/- Rs.100/-PO,DD,CDR Rs.100,000/-to Rs.499,999/- 6free/ month. Rs.100/- for Subsequent PO,DD,CDR Rs.500,000/- &above All free Visa Debit Card Fee. Monthly Average Balance Visa Debit Card Below Rs.100,000/- Rs.500/- Rs.100,000/- & above free SMS Alerts Monthly Average Balance SMS Alerts Below Rs.100,000/- Rs.50/- per month Rs.100,000/- & above Free
  13. 13. •Pay Orders/Demand Drafts Monthly Average Balance PO/DD Charges Less than Rs. 50,000/- Rs.100/- PO/DD RS.50,000/- to less than Rs.100,000/- 2 Free For the Month Rs.100,000/- to RS.500,000/- 6 Free For the month Rs.500,001/- &above All Free For the month • Cheque Book Charges Monthly Average Balance Cheque Book Charges Up to Rs.500,000/- Rs.25/- per leaf Rs.500,001/- to Rs,1,000,000/- 2 Free For the Month Rs. 1,000,001/- & above All Free . Enjoy online banking solutions,all under one roof.  Average balance Rs. 50,000/-
  14. 14.  Exceptional current account that offers additional perks with your salary.  Initial deposit Rs. 1000/-  Hassle Free Salary Processing.  Worry-free Cash Withdrawals.  Unmatched Auto-Insurance Benefits (up to 2.5%)
  15. 15.  Initial deposit Rs. 1000/-  Interest rate 9.5%  Average balance Rs. 50,000/-  Higher the deposit, higher the profit.  Incidental charge Rs. 50/-
  16. 16. Safe Deposit Locker Charges Monthly Average Balance Locker Charges Less than Rs. 30,00,000/- or above free limits Small Rs.1,500/- per annum Medium Rs.2,000/- per annum Large Rs. 3,000/- per annum Rs.30,00,000/- to Rs.50,00,000/- Small Or Medium Free Rs.50,00,001/- to Rs.10,000,001/- & above Large Free Rs .10,000,001/- &above Large Or Extra Large Free Cheques Book Charges Monthly Averages Balance Online Transaction Charges Less than Rs.1,000,000/-Or above Rs. 25/- per leaf Rs.30,00,000/- &above 2free for the month(25 leaves) SMS/Call Desposit ( CDR ) Monthly Average Balance CDR Charges Less than Rs.500,000/- 50/- per month Rs.500,000/- & above All free for the month
  17. 17. The only savings account in Pakistan that pays profit in cash, DAILY! With Silkbank Munafa Rozana, profit on your funds is calculated and paid out into your account, DAILY. PROFIT RATES Tiers Rates Rs.0 to Rs.2mn 5.00% Rs.2m to Rs.5mn 6.00% Rs.5 to Rs.10mn 7.25% Rs.10 to Rs.20mn 7.50% Rs.20 to Rs.30mn 8.50% Rs.30 to Rs.50mn 9.00% Rs.50mn and above 9.00%
  18. 18.  Avail the benefits of a savings account with the convenience of a current account.  Profit paid out twice a year  Monthly Profit of 5% on all Tiers  Profit calculated on minimum balance every month  Can be operated by Individuals or Companies  Average balance Rs.50,000  Visa debit card
  19. 19.  Earn the highest profit on a monthly basis in mahana munafa.  Earn the highest profit on annualy basis in salana munafa.  Minimum balance of only Rs.100,000/-  Interest rate 5%
  20. 20.  Offers running finance facility against your land, residential & commercial properties, insuring a steady life line for your business.  Convenient(properties as security)  Affordable (Mark up calculation on daily utilized amount)  Loan Amount (up to 70% of property value)  Eligibility :  Resident of Pakistan  Self employed  Monthly income of Rs. 50,000/-  Age: 25 – 60 years
  21. 21.  Education plan  Minimum amount Rs.15000/-  Offers a method of disciplined savings that can be utilized to pay for the higher education needs of the nominated child. Policy year @8% p.a. unit growth rate @10% p.a.unit growth rate @12% p.a unit growth rate 5 442,972 465,711 489,422 10 1,168,940 1,296,155 1,437,825 15 2,194,763 2,577,886 3,035,235 18 2,988,163 3,642,776 4,458,714
  22. 22.  Saving and investment plan.  Financial planning package that gives dual benefits of protection along with higher returns over long- term savings and investment.  Initial deposit Rs.15,000/-  Maximum age limit 60 years.  Maturity 10 years.  Accidential death and disability  Life care
  23. 23. Family income If the assured customer’s age is 30 years, and he decides to contribute Rs.100,000 per annum with the protection mutiple of 20, taking a sum assured of Rs.2,000,000 in Sunehra Kal.The expected cash values would be as follows: Policy year @8%p.a.unit growth rate @10%p.a.unit growth rate @12%p.a.unit growth rate 5 432,140 454,703 478,268 10 1,146,380 1,272,304 1,412,747 15 2,175,174 2,558,668 3,015,590 20 3,612,530 4,520,217 5,683,272 25 5,601,449 7,491,109 10,101,604
  24. 24.  Silk bank Mehfooz Har Pal Banc assurance is a simple yet comprehensive accident and hospitalization plan providing 24 hour worldwide coverage to the entire family.  Mehfooz Har Pal guarantees your financial well being by paying out cash on death, disablement or prolonged absence from work as a result of an accident or hospitalization due to an accident.
  25. 25.  With a mission to help people live healthier, wealthier and more successful lives Silkbank offers Silk Health Plan, a comprehensive healthcare package that provides financial protection in case of an illness or accident that leads to hospitalization.
  26. 26.  Visa Debit Card  Mobile Banking  E-Statements  Sms Alerts  Silk Bank-direct  Silk Fauree Transfer  Inter-Bank Funds Transfer