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  • GUESS WHO? This company has acquired many companies such as 3com Palm 3PAR And EDS Merged with Compaq Co- branded with Beats and Apple Has had many celebrity endorsements such as Gwen Stefani and Dr Dre Sponsored the fashion program Runway Official sponsor of the International Tennis Foundation In partnership with Walt Disney and have rights to use characters such as Megamind Puss in boots Kung fu Madagascar Official Formula 1 Renault sponsors.
  • COMPANY INFORMATION: HP (Hewlett Packard): An American multinational information technology corporation founded by Bill Hewett and David Packard providing products, technologies, software, solutions and services to consumers, small- and medium-sized businesses and large enterprises.
  • OBJECTIVES OF THE POWERPOINT: Today we will… Evaluate HP’s Secondary Brand Associations Recommend ways in which HP can build brand equity more efficiently
  • WHAT IS SECONDARY BRAND ASSOCIATIONS? Our definition is a “ Marketing strategy of using certain aspects or transferring entities of the brand to gain brand equity” The entities can be found through The company Its country of origin Co-Branding efforts Ingredient Branding Celebrity Endorsements and Sponsorships
  • COMPANY + COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Company: Since 2001 HP has made very successful and strategic acquisitions to enhance the brand. By merging with Compaq both companies shared entities and created an $87 billion global technology leader. By acquiring 3com, HP were able to expand there networking characteristics Country: From America which alone gives them a good reputation as American products are good.
  • CHANNELS + CO-BRANDING: Channels: HP Distribute directly through their website, retail stores such as PC World and Curry’s and through their value added reseller; SDG. H-P went up against dell in 2003 when they realised they were concentrating ALL resources where Dell was strong: in direct sales over the internet and phone. H-P shifted focus to a battle it could win: in the retail distribution channel and created the “the computer is personal again” campaign Co-branding: HP co branded with Monsters Beats to enhance the quality of sound from their computers, in doing this HP strategy was to enter a new market; the music industry, with Dr Dre earning $110 million in 2011, it was a trend not to miss. In 2004 HP and Apple came together as HP planned on launching a new music player. Thanks to HP's distribution network, the iPod+HP was sold in retailers where Apple did not have any presence at the time. The partnership ended in 2005 as HP had concerns that selling the iPod didn’t reflect their distribution strategy at the time. In 2009 NME partnered up with HP to launch a unique music event to promote the new HP Pavilion laptop to university students. Visiting six universities with a promo bus giving students the chance to use the laptops.
  • INGREDIENT BRANDING + CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS: Ingredient Branding: HP ingredient brand with Intel, Windows, AMD and NVidia. Big names in the technology world giving HP a reputable image in ingredient branding. Celebrity Endorsements: Dr Dre, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams, Jay Z, Serena Williams, Alicia Keys, Nero, Jimmy Lovine, Jerry Seinfeld, Mark Cuban and Vera Wang…literally to name a few, here are one of the adverts used to promote HP products. (talk over advert)
  • LICENSING + SPONSORSHIP Licensing: In 2003 HP and Disney signed a 10 year partnership deal where HP has supplied Walt Disney with equipment. In return apart from $100 million Disney complimented HP with rights to use some of its characters such as Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, Shrek and Megamind. Sponsorship: HP has many sponsorships. They sponsored the BMW Williams Formula 1 team and as of 2010 sponsor Renault F1. Project Runway – season 8 of the American reality television series which focuses on fashion design was sponsored by HP and Intel. HP also has the naming rights arrangement for the HP Pavilion at San Jose, home of the San Jose Sharks NHL hockey team. One well known sponsorship is of Walt Disney World's Epcot Park's Mission: SPACE
  • EVENTS: HP used to hold annual events, HP software universe, The HP technology forum and HP technology at work but merged all three together to form HP Discover, the first of which took place in 2012. The events help HPs brand awareness and helps target new customers.
  • GUESS WHO: This company has also acquired many companies such as Certicom Dataviz The astonishing tribe And recently The brand has been spoken about in a positive light by Will I am And President Obama Lots of product placement in show gossip girl Tried to make a comeback recently with a tablet called the playbook And to make it easier are the makers of the famous Blackberry smartphones
  • END:
  • Secondary brand-associations short23

    1. 1. Guess Who?
    2. 2. HP (Hewlett Packard): An American multinational information technology corporation founded by Bill Hewett and DavidPackard providing products, technologies, software, solutions and services to consumers, small- and medium-sizedbusinesses and large enterprises.
    3. 3. Hewlett Packard• Evaluate HP’s Secondary Brand Associations• Recommend ways in which HP can build brand equity more efficiently
    4. 4. What Are Secondary BrandAssociations?
    5. 5. What Are Secondary Brand Associations?Marketing strategy of using certain aspects ortransferring entities of the brand to gain brandequity•Company•Country•Co-Branding•Ingredient Branding•Celebrity Endorsement•Sponsorship
    6. 6. Secondary Brand Associations
    7. 7. Company• Compaq• 3 ComCountry Of Origin• Land of dreams• Land of opportunities• Land of money• America
    8. 8. Channels• HP Website - Direct• Official Stores (PC World, Currys) - Retail• SDG – VARCo Branding• Beats by Dr Dre• Apple• NME
    9. 9. Ingredient Branding• Intel• Windows• NVidia• AMDCelebrity Endorsements• Dr Dre• Gwen Stefani• Pharrell Williams• Jay Z
    10. 10. Licensing• Madagascar• Kung Fu Panda• Shrek & Puss in Boots• MegamindSponsorships• Formula 1 (BMW Williams – 2006) (Renault – Present)• Project Runaway – Mondo Guerra• HP Pavilion at San Jose• Walt Disney Worlds Epcot Parks Mission: SPACE
    11. 11. Events• HP Software Universe +• HP Technology Forum +• HP Technology @ Work =• HP Discover October 3, 2006
    12. 12. Recommendations
    13. 13. Guess Who?
    14. 14. Research In Motion (RIM) is a Canadian telecommunication and wireless equipmentcompany best known as the developer of the BlackBerry smartphone and tablet. 
    15. 15. Hewlett Packard Research In Motion• •Evaluate RIM’s Attempt to make a Associations back Evaluate HP’s Secondary Brand brand come Recommend ways in which• •Suggestions for a successful come back brand HP can build equity more efficiently
    16. 16. Why Do Brands Fade?
    17. 17. Why Do Brands Fade?
    18. 18. Comeback
    19. 19. Blackberry Playbook Tablet• First sold in April 2011• Q1 = 500,000 Shipments• Q2 = 200,000• US > $499 > $300 > $199Blackberry Operating System 10• 30th January 2013• Widgets, Touch, New Keyboard, BBHub• Some critics say already a “fail”
    20. 20. Blackberry Torch• First sold in August 2012• Combined “new” touch screen with “original” keyboard• £129 > £63• 150,000 week• 1.7 million over 3 days appleNew line up of products (By 2015)• Cloud Technology,• Blade, Surfboard, N-Series
    21. 21. BBM• New updated GUI• Reliable• Strong point to BB4G• New line up to have 4G enabled
    22. 22. Suggestions
    23. 23. Imber Gonzalez Irfaan Saheb Nicolae Dinu