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Self Empowerment And Life Success


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In women’s and men’s self empowerment news, IYA ONLINE provides self empowerment and life success lessons via the Internet with sessions featuring empowerment and energy life lessons for success.

Master Plan Courses For Understanding and Finding YOUR Destiny Now Offered On The Internet At IYA ONLINE By Iyanifa Vassa And The Ifa Foundation

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Self Empowerment And Life Success

  1. 1. Self Empowerment And Life Success Master Plan Courses For Understanding and Finding YOUR Destiny Now Offered On The Internet At IYA ONLINE By Iyanifa Vassa And The Ifa FoundationFor Access To IYA ONLINE Live Internet Broadcasts For Discovering Answers ToUnderstanding - And Putting Into Action - Your Life Choices Self EmpowermentLife Success Visit: with-10-sessions-p257.htmlIn women’s and men’s self empowerment news, Iya Vassas IYA ONLINE now enables peoplelooking for Self Empowerment And Life Success lessons to access 1 hour live onlinebroadcasts, via the internet. Each session will feature Iya Vassa teaching specific life lessonsbased on the Ifa/Orisha worldview.For the first time ever, Iya Vassa will join 9 select individuals searching for meaning to life,success strategies and and self empowerment to discover answers during a 1-hour live onlinebroadcast.Access to the event can be secured at: sessions-p257.htmlHave Iya Vassa In Your HomeIn response to so many requests from those wishing to benefit from Iya Vassas uniqueteaching, gifts and wisdom, but unable, by circumstances, to travel to her Florida workshops,Iya together with The Ifa Foundation of North and South America ( created this effective way to get this information out to those who can benefit the mostfrom it.Those admitted to the events will explore self empowerment success secrets including:  Crafting Your Master Plan - Your plan is The Key to greater fulfillment in every
  2. 2. aspect of your life.  Your Path To Worthwhile Relationships - How to Find what you need, as well as what you want.  Understanding YOUR Mask - As well as seeing through others, so that one can find The Truth in themselves and others  Doing the Work - Coming to grips with Lifes fairytales and building a meaningful and fulfilling life  Understanding and Finding YOUR Destiny - A look at understanding, and putting into action, YOUR life choicesIya online will take place on the Internet. A computer with built in or attachable webcam(available online for as little as $10- click here to see one), a high speed internet connectionand any type of plug in headphones (such as headphones from an iPod or CD Player) as wellas the special attendance login codes will be needed to participate. Full instructions will beprovided to participants prior to sessions.The Personal 1 hour experience with Iya Vassa is only $35 per session, or $300 for tensessions paid in advance.Regarding the events Iya Vassa explained, “I have chosen Ogun as my crowning Orisa…the energy about doing the work… staying focused and using dynamic creativity. It is the energy of clearing the path from the past to build the future.” “This is also the energy of the heart and to do what you chose with great passion. I am all about connecting and aligning with this!”Iya also stated,“I was also initiated into Ori prior to becoming an Iyanifa. This truly propelled me to moveforward to a whole new area of myself that I had not tapped into. It truly brought my life moreto balance with and stand upon for my future. When becoming an Iyanifa…I received a lifepath as part of my destiny. It was divined as Irete Ogbe which means…I am to live my dailylife at my highest level…as a practicing Iyanifa. Using the intensity of my everyday life to moveme forward and connect with ways to continually deepen my spiritual and emotional self andshare from that position. It is in my path to have all the best that life offers…when I keep thisperspective. There is a discipline and I must stay consistent!”About The Iya VassaIya was given an Ifa name - Olafadeke (God pets the crown of this child for all they havegiven). She is the female balance to Oluwo Fagbamilia’s male side and been by his side eachstep of the way of this journey.
  3. 3. Iya is the Co-Founding member of the Ifa Foundation since it began in the early 80’s, and sheis also the founding member of the Nana Buuken Society in the U.S., a special group ofwomen making connection with their highest place through the ancient Grandmother wisdomand knowledge - truly a very unique area.And most important…I am the proud mother of two healthy children…both conceived & borninto the path of Ifa as well as being initiated to the highest levels.For more information on Iya visit: The Ifa FoundationThe Ifa Foundation of North and South America ( is a federallyapproved 501 C-3 not-for profit Foundation providing information, teaching and spiritual itemsrelated to the Ancient African philosophy of IFA.More information on The Ifa Foundation can be found at the following online locations: www.IfaCollege.comThe Foundation offers personal and family protection spiritual gifts of ancient African Protectivetools that combine the wisdom of the past with the reality of the present.Ancient cultures used Earth based wisdom to identify, and work with, the essential vibrationalreality that expresses them. They gave these energies names such as Elegua, Oshun, Ogun,Chango, Egun, Oya, Yemoja and combined them into a family of energies they referred to asOrisha. These Orisa formed the practical natural science that guided and protected their livesand community.Visit the Spiritual Tools web site at for more information andaccess to these rare spiritual gifts.For More Information Contact:
  4. 4. Ifa Foundation of North & Latin AmericaP.O. Box 14, Flagler Beach, Florida USA 32136-0014 Toll Free Phone (800) 906 - 4322 Phone (386) 615 – 0987 e-mail: