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Helmut Pesch - Bastei Luebbe


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First of the Content Business Models.

Helmut Pesch presents Apocalypsis and speaks about how a publisher can use a producer approach.

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Helmut Pesch - Bastei Luebbe

  1. 1. Apocalypsis
  2. 2. The end of the world as we know it …Is it a novel? Is it a series? Is it a game?A multimedia reading experience
  3. 3. The story The formatThe pope has resigned and dis- • Text and illustrations, video, audio,appeared without a trace. At the same and interactive content merge in atime, his closest confidants are being multimedia novel.murdered. • 3 seasons Vatican reporter Peter Adam beginsto search for the missing Pope. His • 12 episodes eachquest leads him to a mysterious • Published in weekly installmentsunderground religious fraternity, which as an app, ebook, audio downloadhas been working against the Church and read-and-listen versionfor centuries. • Season I and II available, Is the apocalypse at hand? And season III in productionwhat will it bring? The year is 2011. • Apocalypsis I has also been pub- lished as a bestselling paperback The pope‘s name is John Paul III. in Germany.
  4. 4. Ebook evolution: From text to multimedia Reproduction Addition Transformation Specifically Additional elements Adaption of existing developed content and functions material for mobile making use geared to mobile devices of new technical user behavior possibilities
  5. 5. What‘s it all about …
  6. 6. At the center, there is still the story …
  7. 7. season overview chapter overview
  8. 8. inventory backgrounds
  9. 9. illustrations objects
  10. 10. Interactive elements creating → → alternative levels of discourse
  11. 11. life action video clips and animation sequences
  12. 12. Apocalypsis: The business model App Read & Listen Listen Read Read Format App for Enhanced ePub mp3 ePub Print IOS & Android Content Text, Audio & Text & Audio Audio Text Text Video (enhanced) (illustrated) Distribution IOS App-Store iBookstore iTunes, Audible, Amazon, Amazon, etc., Android Market Napster, iBookstore, Bookstores Musicload, etc. PagePlace, Google Play, etc.Price per episode 1.59 € 1.49 € 1.49 € 0.99 €Collectors Pack 14.99 € 12.99 € 12.99 € 7.99 € € 9.99International distributionEnglish available in all formats, as a Bastei Entertainment productionSpanish ebook and printed book available, app in preparation, in cooperation with Ediciones B, MadridMandarin Chinese app, audio, and ebook in preparation for May, 2013, in cooperation with 88TC88, Berlin/BeijingOther languages ebook published under licence from Bastei Entertainment
  13. 13. Thank you for listening! Dr Helmut Pesch Editorial Director E-Publishing Bastei Entertainment Bastei Lübbe Publishing Schanzenstrasse 6-20 51603 Cologne Germany