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Fourth of the Technology Business Models.

Anna Lewis presents Valobox, through which books (or single parts of them) are instantly available to read via web browsers on PCs, Tablets or Smartphones.

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  • Launched in October last yearValoBox is about web-friendly books
  • Bookshops sell to people who are looking for booksMost people aren’t looking for books, they want to be informed or entertainedValoBox connects your books with those people.
  • Every day there are more than one billion searches on google. If you’re selling a business book, you could aim to sell…to the 201k people per month who search for ‘business books’?Or to the people who search for ‘how to start a business’. Because there are 1.5m of them! There’s a huge opportunity to grow your audience.
  • The question: How do you sell books to people who aren’t looking for them?When you put books into ValoBox they are not simply files accessible from the web, they become part of web.Every single page has a unique URL that can be crawled by search engines and linked to from anywhere.
  • This is the book’s ‘home page’. Built using HTML5: part of the web-also works really well on touch devices, like iPads and iPhones.
  • ValoBox includes a full text search. It has cloud-based storage of your purchases so you can get back to them from any device, at any time. Purchasing process is very important - Web users impatient. ValoBox removes as many barriers as possible. - log-in with Facebook or Twitter.- preview a few pages from anywhere to check it’s what you want. - buy smaller pieces, such as chapters.- simple pre-pay system so the content you want is only a click or tap away
  • People don’t just discover content through google. We spend 20-30% of our time online on social networks. At the moment you can go on these networks, talk about a product and point people towards it. But still a massive gap between discovering a book and reading it.ValoBox closes that gap.
  • We put discovery, purchase and reading in the same place. We’ve made it incredibly easy to link to or embed books anywhere e.g. blog post, review, help forum. Notjust a sample. Every embedded book has all of the ValoBox experience, including the purchasing capability.Every link takes the customer straight into the book’s content.
  • So what’s the business model?ValoBox is not another ebook store. ValoBox is potentially a million ebook stores. Revenue share model:60% for publisher15% for ValoBox25% is dedicated to marketing:Publisher/author rewarded when sells through their siteAnyone can be affiliate - great incentive for others to promote your books. We put your books into an API which other startups can use to increase your exposure and revenues.
  • We’ve been working closely with publishersHave created easy, cost-effective process. Publishers don’t have to change their work flow or lock themselves in to any platform. They just send us the ePubs and metadata they already have.Fully automated.
  • We’ve also got some fantastic tools to manage, track and analyse sales.
  • One final bonusValoBoxeReader can link in beautifully with other web systems. You can integrate our HTML5 reader into your own platform, and link to your own payment systems.
  • SummaryUse the power of the web to:Sell to people who are not looking for books. Make everywhere a point of purchase, not just discovery.Empower everyone to help you reach your audience – revenue share business model
  • Anna Lewis - Valobox: Web-friendly Books

    1. 1. Web-friendly BooksAnna Lewis@anna_cn@valobox
    2. 2. Launched October 2012
    3. 3. How doyou sell topeoplewho aren’tlooking forbooks?
    4. 4. Web-friendly = bigger audienceGlobal Monthly Searches: “business books” 201 thousand “how to start a business” 1.5 million
    5. 5. Make your content a partof the web
    6. 6. ValoBox offers a viable solutionTakes advantage of the web’subiquity, speed and flexibilityPreserves value of booksWorks for customers AND publishers[Image: screenshot]
    7. 7. Make it quicker, easier, cheaperFull text searchCloud-based storageWeb-friendly purchasing – Login with Facebook/Twitter – Preview pages from anywhere – Buy by the chapter – Pre-pay system
    8. 8. Share and embed on social networks
    9. 9. Business model: Revenue share Create a million book stores by empowering others to sell your book ValoBox: 15% Marketin g: 25%Publisher: 60%
    10. 10. We know howONIX publishers work
    11. 11. Manage, Track, Analyse
    12. 12. Create a unique service $$
    13. 13. Web-friendly Books Anna @anna_cn @valobox