E-books for learning: a certain need, an uncertain solution


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Paola Dubini and Jane Klobas present the results of a survey by Università Bocconi and Bookrepublic: E-books for learning: a certain need, an uncertain solution.

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E-books for learning: a certain need, an uncertain solution

  1. 1. Ebooks for learningA certain need, an uncertain future Paola Dubini – Università Bocconi Jane Klobas – ASK – Università Bocconi If Book Then – July 5, 2012
  2. 2. A quite rich setting Credential Employment s Reputation Learners CertificatiProfessionals on Life-long Teachers Publishers learners TutorsResearchers Trainers Learning Learning resources; Peers Learning Mentors Networks Mentees skills Universitie s
  3. 3. But pretty organizedUniversitiesProfessional Authors PublishersAssociations University publishing Academic publishing Professional publishing Learners
  4. 4. Roles in organizing learning resources Content selection Funding of publication Universities Professional Authors Publishers Associations Scouting Scouting Content aggregationFunding of publication Funding of publication Integrity certification Editing, indexing, tagging Certification and registration Annotate Supply chain management Search other content Promotion Comment and review Learners Rights management
  5. 5. Change is in the air Self Credentials publication Open learning Learners Certification Open access Professionals Life-long learners Digitization Researchers Digital content Learning aggregation Ubiquity Networks
  6. 6. The promise of open access Content aggregation Editing, indexing Promotion Universities and Financing Authors Publishers Professional Associations Open learning Open access Scouting Content aggregation Financing Editing, indexing, tagging ReviewingCertification and registration Sharing(Supply chain management) Readers Commenting, tagging (Rights management) Promotion Endorsement
  7. 7. Sacrificing content for brandChanging revenue models
  8. 8. The empowerment of authors and readers Content aggregation Editing, indexing PromotionUniversities Financing Authors Publishers Self publication Scouting Content aggregation Reviewing Commenting, tagging Readers Citation Promotion Endorsement
  9. 9. Open journals and repositories
  10. 10. Servingauthors /readerscommunities
  11. 11. Enriching the offering Content aggregationUniversities and Authors Publishers Professional Associations Content aggregation Digital hubs Editing, indexing Publication process mgmt Certification Cross referencing Tagging Multiple platform publication Readers CRM Cross referencing Community management Commenting Promotion
  12. 12. Digital hubs
  13. 13. Digital offerings
  14. 14. Offering toolsWhat’s in there for publishers?
  15. 15. Digital reading Interactive learning browsing
  16. 16. An irreversible change?• An empowered reader • More options • A more active role• A growth in available content• A pressure towards learning facilitation • Multimedia content organization • Multiplatform functionality • Graphics and infographics• A preference for digital vs a preference for print • Browsing • Studying • Cross referencing • Taking notes • Searching • Quick / visual referencing• A pressure on prices• Commoditization of content, in sake of brand and service• Differences across disciplines
  17. 17. A new competitive arena Universities University publishing Not for profit Academic publishingVenture capital backed digital ventures Professional publishingOther digital players
  18. 18. What’s in there for publishers?• The simultaneous evolution for all players involved: How we teach, how we learn, how we certify, how we publish• Self learning, self publishing, personalised learning … and the relevance of the editor’s role• Content bundling, unbundling and rebundling …. and the relevance of the editor’s role• The need for critical mass: of quality content, of readers, of variety of media, of variety of content …. and the relevance of the editor’s role
  19. 19. • Content configuration by platform and by type of customer/use… and the relevance of the editor’s role• The joys and sorrows of price discrimination …. An the possibilities for publishers• The importance of certification … and the possible role for publishers• The shift in value creation: content vs communities vs brands, vs services and the emergence of multiple partners/competitors• The resilience / the pressures of other players involved (promotion in the academia,
  20. 20. Thank you!Paola.dubini@unibocconi.it Jane.klobas@unibocconi.it