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The starts laurasanchez&col_1eso


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The starts laurasanchez&col_1eso

  1. 1. The composition of the Sun. Layers: Nucleus Radiant Zone Convactive Zone Photosphere Cromosphere Crown Solar Wind
  2. 2. The stars’ life Medium star Red Giant Planetary Nebula white dwarf 10.000 Millions of years Nebula neutron star massive star red supergiant 10-20 Millions of years Supernova Black hole
  3. 3. The planets and some stars to scale • This are some stars and the planets of the soar system placed in order:
  4. 4. What’s a planisphere? • A planisphere is a “map” in which we represent the stars. In some cases it’s divided into 4 seasons.In other’s, we divide the into 2 parts: stars visible in the northern hemisphere and stars visible in the southern hemisphere. In it we can see when some constellations are visible, what stars we can see a specifc day and hour…It consists of two papers: in one we represent the stars and in the other we have the days and hours in which we want to see stars, then the planisphere shows us a part of the paper in which stars are represented. This will be the stars we will see that day.
  5. 5. The Horoscope
  6. 6. And finally…Some photos of stars.