Resume Tips for pharmacy Graduates


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Resume Tips for pharmacy Graduates

  1. 1. 2011Career Guide for Pharmacy (Resume Guidelines for Pharmacy Jobs) IEC Group of Institutions 3/5/2011
  2. 2. While writing your resume, keep in mind that it is a recruiter or hiring manager’s firstglance at your education and work experience. Using an easy to read format and keepingit as short and sweet as you can without leaving out important information is key. If arecruiter has 100+ resumes to review for one open position, some will be disregarded withnot much more than a glance. Make sure your’s is not one of them.Important Guidelines • Do not use a Microsoft Word Template to create your resume or CV – Recruiters can spot these templates, and they may perceive your resume as less creative and original than other candidates’ documents. • Never use less than an 11 point font. • Avoid “fontomania!” Choose fonts that are easy to read like Times/Times Roman, Arial, or Helvetica. • To describe experiences that you have completed (i.e. your internship last semester, your rotations) use past tense. For positions that you are still completing, use present tense to describe the projects you are working on and the skills you are developing. • Never list a heading (like “Professional Development,” “Computer Skills,” or “Conference Attended”) and type N/A beside it – just leave it off completely. • It is not necessary to include “RESUME” or “CURRICULUM VITA” at the top of your document. • Consistency is critical. For example, if you want to end your descriptive statements under the jobs you have held with a period you can, or you can choose not to use end punctuation. Either way, make sure you use the same format for every statement. • Beware of bold, italics, or underline overload – these highlighting features should guide the reader to important topic headings and pieces of information, not distract the reader from all of the skills and knowledge you have to offer. • Always send a cover letter with your document (refer to Career Services’ Resume Writing & Job Search Correspondence publication for assistance with cover letter writing). • Update your resume/CV at least once every semesterIEC Group Of Institutions, Greater Noida
  3. 3. Information to be included in Your Resume 1. Use an objective statement if you are applying for a specific job, or substitute it with a more generalized summary of qualifications that can be submitted to just about any pharmacy or hospital. 2. Include in your summary of qualifications your professional licenses, years of relevant work experience and a condensed version of the day-to-day activities you perform. 3. Start with your educational history rather than work experience. Include the name of the school or schools you attended with addresses and the degrees you earned and the year you received them. You may choose to include your grade point average if you wish. 4. Move on to your skills section where you will write out all the skills you have that make you the best candidate for the job. Highlight your proficiency with computers, strong mathematics and science skills and exceptional memory. 5. Include a personal section that lists activities youve participated in that make you a stronger candidate. Include professional organizations you are a member of, and your specific state pharmacy association. Specify any certifications or awards that youve received while working as a pharmacist or studying pharmacology. 6. Write a resume that will get noticed in an electronic environment. Employers use keyword searches to locate pharmacists. Good keywords for a pharmacist job might include retail, hospital, critical care, research, dispensing and pharmacology. 7. Write your resume to show that you are honest, dependable, organized, team oriented, flexible and friendly. Call attention to the fact that you work well under pressure and in stressful environments.Condense your information so that only the highlights of your career are included. Ifyouve just graduated with your pharmacist degree, most of your resume will focus oneducation and Research Activities. Please refer to the Example CV later in this document.Some Prominent Pharmaceuticals Industries in which the Pharma students can apply for ajobIEC Group Of Institutions, Greater Noida
  4. 4. • Dr. Reddys Labs • Ranbaxy laboratories • Matrix Laboratories • Lupin, • NATCO Pharmaceuticals • Procter & Gamble Hygiene and Healthcare • Pfizer • Merck • Kerala Ayurveda Pharmacy • GlaxoSmithkline Pharma • Dabur Pharma • Glenmark Pharmaceuticals • Biocon • Cipla, • Ipca Laborataories • Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals.IEC Group Of Institutions, Greater Noida
  5. 5. IEC Group Of Institutions, Greater Noida