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NANYANG INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT is committed in providing teaching, learning, and research that enhance the skills, knowledge, and capabilities of students, emphasizing industry relevance and a spirit of Innovation; and fostering an intellectual environment with International Orientation.

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  1. 1. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS• Greater Noida • Alwar • Baddi • Hoshiarpur • Hamirpur Preparing Technocrats For Tomorrow...
  2. 2. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS• Greater Noida • Alwar • Baddi • Hoshiarpur • Hamirpur Preparing Technocrats For Tomorrow...1 Name of University/Institution Nanyang Institute of Management, Singapore - Nanyang Institute of Management (Nanyang), established in 2001, is a Singapore Quality Class Private Education Organisation (SQC-PEO). The Institute through its four schools - school of Business, School of Tourism & Hospitality, School of Early Childhood Education, and School of Languge- offers a wide range of courses leading to Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Bachelors Degree, as well as Masters Degree and other Post-Graduate programmes. For more information on NIM: refer to Why Nanyang@IEC Market-relevant (i) Education & Training (ii) Active learning environment (iii) Nanyangs student-centric culture (iv) Educational and learning environment geared towards fulfilling Academic Excellence, (v) Teaching Excellence3 Nanyang Awards CPE Registration SO9001:2008 SQC for PEO Edutrust4 Programs Offered to IEC School of Tourism & Hospitality(A) Bachelor of Hospitality (Management) Course Objectives • To build and enhance students of their generic and managerial skills • To prepare students for roles in business and entrepreneurial activities where the ability to solve business problems by application and integration of the various business discilines seen critical.(B) Duration This 36- month full-time programme includes classroom studies and 6 months ofindustrial Attachment Entry Requirements • GCE "A" level or equivalent • Completion of high school education (yr.12) • Senior Middle 3 • English Language Proficiency • Nanyang General English Level 4 Certificates • IELTS 6.0 or equivalent • Minimum 12 years of formal education (High School) of Any other equivalent qualifications subject to approval of NIM Academic Board(C) Duration This 14-month (Post-Graduate Diploma)consists of 8 months classroom studies and 6 months of Industrial Attachment Entry Requirements ? IELTS 6.0 or equivalent and a ? General Bachelors degree Modules i) Hotel Operations Management ii) Special Events Management, Exhibition & Conventions iii) Entrepreneurship in the Hospitality Industry
  3. 3. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS• Greater Noida • Alwar • Baddi • Hoshiarpur • Hamirpur Preparing Technocrats For Tomorrow... iv) Food Service Management 1 v) Gaming Operations & Management vi) Tourism & Hospitality Marketing vii) Hotel Operation Management Applications (OPERA) viii) Global Distribution System (AMADEUS) ix) Industrial Attachment(D) Advance Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management Duration This 8-month advanced diploma consists of 8 modules for full-time study Entry Requirements ? IELTS 6.0 or equivalent and ? Nanyang Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management ? Diploma in Tourism and / or Hospitality from other recognized local / overseas institutions or equivalent Modules i) Tourism & Hospitality Marketing ii) Hospitality Accounting & Finance iii) Legal, Quality Assurance and Safety iv) HR Management & Leadership v) Event Management vi) Resort & Leisure Management vii) Hospitality Operations Management II viii) Food & Beverage Management II(E) Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management Duration This 14-months diploma consists of 8 months classroom studies and 6 months Industrial Attachment Entry Requirements ? IELTS 6.0 or equivalent and ? NITEC in Accommodation Operations / Food & Beverage Operations ? GCE "A" level ? Minimum 12 years of formal education (High School) or any other equivalent qualifications subject to approval of NIM Academic Board. Students who do not meet the minimum English requirement are required to sit for the English proficiency Test. Modules i) Introduction to Tourism & Hospitality ii) Service Quality Managent iii) HR Recruitment & Performance iv) Tourism Operations Management v) Global Distribution System (Amadeus) vi) Hotel Operations Management Applications (Opera) vii) Hospitality Operations Management I viii) Food & Beverage Management I ix) Industrial Attachment
  4. 4. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS• Greater Noida • Alwar • Baddi • Hoshiarpur • Hamirpur Preparing Technocrats For Tomorrow...(F) Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management Duration This 14-months diploma consists of 8 months classroom studies and 6 months Industrial Attachment Entry Requirements • IELTS 6.0 or equivalent and • NITEC in Accommodation Operations / Food & Beverage Operations • GCE "A" level • Minimum 12 years of formal education (High School) or any other equivalent qualifications subject to approval of NIM Academic Board. Students who do not meet the minimum English requirement are required tosit for the English proficiency Test. Modules i) Introduction to Tourism & Hospitality ii) Service Quality Management iii) Hospitality Operations Management I iv) HR Recruitment & Performance v) Casino Games Operation Foundation vi) Casino Games Operation Foundation II vii) Gaming Supervision viii) Pit Operations Management ix) Iindustrial Attachment*School of EngineeringDiploma in Construction EngineeringTechnological managerial evolution of the construction industry during the last two decades demands a new generation of modernconstruction professionals. To successfully compete in national and international arenas during all phases of a project, constructionorganizations need professionals with strong leadership and interpersonal skills that complement solid technical and managementcompetence. These professionals work within integrated project teams and are committed to quality, sustainability, and innovativetechnologies. The Diploma in Construction Engineering is a 24mths full-time programme that aims to equip participants with the skillsand knowledge for the following:-• Keep abreast with the current reinforced concrete construction technologies in the industry• Perform and supervise effectively the various types of reinforced concrete works on site• Plan and schedule reinforced concrete works effectively to achieve high productivity and minimize delay• Perform simple designs relating to reinforced concrete construction;• Manage the safety aspects of reinforced concrete construction and• Apply the management and financial know-how for businessParticipants will be trained in technical knowledge and practical skills peculiar to reinforced concrete construction. Subjects like formwork & reinforcement construction, construction plants & equipment, etc., are covered in the course. Course materials will be constantlyrevised and updated, so that the participants are exposed to the current construction technologies. participants will undergo a 16 weeksindustrial Orientation Programme.G DurationThis 24-month diploma consists of 18 months classroomstudies and 4 months Industrial orientation.Entry Requirements3 GCE "O" Levels• English Language (EL 1)- Grade 1 to 7
  5. 5. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS• Greater Noida • Alwar • Baddi • Hoshiarpur • Hamirpur Preparing Technocrats For Tomorrow...• Mathematics- Grade 1 to 6• Any relevant subject- Grade 1 to 6 OR Minimum 12 years of formal education (High school)• IELTS 5.0 or equivalent• A good pass in MathematicsStudents who do not meet the minimum English requirement are required to sit for the English proficienty TestModules• Cost Accounting & Managerial Finance • Technopreneurship• Project Management • Contract Management• Management Systems for Construction • Structural Mechanics• Construction Equipment • Reinforced Concrete Construction• Surveying • Technical Drawings & Structural Detailing• Construction Materials • Reinforced Concrete Design I• Structural Analysis • Advanced Concrete Technology• Building Measurement • Building Construction & Formwork Safety Course• Precast Design & Construction • Prestressed Design & Construction• Reinforced Concrete Design 2 • Steel Design and Construction• Structural Appraisal & Repair • Building Services Design Principles• Construction Technology • Geotechnical Engineering• Plus Industrial Orientation/ Project(H) Award Diploma in Construction Engineering• School of Business• Bachelor of Applied ManagementEntry Requirements* Entry requirement Nanyang Advanced Diploma in Management (for equivalent)Structure and DurationA student must complete and pass all7 units (of 120 credit points). The expected duration of the programme is12 months(I) Award: Bachelor of Applied Management(J) Advanced Diploma in Management Entry Requirements * Nanyang Diploma in Management comprises 8 fully taught units spread over 8 months Award: Advanced Diploma in Management(K) Diploma in Management The Nanyang Institute of Management Diploma programme is for students intending to pursue careers in general management with specializations in marketing, human resource management or accounting. Upon successfully completing the Diploma programme, students can progress into the advanced Diploma in Management programme. Entry Requirements
  6. 6. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS• Greater Noida • Alwar • Baddi • Hoshiarpur • Hamirpur Preparing Technocrats For Tomorrow... • Completion of high school education (year-12) equivalent • Nanyang Certificate in Business Management (or equivalent) • English Language Proficiency • IELTS 6 or equivalent overall • Confirmation by Nanyang Institute of Management of the equivalent standard in the use of EnglishStructure and DurationThe Diploma in Management comprises 8 fully taught units spread over 8 monthsDiploma in Management5 Career Opportunities The School of Business prepares graduates with the necessary skills, knowledge and attributes to undertake a wide variety of professional positions across a broad range of industries.A Career Opportunities after completing Course in Tourism from NIM(I) IN INDIA i) Tourism industry requires candidates with good personality, communication skills, and command over presentation, people handling capabilities, ability to organize things etc. the course curriculum teaches various aspects of travel to students. ii) Many states in India offer Masters in Tourism program. Once the course is completed, students get multiple job opportunities in tourism industry. The jobs could be as tour operators, travel and hotels representatives and in various others government services.2 IN SINGAPORE i) There has never been a better time to start or develop your career in the tourism industry. Since the launching of the Uniquely Singapore brand campaign, tourism has surged. In 2006, we surpassed targeted goals and achieved an impressive 9.7 million visitor arrivals. ii) The future is bright for those already in the tourism industry or planning tojoin this hot career field. The increase in visitor arrivals and tourism dollars spent in Singapore means tourism workers can expects new jobs, more job opportunities, careers with competitive pay, job security, and new and exciting training opportunities. iii) Such new career options could range from interesting careers in the integrated resorts, such as casino operation positions, or new jobs related to the Formula 1 Singapore grand Prix, to be running of the largest observation wheel at the Singapore Flyer. iv) Existing jobs at hotels, restaurants, MICE organisations and travel companies are being transformed by the current rejuvenation in Singapores tourism industry. Concierges at hotels and tour consultants are challenged to keep up with the latest dining, shopping and entertainment options to recommend to visitors. Retail personnel are learning how customers and ring up more sales. Everyday offers something new for those in the tourism industry. v) 50,000 to 60,000 jobs throughout the economy of Singapore will be an offer.3 IN AUSTRALIAREFER ENCLOSUREB Career Opportunities for Management1 IN INDIA i) Now MBA as a three-letter qualification has become almost mandatory for entry into and future advancement in a wide range of industries. Top companies-multinationals, foreign banks, financial institutions, public sector undertakings, in effect the whole corporate sector – offer bright opportunities to management graduates. ii) The careers in management offer one of the best remuneration packages and perks everywhere. Private sector today offers rapid advancement to result-oriented professionals.
  7. 7. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS• Greater Noida • Alwar • Baddi • Hoshiarpur • Hamirpur Preparing Technocrats For Tomorrow...2 IN SINGAPOREAssurance • General Assurance • Senior Associates • Risk & Controls Solutions • Senior Associates • Financial Services Industry Practice • Accounting Advisory • Managers/Senior Associates • Assurance • Managers - based in China • Assurance - Banking and Capital Markets / Investment Management / Insurance • Senior Managers / Managers / Senior Associates • Business Consulting • Analyst & Manager • Credit Risk Management • Manager / Assistant Manager) • Knowledge Manager • Risk & Control Solutions (Banking or Insurance Industry)• Senior Manager • Regulatory Advisory Services (RAS) • Manager • Senior AssociateTax • Corporate Tax Advisory (General Tax & International Taxation Consulting) • Senior Manager / Manager / Senior Consultant • Corporate Tax Advisory (Financial Services) • Manager / Senior Consultant • Corporate Tax Advisory (Mergers & Acquisitions) • Manager • Corporate Compliance Services (CCS) • Senior Consultants / Consultants )Company Fiduciary & Administration Services (CFAS) • Corporate Secretarial ManagerInternational Assignment Services • Individual Tax • Manager / Senior Associates • Immigration Services • Assistant Associate (1 year contract)Worldtrade Management Services • Export Controls (Strategic Goods) - Senior Manager • Global Trade Manager)Advisory • Consulting IT Risk • Associate • ERP Professionals / Project Managers • Information Risk Management • Manager / Assistant Manager • Transactions - Information Security / Identity & Access • Manager • Transactions - Financial Due Diligence • Assistant Analysts • Senior Associates • Business Consulting • Managers / Senior Associates • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Consulting • Managers / Senior Associates • SAP GRC • Access Control Consultant • Internal Firm Services
  8. 8. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS• Greater Noida • Alwar • Baddi • Hoshiarpur • Hamirpur Preparing Technocrats For Tomorrow...Human Resources • HR Manager – Talent Acquisition •Business PartnerACCELERATEYOUR CAREER WITH AVENTISAs part of our Global Initiative and in line with our expansion across ASEAN, we are constantly seeking highly motivated and committedprofessionals to join our team. Avent is offers full and part time career opportunities in Singapore include marketing, Student Services,curriculum development, program management, training, lecturing• ASSISTANT MANAGER (EDUCATION) • ASSISTANT MANAGER (STUDENT SERVICES)• ASSISTANT MANAGER (TRAINING) • ASSISTANT MANAGER (MARKETING)• ADJUNCT FACULTY (PART-TIME) • MASTER TRAINERS & ACTA CERTIFIED TRAINERS *• STUDENT SERVICE OFFICER • ACCOUNTS & ADMIN ASSISTANT• MARKET RESEARCHER & PRODUCERACADEMIC POSITIONS• Full-Time / Part-Time Lecturers for: English for Foreigners ACCA / CAT Business related courses Diploma / Advanced Diploma in International Hospitality Management Diploma in Hospitality Management Foreign LanguagesNON-ACADEMIC POSITIONS Administrative Executives Quality Assurance Manager Marketing & Sales Executives Invigilators Academic / Programme Coordinators Senior Manager / Manager (Operations)3 IN AUSTRALIA There are many career opportunities for students who have completed Business Management, including employment in Australia • Marketing • Public Relations • Banking • Exporting and importing • Government business enterprise and departments • Industrial relations • Real estate • Stock broking • Stock analyst • Management • Human Resource Management • Financial Advisor • Financial analyst • Beninning and running own BusinessCareer Opportunities for Engineering1 IN INDIA • Manager Engineering • Manager Engineering - Component COE (Bearing / Gear) • Gsystem and Network Engineer • Mechanical Maintenance Engineer
  9. 9. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS• Greater Noida • Alwar • Baddi • Hoshiarpur • Hamirpur Preparing Technocrats For Tomorrow... • Production Supervisor • Design Executive • Sales Engineer • Service Manager • Senior Officer- Project Planning • Lead Instrument Engineers • Jr/ Asst. Technicians • Stockiest Field Engineer • Asst. Engineer (Projects) • Technical Officer • Submarine Cadre • Naval Architecture Cadre • Software Engineer • Senior Software Engineer • System Analyst • Network System Operation Supervisor • Sales Engineer • Quality Test Engineer • Software Developer2 IN SINGAPOREA broad range of career opportunities exists for candidates with degrees in engineering in Singapore with emphasis on: • Advanced packaging • Advanced quality engineering and supplier quality engineering • Manufacturing supervision • Software and electronic design engineering • Quality, test development and process developing engineering3 IN AUSTRALIAOccupational Category • Professional Engineer • Engineering Technologist • Engineering OfficerTypical Qualification • BE or Beng • B.Tech, Beng. Tech or BEng ScProfessional Accreditation • EA* Member / Chartered status CPEng • EA* Engineering Technologist Member / CEngT • EA* Engineering Officer Member / CEngOInternational Recognition • Washington accord • Sydney Accord • Dublin AccordSome job titles • Engineer - Principal • Engineer / Lead • Engineer / Design • Engineer / Project • Manager • Engineering • Manager • Engineering Technologist -Principal Engineering Technologist / Team Leader / Design Manager • Engineering Officer - Principal Engineering Officer / Engineering Designer / Engineering Drafter
  10. 10. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS• Greater Noida • Alwar • Baddi • Hoshiarpur • Hamirpur Preparing Technocrats For Tomorrow... VEF first began with an “Illiteracy Elimination Campaign” in the districts of Ghaziabad, Mathura, Hissar and Sonepat, conducting around 120 programmes to benefit 5000 villagers, besides being involved in organizing Vocational Training Center, where several thousands students were trained in various disciplines of their choice. Under an agreement with Rajasthan Government, IEC was providing Computer Education to 56 colleges under Rajasthan University and Mohanlal Sukhodia University of Rajasthan along with 844 schools in the states. Close to two lac students in Rajasthan Colleges and Schools are getting computer education & training under this programmed. The entire journey of IEC Software Limited has moved through various ups and down. Starting from the date of incorporation, the Company has experienced every face of life viz. growth, recession, revival, restructuring and now the Company is all set with its bright expansion plan to venture into new array of activities. After doing pioneer work in computer education it strived hard to provide high quality education. VEF believes in the fact that "Power of the Future is the Power of the Mind", “Future cannot be predicted but future can be invented.” and “Today’s Accomplishment is Tomorrow’s Assets”. With theseAbout IEC philosophies and thoughts, IEC Group of Institutions was established by VEF in the year 1999 to impart technical and management education atInternational Education Centre (IEC) was an Association of Persons run par excellence. It is one of the finest examples of VEFs philanthropicand managed by Gupta Enterprises, a registered private family trust endeavors for that social cause and turning its dreams into a dynamicestablished on October 16th, 1981 with Mr R.L Gupta and family. IEC had identity. Now, VEF is a pioneer name in the field of Technical &been engaged in imparting technical and Vocational education including Management Education in India. At present IEC Group of Institutions iscomputer education and other allied activities in the field of computers having student strength of about 4500 and 4 more campuses are about tosince 1981. come at Baddi (IEC University), Himachal Pradesh, Nanowal-Punjab, Alwar-Rajasthan and Hamirpur Medical College. The three successIEC took upon the corporate character on August 23rd 1994 after being mantras that represent the “IEC’s” model of leadership includeincorporated as IEC Limited which took over IEC owned by Gupta Inspiration, Empowerment, and Commitment (IEC).Enterprises and had taken upon the task of establishing, maintaining,supervising educational, technical and vocational institutions for training IEC stands for “Indian Education Centre” and may also be perceived asof manpower including computer education institutes, and other I: Industry oriented Curriculum;institutions which will help in promoting employment opportunities and E: Education for Empowerment;make available trained manpower to Government trade and industry. C: Career Oriented ApproachSince then a frontrunner in imparting IT education. Later on 19.01.98 , IECLtd. , changed its name to IEC Softwares Ltd & now called IEC Education Last year (in 2010) all these colleges were come under one umbrellaLtd. to realize its two fold ambitious objectives, one of Software organization after receiving the status of integrated Campus from AICTEDevelopment projects, IT services, promotion of export of Computer with the name “IEC Group of Institutions”. In last 12 years, IEC Group ofSoftware and other, Dissemination, promotion of knowledge in the field Institutions has emerged as one of the leading, fastest growing andof Computer Education. branded educational institution of Northern India. IEC has emerged as a well sought-after institution, and is growing in popularity at a fast pace.IEC is one of the premium Computer Training Institutes in the countrywhich has grown immensely from a humble beginning to an established Its reputation of being a place offering high quality professionalbrand in providing quality education. IEC Softwares Limited has become education is spreading in India as well as in other parts of the world. IEC isan ISO-9001 certified company. also proud of its increasing family of 500 foreign students belonging to 32 countries and is happy that they feel quite at home on campus. Its rise inThe Corporate citizens of every country owe a great responsibility for such a short span of time is exemplified with evolution of five institutions,national development through various means of social activities and like:efforts. In keeping with its philanthropic outlook, Vocational Education • IEC College of Engineering & TechnologyFoundation (VEF), which was founded as far back as 1989, has come a • IEC-CET (Department of Pharmacy)long way striving hard to establish a way of life that contributes to the • IEC-Institute of Hotel Management (BHMCT)development of the nation and its people through quality education. • IEC Business School (MBA) • IEC-College of Computer Applications (MCA)
  11. 11. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS• Greater Noida • Alwar • Baddi • Hoshiarpur • Hamirpur Preparing Technocrats For Tomorrow...Today IEC is an established brand name in Computer Education, Engineering & Technology, Pharmacy, Management, Hotel Management, Vocationaleducation, and an organization of national repute.• Vocational Educational Foundation (VEF)• Experience of over 22 years• First initiative of VEF was an Illiteracy Elimination Campaign• More than 120 programs were organized• Over 5,000 villagers benefitted directly• Strive to provide high quality education Courses @ IEC Courses Offered Seats Shift Sanctioned B. Tech (CSE) 180 Ist Shift B. Tech (ME) 180 Ist Shift B. Tech (EE) 120 Ist Shift B. Tech (EC) 180 Ist Shift B. Tech (IT) 120 Ist Shift B. Tech (Civil) 90 Ist Shift B. Tech (EI) 60 Ist Shift B. Tech (Automobile) 60 Ist Shift B. Tech (CSE) 60 IInd Shift B. Tech (ME) 60 IInd Shift B. Tech (EC) 60 IInd Shift M.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) 36 Ist Shift M.Tech (Computer Science) 36 Ist Shift M.Tech (Electrical Engineering-Power Systems) 36 Ist Shift M.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) 18 IInd Shift M.Tech (Electronics & Communications) 18 IInd Shift PGDM 60 Ist Shift MBA 120 Ist Shift MBA 60 IInd Shift MCA 180 Ist Shift B. Pharm 120 Ist Shift B. Pharm 60 IInd Shift M.Pharm (Pharmacognosy) 18 Ist Shift M. Pharm (Pharmacology) 18 Ist Shift M. Pharm (Pharmaceutics) 18 Ist Shift M. Pharm (Pharmacology) 18 IInd Shift M. Pharm (Pharmaceutics) 18 IInd Shift BHMCT 60 Ist Shift
  12. 12. Under Vocational Education Foundation The Knowledge ExpertsAbout IEC UniversityLocation Courses @ IEC UniversityIEC University is located on 14 acres of campus at Himuda Education Hubin Barotiwala, District Solan, Himachal Pradesh. The campus is 32 kms Undergraduate Programsfrom Chandigarh and approx. 8 kms from Kalka Railway Station. • B.Com LLB • B.ComVision of IEC University • B.LIBSThe Vision of IEC University is to impart knowledge and research, building • B.Sc.(CS)leaders in technology, medicine, management, science and other areas • B.Sc.(IT)of scholarship that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st • BA.LLBcentury. Professional Courses/DegreesMission of IEC University • B.Tech Computer Science Engineering• To harness technical education and technology • B.Tech. (Information Technology)• To integrate spiritual and morvalues • B.Tech Electronics& Communication Engineering• To inculcate sense of self-reliance • B.Tech Mechanical Engineering• To ignite the latent potentialities • B.Tech Electrical Engineering• To identify the excellent heritage of our great past • B.Tech Civil Engineering• To cultivate and disseminate knowledge • B.Tech. (Electronics & Instrumentation)• To trim the young generation with global approach • B.Tech (Electrical & Electronics)• To create and promote a congenial ambience • B.Tech. (Automobile Engineering)• To have a wider vision for the need based education system. • BBA course • B-PharmaObjectives of IEC University • BCA Course(a) To provide instructions, teaching and training in higher education • B. Ed. (Bachelor of Education)(b) To establish facilities for education and training; • Bachelors in Hotel Management(c) To carry out teaching and research • Bachelors in Physiotherapy(d) To create centres of excellence for research and development(e) To establish campus in the State; Post Graduate Programs(f) To establish examination centres; • M.Tech. (Power Systems)(g) To institute degrees, diplomas, certificates and other academic • M.Tech. (Computer Science) distinctions • M.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering)(h) To set up off campus centres, subject to applicable rules or • M. Tech (CAD) regulations. • M. Tech. (Micro Electronics & VLSI Design*(i) To develop and maintain twinning arrangement with centers of • MBA course excellence • MCA(Master of computer application)(j) To provide for dual degrees, diplomas or certificates vis-à-vis other • PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma In Management) Universities Foreign Language DiplomasWe, at IEC, have been blessed to evidence the success of our philosophy • German languageof equipping young minds with creative leadership and competitive • Spanish languageintelligence; our students are capable of taking on the challenges offuture with vigor and competence. We welcome you to join us, andexperience the preparation for an enriching and successful future withus!
  13. 13. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS• Greater Noida • Alwar • Baddi • Hoshiarpur • Hamirpur Preparing Technocrats For Tomorrow...Why Choose IECWith a well established reputation as a forward thinking and modern English Language SupportInstitution. IEC offers a vibrant and stimulating environment to further We recognize that even though you have met the Institutions Englishyour studies. Our postgraduate & undergraduate programs are designed language requirements, you may need some additional support at someto meet all of your educational needs, whether you are seeking to study or time during your course. As an international student you will be able toaiming to extend your knowledge and skills in pursuit of your career access free English language support throughout your studies. This takesambitions. the form of weekly seminars covering areas such as reading, writing, listening and speaking. The Seminars are designed to support students inAs a postgraduate & undergraduate student at IEC you will find a great areas where they feel they have weaknesses. Individual tutorial times cancombination of high quality academic provision, first-class resources and also be arranged with our EFL team who are there to help studentsfriendly supportive learning environment. wherever possible.Program Choice The Institution is accredited by the British Council as a provider of EnglishWe offer a wide variety of postgraduate & undergraduate courses and our Language courses and offers a number of programs for students who needqualifications are particularly tailored to meet the needs of industry and to improve their English language prior to commencing their studies.commerce. We have established links with a number of professional and Please visit our website for further details: or contact:industrial bodies and constantly review our portfolio to ensure that it our students requirements and employers needs. Personal SupportResearch Active In additional to academic support, the Institution provides a range of personal support services to ensure that you are supported in all aspectsHigh quality, good value courses backed by a solid reputation for research of your university life.are essential. IEC is a research-active institution where students enjoy thebenefits of working with research experts who are also teaching, thusensuring that the latest developments underpin and inform our Meet and Greetpostgraduate and undergraduate programs. The Institution offers a free Meet and Greet service at IGI Airport for international students arriving in July/August. Students who sign up for this service will be met at the airport by a Institution representative andEmployability brought directly from the airport to the Institution by coach, thus avoidingWe make sure that our postgraduate & undergraduate courses are the problems and expense of finding your own way to IEC. Further detailsequipped with the knowledge and skills required for a successful career in about this service will be sent to you with your admission letter.their chosen field. We constantly review and tailor our qualifications tomeet the needs of industry and commerce. Input is provided fromresearchers, current practitioners, professional bodies, commerce and Welcome Week We recognize that many of our international students will be visiting IECindustry to ensure that the curriculum and content is up-to-date and for the first time so to ensure that you settle in quickly and receive all therelevant. practical advice and guidance you need, you will be invited to join our International Welcome Program which takes place immediately prior toFacilities the start of your course of studies. During this program you will be givenOur campuses offer the perfect setting for you to achieve your full detailed information about issues such as opening a bank account,potential. This has enabled us to extend our specialized teaching areas registering with a doctor etc. We also organize a range of social activitiesand to provide a purpose-built Student Centre, as well as a dedicated lab. during this week which will enable you to relax and to meet up with other international students.SupportWe support students through effective learner information, advice, Accommodationguidance, counseling and other services. The Student Centre provides a The Institution has a range of on-campus accommodation available forone-stop-shop for all student support needs. In addition to the general students. International students are guaranteed on-campusservices accessed through the Student Centre, individual course teams accommodation provided they return the appropriate paperwork by theand research degree supervisors offer in-depth support pertaining to relevant deadline. Help can also be provided in finding private sectorparticular programs to study. Our students often comment on the accommodation for those who wish to live off campus. Further details canfriendly, approachable nature of our staff. be found in the International students department.Location Visa AdviceIEC is centrally located and within easy traveling distance of India and IEC provides advice and support in relation to immigration matters. Forother major centres. We are served by International airports and excellent example, if you need to extend your visa or apply for the visa for nextroad and rail links to all parts of the Institutions. program, advice is available.
  14. 14. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS• Greater Noida • Alwar • Baddi • Hoshiarpur • Hamirpur Preparing Technocrats For Tomorrow...Career Guidance Supporting youWe are aware that you have made a substantial investment in your IEC provides a range of services to ensure that your time with us will beeducation in order to enhance your career prospects. Our Careers free from any worries or pressures. We want your stay in IEC to beGuidance team will provide advice and support throughout your time enjoyable as well as academically productive.with us in order to help you achieve your career goals. As well as assistingyou to identify and develop the skills needed to promote yourself Academic Supporteffectively in the job market, they will also help you to hone your career We recognize that the approach used by our lectures may be verymanagement skills in order to plan ahead for the future. different from that which you have experienced in your previous studies. To enable you to make a successful transition, at the start of eachReligious Provision academic in- take, all masters students take part in a dedicated free two-IEC is a multi-faith institution which serves the whole Institution week Masters level skills program. The course has been designed forcommunity. A prayer room is also provided for Muslim student. international students and is structured to meet your specific academic needs. It will ensure that you begin your Masters degree with the skills needed to enable you to succeed.International OfficeThe International Office provides advice and support throughout the The course focuses on analyzing assignment titles, academic essayapplication process. The team at the International Office have extensive writing, report writing, presentation skills, note-taking, explainingexperience in supporting international students and can provide guidance plagiarism and referencing, academic reading skills, group work andon all aspects of qualification equivalences. English language effective ways to learn. We recommend that all international Mastersrequirements and immigration and visa application. Students attend this course. IEC has an excellent reputation for all aspects of student support. Student feedback consistently praises the friendly andEntertainment and Leisure approachable nature of our staff. You will not just be one of the crowd atWhen it comes to eating out there is something for everyone, from local IEC. We are with you all the way.cafes to high quality restaurants offering multi- cuisines from all corners ofthe globe. IEC and its surrounding area has a wide range of shops, from Campus Facilitiessmall independent boutiques to globally recognized high street stores. IECs LibrariesTeaching, Learning and Assessment Styles IEC has 01 central library and 07 departmental libraries. They hold overAt IEC your teachers will use a variety of teaching styles and methods, 80,000 books, 200 journals and extensive electronic resources. Ourmany of which may vary from those used in your home country. The main libraries have an excellent reputation for providing specialized studentfocus of our methods is to develop you to think and work independently. support. Each of our schools has a dedicated team of librarians to provideWe will teach you how to research and source information, how to analyze subject-specific learning and research advice for postgraduate &and question ideas and how to think creatively and construct logical undergraduate students and all our services and electronic resources arearguments based on evidence to support your conclusions. Above all we available. IEC has also entered a collaboration with American Centralwill ensure that you learn how to apply your knowledge and solve Library.problems in the real world. Modern IT FacilitiesYou will have the opportunity to work in groups, deliver presentations, Our Information Services Department provides a comprehensiveconduct research, write reports, use case studies, develop your computer based service across both campuses in the IT centres andcommunication skills and exchange ideas and experiences with students libraries with over 4000 workstation available for student use, all with fastfrom a variety of background and countries. internet access, including wireless connectivity. There are further computers in teaching rooms and laboratories, with a wide range of specialist applications to support study programs. The IT centres on bothTeaching Excellence campuses are open 24/7 and printing and photocopying facilities areIEC has always prided itself on teaching excellence. This has been available.recognized nationally in the Institutional teaching Awards. Since theseawards were established. Restaurants There are Cafeterias & Cafes serving students and staff on campuses.Alumni – Where are they now? They provide a good range of hot and cold food and drink, snacks, lunchWe appreciate that coming to study in the institution involves a significant items to suit most tastes.commitment on your part in terms of finance, time and change of lifestyle.We are , therefore, always delighted by the many messages we receive Accommodation - Halls of Residencefrom our graduates telling us how much they appreciated their time with IEC has special hostels for Foreign National Students. All internationalus and keeping us up to date with what they are doing now. Here are a few students who have confirmed their acceptance of an unconditional offerprofiles of our alumni which show how they have benefitted from their and who have paid their deposit are guaranteed a place in hostelstime with us.
  15. 15. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS• Greater Noida • Alwar • Baddi • Hoshiarpur • Hamirpur Preparing Technocrats For Tomorrow...provided their acceptance is received by the two cut-off dates of 1st July. undergraduate students The majority of the students who come to the IECYou will have your own single room (there are a limited number of double for their postgraduate & undergraduate studies support themselvesrooms, but as these are cheaper, demand usually exceeds supply) and will through private means, usually from a combination of savings, loans orshare kitchen facilities with five or six other students. Many rooms have family support. Some international students seek assistance viaen-suite facilities. (Fees will be different) scholarships provided by their home country, international organization or charitable trusts. Competition for these funds is very fierce. For furtherThe rooms are furnished with bed, desk, wardrobe, and chair. The rent help and guidance on other sources of funding please contact your localwhich you pay excludes all utility bills (heating, lighting, water and Ministry of Higher Education/ Missions.electricity). On arrival you will be provided with a pack containing bedlinen, duvet cover, pillow and kitchen equipment. This will cost Who is it for ?approximately INR 10,000/-. You are a graduate in Accounting & Finance or a closely related discipline seeking to pursue further study and seeking career development andThere is a team of student assistant Wardens who can help residents with opportunities for promotion in this area. You do not need to have workany queries or problems. Internet access is available in the vast majority of experience in this area, but students with work experience and/ orour rooms for a small additional charge. professional qualifications are very welcome.Accommodation CostsLiving costs in IEC are lower than in most major Institutions in the Center. How to ApplyDespite being only one hour by car from IGI Airport, you can expect to pay We hope that this prospectus provides you with the information youapproximately 30% less for your accommodation in IEC than elsewhere. require about IEC and the courses we offer, but if you have any furtherOther sources of funding for international postgraduate and questions, please contact us on used @ IECThe IEC College of Engineering and Technology (IEC-CET) is a prestigiousEngineering college situated in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. Thecollege was started in the year 1999 and provides various technicalcourses. The chairman of IEC Group Dr. Naveen Gupta is an inspiration fortoday’s young generation. He says “Leverage your strength and work hardon your weakness, have clarity, conviction and a commitment to live up toyour aim in life”.IEC Group of Institutions have different technical colleges like, IEC collegeof engineering, IEC College of Hotel management and cateringtechnology, IEC Institute of Pharmacy, IEC Institute of management, IEC ( of computer application. Now IEC Group is coming up with itsUniversity and a Medical College too. multifold in times to come. This page will also become a very simple way for admission aspirants to connect with IEC’s current students and takeIEC has always been on forefront of using technology for education feed-back about the and management of institutes. IEC is even keeping up with thepace of ever changing internet technologies like Social Media, e-learning, After experiencing the reach of Facebook as a platform, IEC’s students gotblogging & digital media . together and created a page for wishing luck to Indian Cricket team. This page was able to accumulate more than 2000 fans. After success of thisSocial media is the use of web based technologies to turn communication initiative IEC started a social initiative on Facebook called “Good Luck Toin to interactive dialogues. From last 1 year IEC has ventured into All”. Through this campaign IEC planned to reach out to thousands oftechnologies which help it in connecting, collaborating & co-creating with people in due course of time. To start with this Facebook campaign iscurrent students, alumni, faculty & extended family of IEC. trying to connect with students who are waiting for their board exam results and appearing for different competitive exams for graduation. WeIEC have its own Facebook page. When it was been created, the main aim expect to connect with 20000 people in next 1 month.was to make it an informational page for all. That’s why it is been named as“IEC FOR ALL”. It is like an online notice board for the students, teachers In addition to profile based Social Media platforms, IEC also ventured intoand IEC members. We opted for Facebook instead of created a Notice- content based ventured. Two initiatives were taken at the same time. FirstBoard on the website because IEC Chairman wanted to reach to students was to develop an e-learning platform where faculty of IEC can collate highinstead of forcing them to corporate website. All the students, alumni, quality content from internet and present it to students in easilyteachers are connected to this Facebook page. We expect to grow it
  16. 16. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS• Greater Noida • Alwar • Baddi • Hoshiarpur • Hamirpur Preparing Technocrats For Tomorrow...understandable manner. This e-learning platform was done in true spiritof Open Source. We are using Moodle E-learning platform & for contentwe are streaming videos directly from Youtube. IEC faculty started likingthe process and they themselves came forward and created some goodlectures. We envision developing an exhaustive course material for UPTUengineering courses and also working on different soft skills. This E-Learning process is open to all. Anybody can access the E-Learningapplication provided by IEC. When it was started, around 50 subjects wereintroduced for the learning programme. Then different videos wereuploaded on the site. By the help of which a student can see the video andsolve the prescribed questions.Our chairman rejected our plea to make it a private platform where onlyIEC students can access the content, he is of the opinion that we shouldmake it open to each and every student who wants to learn. ( Our honorable chairman Dr. Naveen Gupta has his own blogging site. The main reason behind this blogging site is to open and transparent access to head of the IEC family. This blogging site is maintained regularly by Dr. Naveen Gupta himself. He focuses on diverse subjects like education in India, future of higher education, government policies and regular events/happenings. So we can say that this blogging site is nothing but open diary of the chairman Dr. Naveen Gupta, where anybody can make their vital comments and give suggestions on different topics. In addition this IEC also launched a blogging platform ( for all the students and faculty members. Idea is to given a wide platform to students to write on different subjects of their interest. This blogging platform has been slowly getting very popular among IEC students. It receives more than 2000 visitors in a month. ( Technology Based Multimedia Content Solution by IEC College of Engineering and Technology Objectives • Improve quality of education • Ensure access to interactive multimedia education for all students • Training process to equip professors with skills to manage a 21st century classroom Multimedia Content Solution • DigiClass solution for classroom delivery • This will enables the professor deliver lecture presentations and create audio-visual lecture presentations with multimedia learning objects. • Stream – Engineering I and II Semesters • Subjects - Electronics - Electrical Engineering ( - Mathematics - I - Mathematics – IISecond initiative was around blogging. As we all know that blogs are - Computer Concepts and “C” Programmingusually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, - Engineering Physicsdescriptions of events or other material such as graphics and videos. - Engineering Chemistry
  17. 17. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS• Greater Noida • Alwar • Baddi • Hoshiarpur • Hamirpur Preparing Technocrats For Tomorrow... - Engineering Graphics - Mechanical Engineering This enables the professor deliver lecture presentations and create audio- - Civil Engineering visual lecture presentations with multimedia rich learning objects in• Multimedia content will be mapped to the Uttar Pradesh Technical Microsoft PowerPoint. University syllabus. • Product Interface – Microsoft PowerPoint• Delivery Language - English • Stream – Engineering I and II Semesters• Faculty Training New Forms of Education and Training -There are also other pressures,This comprehensive solution for the ICT needs of engineering colleges. It both organizational and philosophical, that are increasing the amount ofapplies the finest synergy of Technology and Education in the classroom. It autonomy, self-directedness, and responsibility that learners have inseamlessly integrates along with the traditional chalk & talk method of respect of their own education and development. From the philosophicalteaching in the classroom. It enables the Professors to use the digital side, there is the viewpoint that people should have more control overresources such as educational Animations, Assessments and Diagrams what they learn and how they learn it. These viewpoints are embodied inwith audio to bring interactivity inside in the classroom creating a multi- the principles of modern adult education, or andragogy. They also reflectsensory learning for students and help improve their academic earlier humanist traditions. They are further strengthened by the modemperformance. concepts of continuing or "permanent education," which spring from the realization that change in society, and particularly in the workplace, is now• DigiClass seamlessly integrates technology into the classroom as most so fast that everyone is of necessity involved in a process of lifelong of the teaching-learning process happens inside the classroom. learning.• DigiClass empowers the professor with readymade resources mapped with their teaching schedule with additional flexibility to Teaching methods as seminars or case studies are traditionally create their own lecture plans. implemented in small or medium-sized groups, led by skilled and experienced "facilitators." Much of the success of these teaching Model methods is ascribed to the facilitators and the skill with which they focus discussion; guide the approaches adopted by the participants; use natural group dynamics to stimulate interest, participation, and deep involvement; pull together what has been learned in the final debriefing discussion; and so on. In the coming decade there will be extensive research on the long-term social implications of computer mediated communication. Among the many issues to be studied are the following: what criteria can we use to evaluate the quality of "community" in cyberspace, and the effects of extended participation on individual well being? Are low-risk virtual relationships being substituted for real-world relationships, or are people enriching their real-world experiences with new forms of association? While social isolates may escape into cyberspace, instead of cultivating real-world ties, friends and family can now keep in touch on a daily basis at low cost. Thus, this medium might prove to strengthen weak, extended family ties, among geographically dispersed persons who kept in touch in the past only by the occasional letter or telephone call, supplemented by infrequent reunions at holiday or birthday times.• The traditional classroom is converted into a DigiClass with a ceiling mounted projector with Interactive board. The CPU is equipped with a Video Conferencing in Education library of lecture presentations and digital resources mapped to the At its most basic level, video conferencing in education connects remote syllabus. students to teachers. On a more exciting level, it also leads students on• For Professors use there is a cordless keyboard, mouse and stylus virtual tours, brings far-away experts on camera for interviews and allows which professor can use according the convenience inside the kids to try out their fledgling foreign language skills on their peers from classroom. other countries. While such activities might have been difficult in the past• For safety of the peripheral devices robust cabinets are provided. due to travel costs, time constraints and inconvenience, classroom video• Professors and students can use the interactive board as a conferencing can offer a work-around solution. replacement for the black / white board.• The projection medium is so positioned that all the students are able Video conferencing offers the broadest range of solutions to enable all to view the instruction materials displayed by the professor in the users to connect successfully and conference in any environment. The class. A set of high quality amplified speakers are attached to the integrated approach of video conferencing solution ensures that users projection medium is also installed in the classroom. receive a simple, consistent and enriching experience every time they interface with the Unified Collaboration environment.
  18. 18. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS• Greater Noida • Alwar • Baddi • Hoshiarpur • Hamirpur Preparing Technocrats For Tomorrow... E-Paathshala @ IEC (A NASA astronaut talks to students about being on the space station Atlantis.) E-Learning is an ideal learning environment using modern means ofReach all your prospective students: video conferencing works on information technology, through the effective integration of informationbroadband, mobile wireless data cards enabling you to reach even the technology and the curriculum to achieve, a new learning style which canmost rural and remote parts of India, where setting up infrastructure and fully reflect the main role of the students to thoroughly reform theMPLS networks can be an issue. traditional teaching structure and the essence of education, to train large numbers of high quality personnel. To remain competitive and leveragingVideo conference offers solutions to education practitioners, students, the benefits of e-learning, IEC Group of Institutions has taken its first stepresearchers and administrators. By providing high quality, true-to-life and introduces a new e-learning portal as an affordable solution that willcommunications, video conferencing helps educators extend access to let higher education institutions compete in a continually changinglearning, subject matter experts and improved project collaboration. environment.Higher Education & Technical education Invite guest speakers to your IEC Group of Institutions is in the process of introducing innovativeclass. Hold panel discussions with authorities from around the world. learning opportunities and redefining the very role of the higherWhen travel costs and time limitations constrain access to subject matter education institute” says Dr. Naveen Gupta, CEO of IEC Group ofexperts, Video conferencing makes interaction with them possible. Video Institutions. It is a true web-based solution, so system administratorsconferencing high definition solutions can accommodate all sizes of don’t need to install software on every user’s PC or Mac. The easy–to-useclassrooms from auditorium-size lecture halls down to remote single- interface provides efficient access to student records and other usefulroom schools in remote locations where access to higher education has information from any network-connected to the workstation within thetraditionally been a problem. college premises or from web browser anytime, any-where. It is secure hosting facility over the Internet. Mr. Sharad Maheshwari coordinator IEC E-Learning is taking care of this platform. IEC is integrating the curriculum into e-learning to provide its students with a truly blended approach to learning. The system will give students faster, wider access to their courseware and supporting materials, as well as simplifying their administration. The e-classes for its students have been uploaded on its online portal. The newly launched e-portal hosts e- lectures, lectures videos, e-notes, e-assignments, e-papers and e-quizzes, these virtual classrooms, will be an extension of actual classes. As of now, students can visit the seven existing lectures. Apart from this, students will be able to create the groups, wikis and directory. This e-learning platform will not only limited to students but also will be used for Faculty Development Programs. IEC Group of Institutions is anticipating that the learning platform will become a vital part of a student’s learning experience and an invaluable link between the college and students. It is free service and students are advised to take full advantage of this service.
  19. 19. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS• Greater Noida • Alwar • Baddi • Hoshiarpur • Hamirpur Preparing Technocrats For Tomorrow...IEC @ International Associations SCHOLARS FROM ZAMFARA FNS FROM KU, MONGOLIA MINISTER OF EDUCATION IRAQIEC is the HUB of International Associations from across the • University of Boras, SWEDENGLOBE—Extending to 35 countries. IEC is a host of 42 Nigerian • University of South Albama, USAGovernment sponsored scholars from Zamfara State of Nigeria, • Venice International University, ITALYDirectorate of Protocol Office of the Executive Governor and a host of 45 • University of Derby, UKGovernment Sponsored Scholars from Kurdistan-Ministry of Higher • Rotterdam School of ManagementEducation. • University of Milan • University of GothenburgIndian Council for Cultural Relations has been sending scholars under • Central European Universityvarious scholarship schemes from countries across the globe since 2001 • Janus Pannonius Universityto our college for pursuing higher technical education. Many of these • University of Hertfordshire, UKstudents have graduated and are well placed in their respective nations. • Nanyang Institute of ManagementSome have been well received by prestigious Universities in UK, USA and • IBP Academy, ScotlandEuropean Continent for HIGHER STUDIES. • Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland • LTNSU, UkraineRecently IEC has been registered and approved by the MINISTRY OF • AIT, ThailandHIGHER EDUCATION IN OMAN AND MINISTRY OF TERTIARY EDUCATIONIN MAURITIUS. International Tie-ups • International tie-ups with Quoc Anh IEC Ltd HO CHI MINH CITYIEC Group of Institutions has expertise in imparting training for short-term VIETNAMcourses as well. We have completed successful projects with many • HANOI Centre for Cultural Exchange and Vocational Education &Governments overseas especially from countries like Mongolia, KOREA, Training, HANOI, VietnamCHINA, IRAQ, and Saudi Arabia. • Ministry of Education & Training, Centre for International Professional and Technological Co –operation and Exchange, VIETNAM.The Group has several beneficial associations with various Universities, • Ministry of Education and Training-National Institute for EducationalInstitutions across the globe like Singapore, UK, Belgium, Sweden, ITALY, Development VIETNAMHungary, Albama, Malaysia to name a few. • International tie-up with Vietnam Centre point, VIETNAM • Academic Collaboration with Yunnan University, Yunan Province –Also we have strong academic relations with many Universities like: CHINA• Nanyang Technological University, Singapore National University of • Academic Collaboration with Kumming University of Science & SINGAPORE Technology, People’s Republic of CHINA• Temasek Polytechnic, SINGAPORE • International tie-ups with South East Asian Ministries of Education• Institute of Advanced Studies, ITALY Organization, SEAMEO Regional Training Centre• AUCKLAND University of Technology • International tie-ups with MC Corporation, Overseas Study Centre• University of CANTERBURY • International tie-ups with Vietnam Centre Point Education and Media• Penta Coast University, GHANA Service Centre• University of WAIKATO, New Zealand • International tie-ups with Professional Education Consultancy, Nepal• University of CENTRAL LANCASHIRE, UK • International tie-ups with Shatakshee Education Foundation, Nepal• University of Brunei Darussalam • MINISTRY OF HIGHER EDUCATION, BAGHDAD, IRAQ• Massey University, NewZealand • MINISTRY OF HIGHER EDUCATION, KURDISTAN• University of Melbourne • MINISTRY OF HIGHER EDUCATION, OMAN• University of Huddersfield, UK • CLICK ON FRENCH(INITIATIVE OF EMBASSY OF FRANCE AND MINISTRY• Taylors’ University College, Malaysia OF HIGHER EDUCATION, FRANCE)
  20. 20. IEC Colleges IEC University IEC Medical IEC Facebook IEC Blog CEO Blog Admissions About IEC Programs “IEC Group of Institutions in The Palm of Your Hand” IEC has now going to make life easy for its students by providing all information related to the college at the click of a button! The IEC Group of Institutions is going to launch a I-phone / android mobile application. This simple and intuitive application provides prospective students, alumni, current students, parents, and visitors with the latest college.For details, contact:Ms. Kulneet SuriHead, International Students AffairsM.: +91-9311199247E-mail: IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS• Greater Noida • Alwar • Baddi • Hoshiarpur • Hamirpur Also visit us at: - Plot No. 4, Institutional Area, http://iecadmissions.comSurajpur Kasna Road, Knowledge Park - 1 http://iecbusinessschool.inGreater Noida, Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar (U.P.) http://iecuniversity.orgPlot No. 11, Knowledge Park - III, Greater Noida, http://navingupta.inDistt. Gautam Budh Nagar (U.P.) : 0120 - 2326665, 2326537, 2321943 : 0120 - 2326529 http://iecmedicalcollege.comCorporate Address - 5, Sant Nagar, Ground Floor, Share, Watch, Follow & Join IEC atEast of Kailash, New Delhi 110065Phone No. : 011-26231339/40, 26291141Fax No. : 011-26293571E-mail :