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Jasbir Jassi profile

  1. 1. Jasbir JassiA few Lines on Jasbir JassiJasbir Jassi is a well known Punjabi singer when it comes to name some ofthe respected popular ones in Punjabi music industry who have given theirlives to make music unbeatably awesome. Jasbir Jassi, like several of hiscounterparts is a first generation musician. As a kid, young Jassi played theharmonium and was a trained classical musician under the auspices of gurusVS Jolly and Puran Shah Koti of the Sufiana fame. Classical guru UstadShaukat Ali Khan heavily influences this Punjab da munda, Jasbir’s himselfinfluence is Baba Kashmira Singh ji who inspired him to look beyond thehorizons and reach pinnacle of perfection in his field.Jasbir is a natural philanthropist at his thinking is a true believer that"Music is a Religion of Togetherness!" and adds, this is the time to overcomeour religious difference and save humanity… which reflects his holdingstowards contributions on his way for music lovers. A poet with theatricbackground, Saturday the 7th February born Jasbir Jassi learntencyclopedia called love and relationship in his early age and practices hislearning at every given time.Jasbirs childhood was very adventurous one as he was born and brought upin a typical town in Punjab. He was the most dotted-upon member of his
  2. 2. family. However his home environment was hardly conductive to thepromotion of music and creative arts, Jasbir Jassi like several of hiscounterparts became a first generation musician by having an in-borndedication towards music and singing and his early morning practices borefruit and he mastered the art which turned into his fame and glory.The musical journey called life started about 15 years back by recording forPunjabi films. He also sang for remix albums like Balle Balbiro Balle. Hethen madeChanna Ve Teri Channani 1993, which was a follow-up with hit albums like‘Dil Le Gayee’ 1998‘Kudi Kudi’ 1999‘Nishani Pyar Di’ 2001‘Just Jassi’ 2003‘Mukhda Chann Varga’ 2004‘Akh Mastani’ 2007Jasbir Jassi is a deadly contrast of performance and heart-throb musicalextravaganza, when complimented on his hi-energy stage performance hereplies “Music is like a pearl buried deep inside my heart and soul, justwaiting to be brought out!” having done more than 5000 shows over 70countries across the world and record breaking performances for corporategiants, concerts, public and private performances, Jasbir Jassi is stillwaiting to give his best performance though he goes on and on with oodles ofenergy and make everyone dance to his beats and steals the show one afterone. This down to earth, simple, humble, God favoring guy is very aggressiveto serve nation may be missing from page3 parties for a laymen he is alwaysavailable to an extend that he forgets that he is a celebrity.He lents his silver voice in latest blockbuster “Patiala House”. “AkhMastani” is the latest album has been released featuring ‘Jugni’ and titlesong ‘Akh Mastani’ …… the each song is a research on likings and disliking ofmusic lovers is a result of heavy duty hard work in composition. Akh Mastanihas 8 tracks. Jasbir Jassi was recently featured on small screen on NDTVImagine’s Dhoom Macha De and he was crowned as “The Show Stopper” whocreated history on television for his dynamic performances.“Hope & A Little Sugar” is his latest blockbuster film for he lent hismusical voice. The film is directed by Tanuja Chandra. “Mahiya” song will
  3. 3. definitely shock each one out there as Jasbir Jassi’s fresh voice gels with it.