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North India Leading Education Group with Hi-Tech Modern Facilities...
Admission Open (, MBA,B-pharma,M-pharma, MCA, BHMCT )
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IEC Group of Institutions

  1. 1. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS Greater Prospectus 2012
  2. 2. |01| xceptional Education + xceptional Mentors = xceptional ReturnsExceptional EducationWe believe in giving you education that ignites minds and hones your imaginative skills. Have you ever wondered how infinite wordsoriginated from the limited stock of 26 letters giving birth to so many languages and how just seven musical notes are enough forcomposing countless melodies.. This is the power of imagination and of course the base is knowledge. We strive to inculcate this veryquality in our students. We constantly expose them to the vast knowledge bank, experts in academia, global experts, industry people andloads of hands on practice. Such a wider interaction rich in both experience and knowledge give them multiple perspectives on the subjectand kindle their imagination.Innovative teaching practices aided by multimedia complement the learning process at IEC. Our Industry based curriculum makes themjob ready. By making them work in Industry related/ supported/ sponsored Projects where they work and are made responsible for theentire set of activities resulting in the acceptable solution/ model/ process under the guidance from teachers, we give them a feel of actualindustry working.We believe in empowering our students with the right mix of knowledge and skills.Exceptional MentorsNo matter how advance we get in terms of technology, we cannot replace teachers. The role of technogical facilities in aidingunderstanding of the subject can not be undermined but Teacher is an integral part of the education system. He or She knows what todeliver and how to do it best. Believing strongly how important is the role of a teacher in shaping up the child’s sensibilities; IEC does notcompromise on the quality of faculty it takes under its ambit. IEC has well- qualified and experienced faculty members who havesubstantial industry and academic experience. Their ability to keep learning and updating their knowledge on the latest trends in theirrespective fields is what makes IEC retain its character to impart education par excellence.Guest Lectures from eminent industry and academic experts, international guest faculty, seminars, debates and industry interfacethrough both national and foreign industrial visits enrich the IEC experience.Exceptional ReturnsIEC students have high career placement, whether you want to be an engineer or a manager, our placement team helps you to polish yourresume, get lucrative internships, and connect you with employers. Acting as an interface between the industry and the students, ourplacement team plays an important role in honing students’ over all personality by arranging seminars, mock GDs and interviews,workshops, industrial trainings and industrial visits. The goal is to increase students’ employability. All our alumni are well placed andyou can find IECians in almost every known company.With its Exceptional Education & Exceptional Mentors, IEC has been preparing technocrats for tomorrow.
  3. 3. Welcome to IEC and to our Information Brochure. This isnt justabout giving you information. Its about finding out what you think.The whole idea is to use this information brochure interactivelyso as to help you as much as possible for the registration process.Contact us at:Corporate Office5, Sant Nagar, (Ground Floor) East of Kailash, New Delhi -110 065Phone No.: 26231339, 26231340, 26291141, 26210804Mobile No.: 9810199247, 9350855877, 9311588003, 9311588002, 9810798580Toll Free No: 1800-11-8787,Help Line No : 011 - 26444838SMS 575758Website:, admissions2012@ieccollege.comFor Direct AdmissionB.Tech : 9711822777, 8860406258, MBA : 7838825827, 8130688592,MCA : 7838825831, 9810798531, BHMCT : 7838825836,B.Pharm, M.Pharm : 7838825886, 9810792548M-92, Connaught Place, New Delhi 110001, INDIAPhone No: +91-11-23415938, 23415667. Fax No: +91-11-23415913Greater Noida CampusPlot No. 4, Institutional Area, Surajpur Kasna RoadKnowledge Park 1, Greater Noida, Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar (U.P), INDIAPhone No: +91-120-2326665, 2326537, 2321943Fax: +91-120-2326529Plot No. 11, Knowledge Park III, Greater Noida, Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar (U.P), INDIAPlot No 8, Sector - Pie - 1 & 2, Greater Noida (U.P.), INDIABaddi CampusPlot No:7&10, Atal Shiksha Nagar, Baddi, Dist. Solan, HPPh:+91-94-598-98200/201/202/203Toll Free No. 1800-11-8787Help Line No: 011 - 26444838SMS 575758WLL No: +91-179-2201311Website: www.iecuniversity.comHaimrpur CampusIEC Institute of Health Sciences & Research, Haimrpur, Himachal PradeshAlwar CampusPlot No. - J-1, Ambedkar Nagar, Alwar, Rajasthan & Block D, Surya Nagar, Alwar, RajasthanNanowal CampusTanda Road, Nanowal Vaid, Distt. Hoshiarpur, Punjab Other Websites: Share, Watch, Follow & Join IEC atScan to discover more...
  4. 4. IECs Growth Story This beautifully designed Digital library has more than 100000 books visit this blog every month. IEC extensively uses Video organized 55 events on different occasions. Some of the on varied subjects and over 10,000 titles. The library has an active Conferencing to bring a wealth of lectures from the best famous fests are CONFLUENCE, VARCHASVA, subscription to 250 national and 200 international Journals / academicians from all over the world to IEC students. ELECTRA, and RAZMATAZZ. Magazines. The digital library has subscription to national & international e-journals like IEEE/IEE, Springer, ACM, ASCE, Emrald Faculty Publications In a long journey spanning over almost 14 years, IEC Management Xtra through membership of INDEST Consortia of IIT, IEC enjoys expertise of 350 faculty members besides the At IEC, the motto is not just academic College of Engineering & Technology has come a Delhi. It is an active member of Developing Library Network administrative staff of 250, without whose commendable excellence but the holistic long way and has achieved several milestones and (DELNET) for resource sharing. IEC is equipped with modern computing efforts and contribution, IEC wouldn’t have been able to development of the students. We each milestone has been an inspiration to achieve facilities to complement classroom teaching.The Computer Labs are carve its success story. Each one is well qualified and brings encourage our students to think and the next. What started 14 years back as a small outfitted with the latest technologies and have more than 2500 systems with him wealth of research, teaching, and professional come up with write ups on diverse project backed by a big idea and with an intake of installed in them. Every classroom and conference room is fitted with experience. The distinctive research of our faculty members subjects and share them in our 240 students every year, has now materialized LCD projection facilities and LAN. Lectures are typically augmented by ensures that our programmes offer content that is publication, “Current”. The aim is to into a centre of educational excellence imparting multimedia. contemporary and global in its perspective. As prize-winning make them think and write about competencies to more than 5000 national and academicians and authors, they actively contribute to whatever interests them. All we want 500 international students coming from 32 The Campus has a Cafeteria which is spread over a huge carpet area of educational excellence through their publications and is to tickle their creative buds and countries in diverse subjects. Today, IEC welcomes research papers. They actively participate in encourage the writer inside them to 8000 sq. ft. Always buzzing with students’ chuckles and laughter, it is national/International seminars, workshops and broaden more than 2200 students every year. It is now a an ideal place for socializing and having a great time sipping coffee and bloom. their horizons and give back this wealth to the students. group of Institutions and offers NBA accredited feasting on the great and hygienic food it offers. Collectively, our faculty has published more than 100 Current is a bimonthly magazine programs in Engineering, Management, Hotel The IEC Campus boasts of an Open Air Theatre where you can enjoy books, 75 publications, presented research papers and that features everything that goes Management, Pharmacy & Computer Sciences attended more than 228 workshops. around in IEC. It showcases the achievements, the in Greater Noida. IEC’s Vision 2020 aims to cultural events. It can accommodate 2000 people at a time. A state-of- achieve a target of over 20,000 students in all its the-art auditorium with a seating capacity of 1000 brims with current events, activities, write ups from faculty members Faculty Development Programs and students on varied subjects, motivational articles, quotes programs. The Group has recently set up a activities throughout the year. Serving as a common platform for the Faculty Development is an integral part of Academic students, faculty and eminent guests to interact, it has been regularly and a whole set of Information. In fact everything that is University in Baddi, H.P. and has its proposed processes at IEC. IEC supports anything and everything that hosting myriad of intellectual activities. current in IEC finds voice here. campuses at Alwar, Hamirpur, Hoshiarpur and is aimed at knowledge addition and updation. Till now IEC Solan. has organized more than 100 Faculty Development Technology used by IEC Programmes. Infrastructure Recruitment IEC provides a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service for Institutions’ The IEC Group of Institutions has its presence on When it comes to recruitment, IEC Students are quite lucky. subscribed users to connect and login to the campus network from off Events/Workshops/Extra-curricular Activities All the students who have graduated and post graduated over 70 acres of land with 10 lakh sq. ft. of campus locations. The service provides a more secure encrypted The IEC Campus pulsates with vibrant activities all round the from the College are well placed. 300 good companies constructed area. The Group plans to add connection between your computer and the College network so that we year. The IEC team works hard to give its students a right can make certain resources available for off campus access. have till now visited IEC campus as a part of their Campus another 10 lakh sq. ft. to the existing built up mix of education and recreation. Emphasis is on over all Recruitment Drive. Our 7000 alumni are well placed. area in near future. The entire campus is wi fi personality development of the students. Debates, Sports enabled and all hostel rooms, classrooms and To remain competitive and to leverage the benefits of e-learning, IEC activities, Seminars, Workshops, Personality Scholarships offices are equipped with 24*7 Internet Group of Institutions has an e-learning portal in place. We are using Development Programs, Inter college Competitions, IEC acknowledges appreciates and rewards meritorious connectivity with a 30 Mbps leased line. A Moodle E-learning platform and for content we are streaming videos Industry Institute Interactions and Events are an students. Till now the College has spent over 30 lakh beautiful circular shaped digital library spread directly from you tube. The Group has its own face book page to remain integral part of IEC life. Till now IEC has organized 35 rupees on Scholarships. over 10,000 sq. ft. at IEC-CET campus is a gem in connected to current students, alumni, and faculty and to keep them updated of the latest news and events of IEC. The IEC chairman has Debates on Technical & Cultural Issues, 84 Industry the crown. Rich in both design and the learning Institute Interactions & over 100 Guest Lectures. Blood International Partnerships material, it can accommodate more than 5500 his own blog and there is a separate blogging platform for students and faculty. It is quite popular among students and more than 2000 visitors Donation Camps are organized twice a year in IEC. IEC Tie-ups with more than 40 well known foreign universities / students. fulfills its students’ recreational needs by organizing parties, institutions. Tech fests and other events. Till now the College has IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS04 05
  6. 6. Foreword Foreword by the by the President CEOIn this global knowledge economy, competitiveness is derived from knowledge, skills and In the world of cut throat competition, IEC Group of Institutions has achieved aninnovations of the work force. Learning, training and the education system play a crucial incredible mark in technical education arena ever since its inception. It brings us greatrole in a nations ability to prosper. Knowledge is decisive factor in sustaining pleasure to share with you the journey of the success of the IEC Group over the lastcompetitive advantage at both the organizational and the national levels. In the most eleven years. The promoters of IEC Group of Institutions & professional IEC softwareseconomies, knowledge work has been recognized as a key factor. Understanding the background visualized this a decade ago and to address the need, Institution wasneed of the hour, from more than a decade, IEC Group of Institutions develop future established in 1999, with the prime objective of providing world-class technical and MESSAGE MESSAGEengineers, technocrats, managers and who understand the fast changing corporate management education in tune with contemporary requirements. IEC may be perceivedenvironment and are able to optimize opportunities. as follows:Over a span of ten years, IEC Group of Institutions has emerged as one of the leading I : INNOVATION in Learning & Teaching Practices;and fast-growing institutions in Northern India. It delivers high quality professional E : EXCELLENCE through industry based curriculum & research driven environment;education comparable with the best in the world. IECs meteoric rise, in such a short C : COMMITMENT to propel your growth by giving global edgespan of time, is exemplified in the birth and evolution of five institutions, viz., IECCollege of Engineering & Technology, IEC College of MCA, IEC College of Pharmacy, IEC The IEC Group has been working relentlessly towards providing the highest quality ofInstitute of Hotel Management and IEC Business School. IEC draws its students from all professional education to students with the objective of equipping them for a globalparts of the Country. Thus IEC students are exposed to varied cultures of different career. To make a great career a reality for every student, each and every aspect ofstates. We have been fortunate and blessed by our association with more than 500 student life has been evolved and developed. We have been successful in our relentlessstudents from over 32 countries. pursuit of excellence which is evident in our remarkable growth from a single institution to a group of five, giving us a large family of students, faculty members,We, at IEC, have been blessed to evidence the success of our philosophy of equipping support staff and industry heavyweights, all of whom we are honoured to be associatedyoung minds with creative leadership and competitive intelligence. IECs strong linkages with.with the best in the corporate are reflected in its blend of core and visiting facultyenabling a two way flow of knowledge, talent and resources. IEC enables excellence for In the present competitive global scenario, we provide you a platform to fulfill youreach and every student in each and every aspect of their personal and professional most-cherished dreams and hopes. Our efforts at excelling in all our courses have notgrowth because inter-personal interaction skills are as significant as technical knowledge gone to the winds. Our focus on continuous development, emphasizing quality teachingand skills. Over a span of twelve years, we have evolved a focused student-centric and sense of belongingness of the qualified and experience faculty has brought laurels toapproach to ensure the employment-readiness of every student. IECs efforts to groom our credit. Self-reliance and self-sufficiency are the Hall Marks of our education system.its students as true technocrats / business leaders have been well-acknowledged by the To carve a nitch in your ambitious plans is our commitment.corporate world. I am sure, the candidate aspiring to seek admission in our prestigious Institutions areWe welcome you to join us, and experience the preparation for an enriching and bound to meet success.successful future with us! I wish you all bright and prosperous future.R. L. Gupta Dr. Navin Gupta IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS08 09
  7. 7. Foreword Foreword by the by the Advisor CFOIn a long journey spanning over almost 14 years, IEC College of Engineering and “The important thing is not where you were or where you are but where you want toTechnology has come a long way and has achieved several milestones. The College was get”.started with the sole aim of churning out professionals in the field of technology andtoday it is a Group of institutions offering multi disciplinary education to both national It is a matter of great pleasure and pride that the college is providing an excellentand International students. Right from its inception, the three words-- Innovation, quality of education and mentoring for the students, aspiring to be competentExcellence and Commitment—have been an integral part of IEC’s culture and even today professionals in technology and management. The ultimate aim of the students is to get MESSAGE MESSAGEthey remain deeply entrenched in everything that IEC offers. higher percentage and to be placed in the multinational companies. This is not only the aim of students but also the aim of parents, teachers and our management. As all ourWe believe in giving the best education to our students through our Innovative objectives are focused towards this single point, no doubt this aim will be fulfilled.pedagogy, excellent facilities-both infrastructural and learning and Industry basedcurriculum. We have forged partnerships with the world’s leading Universities and Keeping in mind the wordings of Rabindranath Tagore that teaching must be based uponColleges so that our students get the best education. We also have academic tie- ups students needs, nature and environment, our management and the staff members strivewith SAP, ORACLE, CISCO and IBM to impart them certain set of skills. The idea is to hard to make learners build in them a repertoire of experiences and make them fit toimprove their career prospects and increase employability. Our 7000 well-placed alumni keep pace dexterously with the changing nature of the society to which they belong.are testimony to the fact that our education is result oriented. There is a devoted and dedicated team of faculty with distinguished academic record and long teaching experience in all branches to provide quality education and training inIn short, IEC imparts high quality professional education which is geared towards engineering and technology. They work with enthusiasm, brimming with new andmaking students successful in every aspect of their life. creative ideas. In addition to expert coaching by faculty members, students also haveSo, come and be part of a journey that will broaden your horizons. advantage of learning from eminent professors, scientists and experts from the other reputed institutions and industries who are invited to give guest lectures.R.K. Srivastava Dheeraj Mangal IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS10 11
  8. 8. Foreword Foreword by the by the Head International Vice-PresidentIEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS AND IEC UNIVERSITY, INDIA would be delighted to The Economic success of 21st Century will depend on evaluation and thewelcome you as a student to its’ vibrant, friendly and supportive community. The biggest implementation of knowledge based industries. Economic prosperity and quality of lifeinvestment we make is in our students, and we are here to help you achieve your goals. will depend on education particularly professional education, leadership and suitableIEC is a thoroughly modern entity, one which is always open to fresh ideas and thinking. work environment. I, thus, consider it a privilege to share with you what IEC Group ofWe have outstanding National and International partnerships with other Universities and Institutions can offer you as a student and as a prospective Professional Engineer,Industry and we are confident that our high-quality courses will help to prepare you for Technocrat, Manager, Pharmacist and Hospitality Professional. MESSAGE MESSAGEthe chosen career when you graduate. Our courses are focused on enabling you tosucceed in your career and giving you a rich and fulfilling experience that will be of IEC believes in an uncompromising commitment to quality education to groom upvalue in Industry and whatever you choose to do in life. professionals and has evolved a comprehensive student-centric learning approach withWith International students from over 32 countries worldwide we really value our class-rooms lectures, courseware for self-study, case analysis and discussions, soft skillmulticultural diversity, and all our students know they will receive hospitality to help development, seminars, quizzes, group discussions, training, projects etc. The coursethem quickly settle in to life at IEC. structure incorporates all elements that enable the graduates to become well-suited for the job market with equal emphasis on practical and innovative need -based researchYou have all the reasons to choose IEC as the destination for your studies due to the aspect. Every care is taken to give emphasis on practice component keeping in view thefollowing:Quality and Employability: Our courses are of the highest quality and designed to dynamic aspects of industries and corporates all over the world.develop employability skills through our strong links with the Industry and Commercialworld. The state of art laboratories, automated and digital library, conference and seminar halls, modern teaching facilities, education friendly architecture and atmosphere are not onlyInternational Recognition: Qualifications gained at IEC are held in high regard and are well suited for the growth of creative, young budding professionals but ensures thatrecognized internationally due to our partnerships with highly esteemed Foreign every student gets the best education.Universities.One of the BEST: IEC has been judged as one of the best Institutions by the ALL INDIA The IEC Group of Institutions is not only known for providing the best professionalSurvey conducted by CSR. courses but also considered as an ideal place for student friendly intellectualLocation in the heart of INDIA: IEC Group of Institutions is located near NCR and in the environment where freedom of thought, inquiry, creativity and scholarly pursuit flower.most beautiful green belt of Greater Noida. Similarly IEC University is located at thefoothills of Shimla, which is a hill-station blessed with blessed with Nature’s Bounty. Besides equipping students in professional skills and competence, the Institution gives paramount importance to holistic development of students through outbound trainingA place to call home: We have a diverse International student community feel at IEC; we programs, sporting activities, management events, cultural and other social activities.are sure you will feel at home and will make lots of new friends…. Emphasis is also given on communication and presentation skills, inter-personal skills,TRUST & Personalized Attention: We have the most trusted and safe campuses with organizational ability, team-building, managerial and business acumen.student counselors from the International Department to guide you at every step. Alsoyour Professors will know you by name; you will never feel lost in the crowd at IEC We, at IEC believe in equipping young minds with creative leadership and competitivePlease take a look at our website, for the real feel of life at IEC intelligence to make them capable of taking on the challenges of the present world intoand remember that we are all there to help you fulfill your potential and to succeed. We opportunities with vigour and competence.hope that you will give us the opportunity to show you all we have to offer by choosingIEC Welcome to IEC Group of Institutions!Dr. Kulneet Suri Prof. B.N. ROY IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS12 13
  9. 9. Foreword Foreword by the by the Director Dean, AcademicsIn today’s world Technical Education is the most important and powerful tool for those At the very onset, I on behalf of IEC Group of Institutions welcome all the students whowho want to have successful and prosperous future. Good education provides the have sought the admission here and have set trends and milestones.necessary knowledge, skills and values that allow a person to become a high-incomeearner as well as human being with ethical values. In this age of Globalization and liberalization, we need a strong base of well qualified MESSAGE MESSAGE and employable candidates to pace up with the competitive scenario. To make each and“Today’s Accomplishment is Tomorrow’s Asset” with this idea and attitude “Vocational every student of our institution compatible with the modern trends, we provide themEducation Foundation” had established IEC Group of Institutions in 1999 at Greater with skilled and talented faculty along with latest sophisticated educational facilities. AtNoida, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA, with mission and philosophy to impart innovative industry IEC, thrust is given on activities like personality development, industry exposure andoriented pragmatic education for excellence in the field of Technical and Management enhancement of communication skills for the overall development of the students.Education. It has become a globally recognized centre of excellence where we nurtureyoung talents in the Technical and Management Education. The three success mantras Our campus provides students with the opportunities to gain and use knowledge to buildthat represent the “IEC” model of leadership are Inspiration, Empowerment and successful lives and careers, and become an integral part of the community. With theCommitment (IEC). Inspiration is the root of all success, empowerment through positive sincere efforts of our dynamic management, our Institute is now positioned to betterattitude and approach represents creativity and finally Commitment with consistency in serve and connect with local, national and international communities.performances provides the driving force. The students of IEC imbibe these fundamentalvalues and this has led to their success in various walks of life at the national and global We continue to strive to meet our mission to mould youth into world-class technocrats oflevel. tomorrow who would endeavour to increase the quality of life for human kind.In the present fused and confused atmosphere to seek the direction for bright future, I am confident that our students would be an asset not only to the organization but toIEC Group of Institutions is undoubtedly a Pole-star for the young Technical talent. Your the nation as a whole through their technical and managerial capabilities.Trust and Thirst is our First Concern. Our student-centered approach is evident ineverything we do. In the service of our nation, we are also encouraging our students to I take this opportunity to extend my heartiest wishes to all students to achieve successtake up entrepreneurship and thus become job creator instead of being job takers. in campus and future career initiatives.I hope you will certainly find IEC offers the breadth, depth and vision in its Graduate /Post-Graduate programs that you see and that you will consider becoming part of the Prof. (Dr.) H.K. Sahjwanidynamic academic community. At IEC, your future success is only a step away.I look forward to welcoming you at this important juncture of your career.Prof. (Dr.) Bhanu P. S. Sagar IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS14 15
  10. 10. Foreword Foreword by the by the Dean, Planning & Development Dean IEC-IHMWelcome to the IEC Group of institutions, Greater Noida, where faculty and staff are Dear Aspirantdedicated to the development of professional educators and human service providersand committed to identifying and promoting evidence-based, cutting-edge practices in “It is a greater work to educate a child, in the true andcounseling, dispute resolution, education, and wellness. The Institute is engaged in larger sense of the word, than to rule a state”. MESSAGE MESSAGEproviding meaningful education in engineering and science while conducting originalresearch of the high standard. Faculty members of the Institute are dedicated to sharingtheir knowledge with the next generation of learners. Our students are among the best Here at IEC-IHM, we provide you with world-class education & training system throughand brightest in the country, and it is our responsibility to provide them with a industry relevant curriculum, hotel-interactive programs & global career opportunities.supportive environment where they can flourish as scholars and be competitive in the The modules are carefully developed to deliver exciting & rewarding prospects whichmarketplace. awaits potential students like you. We also profess an impressive team of highly qualified & efficient Faculties. Our infrastructure is modern with well-equipped labs which areJust as important as the academic curriculum is, a personal relationship between maintained meticulously. The mentoring of students is also done on a regular basis.students and faculty is also equally important. Mentoring and modeling are crucial waysthrough which faculty members enhance students’ understanding of the various The Institute has a prevailing association with the industry & significant corporate tie-educational professions represented in the College. And it’s not just faculty members ups which is beneficial for the training & placement of our students. Come & discover awho are here to help students. The goal of every staff member is to provide excellent superior springboard for your career. Let your ambitions fly by creating your own trailservice to our students. which is as distinct as your own personality.It is my pleasure to serve as Dean of the institute. I look forward to meeting many newfaces in the coming months as we begin to craft a plan for our future achievements. Mousumi Das GuptaProf. (Dr.) S.S. Chauhan IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS16 17
  11. 11. Foreword Foreword by the by the HOD, MCA HOD, MBAWith the emergence of digital era, the world has literally changed the way it functions It is my pleasure to welcome all the aspirant students to the IEC family. Managementand computer has played the main role in the transformation. Not only, it has made our education is a continuous process of knowing the unknown. We at IEC strive to providelife easier but also became a central source of rewarding career for a number of endowed quality education and develop students personality in a way that enables them to facepeople. If this all attract you and you really want to explore the frontiers of Computer boldly the onslaught of keen competition in employment market and other sphere of MESSAGE MESSAGEApplications, the Department of Master of Computer Application at IEC College of human activity. In IEC we train young people who can lead and foster creativity,Engineering & Technology, Greater Noida is the right place for you. Our students innovation in technology and technologically driven dynamic environment.develop the skills necessary to present their opinion on all aspects of ComputerApplications in a valuable, ethical and beneficial way. The aim of our Department is to The institute foster and nurture leaders capable of making differences in management offacilitate students to acquire specialized scientific knowledge to solve real-world corporate and non-corporate sectors, it includes human values and professional ethics inproblems and implement them accordingly thus magnifying their potential for lifelong the students which help them make decisions and create path that are good not only forsatisfying careers. them but also good for the Society, for the Nation and for the World as whole. To fulfill its mission in a new and powerful ways each members of IEC management communityProfessional excellence need not be necessarily inborn, but can be developed through a strive to achieve excellence in every endeavor in education, research or training bywell conceived and nurturing environment and therefore, one can add value to any making continuous improvements in curricula and pedagogical tools.organization. Learning is finding out what we already know. Doing is demonstrating thatyou know it. Teaching is reminding others that they know just as well as you. We are all Our experienced and competent management faculty complemented by visiting facultylearners, doers, and teachers. strives to impart quality education and to guide students in their academic and other problems. Dear aspirants, I welcome you to IEC family at this important juncture of your careerNavel Kishore Sharma and wish you to become a part of an institution(IEC) which will make you more agile, strong in academics, technically sound, pragmatic in your approach and above all, sincere and hard working. My best wishes to all the young, dynamic and energetic future managers. Dr. S. N. Singh IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS18 19
  12. 12. Vision To be a seat of world class education Mission from where Technocrats and Managers would emerge empowered to face the challenges of ever changing society with courage, conviction and compassion. To create an ambience for Quality education, Training and research in the fields of Science, Technology and Management, thus contributing towards building of knowledge, industrial development and economic growth of Quality Policy the nation. Uncompromising Commitment to impart quality technical education by providing an environment of high academic ambience to mould young minds of future engineers, technocrats and managers to meet the challenges of future with vision, competence and excellence. Perspectives • Quality embedded higher education • Innovative and modern infrastructure • Multi-cultural ambience • Exposure to new and emerging technologies • Wide range of recreational activities • Access to advanced work cultures IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS20 21
  13. 13. Academic Advisory Academic Advisory Body - Engineering Body - ManagementProf. Ashok K. Saxena Prof. M.N Doja Prof. Kamla Krithivasan Prof. Goutam Banerjee Dr. D. S. Bhardwaj Prof. Narendra K Sharma Dr. S. S. Vernekar Prof. A. K. SarkarProfessor Professor & Head Professor Professor Professor Professor, Marketing Area, Director, Bharati Vidyapetths ProfessorElectronic & Computer Engg, Computer Science & Engg. Computer Science & Engg. Civil Engineering Deptt. of Tourism & Hotel Dept. of Indl. & Mgmt. Engg. Institute of Mgmt. & Research, Deptt. of BusinessIIT Roorkee Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi IIT Madras BHU, Varanasi Mgmt. IIT Kanpur New Delhi Administration Kurukshetra University, BareillyProf. A.G. Keskar Dr. Lalit Kumar Awasthi Prof. Yogesh Singh Prof. C.V.R. Murthy Kurukshetra Prof. V. K. Gupta Dr. B. B. GoelProfessor & Head Professor & Head Dean Professor Chairman - Finance & Professor of Public Admn. Dr. P. Sudarshanan PillaiElectronic & Computer Engg Computer Science & Engg. Information Technology Civil Engineering Prof. (Dr.) R. Chakrabarty Accounting Punjab University, Chandigarh Professor & DeanVisvesvaraya NIT, Nagpur NIT, Haminpur GGSIP University, New Delhi IIT Kanpur Dean-Commerce, Social Welfare IIM Indore School of Management Studies & Business Mgmt. Prof. Suresh Kumar Cochin University ofProf. Santanu Kumar Prof. P.N Srivastava Dr. K. Udaya Kumar Dr. G.Venkatappa Rao University of Kolkata, Kolkata Dr. P. T. Srinivasan Professor, IMS Science & Tech., KochiProfessor Professor Professor & Head Honorary Professor Professor, Deptt. of Mgmt. H.P. University, ShimlaComputer Science & Engg. Mathematical Sci. & Comp. Computer Science & Engg Civil Engineering Prof. S.S. Khanka Studies Prof. C. LalNIT, Rourkela App. Dr. Ambedkar Instt. of Tech., Osmania University, Hyderabad Professor (HRM) University of Madras, Chennai Prof. U. R. Dhar Professor of Management Bundelkhand University, Jhansi Bangalore Prof. S.N. Sinha NIFM, Faridabad Professor, Dept. of Business Ex-Head & DeanProf. S. Selvakumar Professor Prof. A. S. Chawala Admn. Faculty of Management StudiesProfessor Prof. Anand Mohan Dr. B.Yegnanarayana Civil Engineering Dr. Kampan Mukherjee School of Mgmt Studies Guwahati University, Guwahati BHU, VaranasiComputer Science & Engg. Professor Professor IIT Delhi Professor, Management Studies Punjabi University, PatialaNIT Electronics Engg. Computer Science & Engg Indian School of Mines, Prof. J. N. Mishra Prof. L.S. Ganesh BHU, Varanasi IIT Madras Dr. G. Ramasamy Dhanbad Prof. M. S. Turan Professor Professor & HeadProf. Maitry Professor Professor, Dept. of Business Deptt. of Commerce & Deptt. of Management StudiesProfessor Prof. Utpal Das Prof. Arvind Kumar Civil Engineering Dr. S Srinivasan Mgmt. Business Admin. IIT MadrasSchool of Planning & Professor Professor & HOD IIT Roorkee Professor (Finance), Indl. Engg. G. J. University of Science & University of AllahabadArchitecture Electronic Engg. Civil Engineering & School of Mgmt. Technology, Hisar, Haryana Prof. R.K. MittalNew Delhi IIT Kanpur IIT Roorkee Dr. S.K. Chakrabarti IIT Kharagpur Dr. K. C. Mittal Professor & Chairman Professor Rtn. Dr. N. Panchanatham Director Deptt. of Commerce UrbanProf. R.K. Srivastava (Retd.) Prof. S.K. Srivastav Dr. Sarvesh Chandra Civil Engineering Prof. A. R. Mattoo Professor, Deptt. of Business Punjab School of Mgmt. Studies State KurukshetraDirector, DRDO Emeritus Professor Professor IIT Kanpur Head, Deptt. of Mgmt. of Admn. Punjabi University, Patiala Electronics Engg Civil Engineering Studies Annamalai University Prof. (Dr.) N. R. MurthyDr. S.N Sivanandam BHU, Varanasi IIT Kanpur Dr. S.K. Subba Rao The University of Kashmir, Prof. Ramendu Roy ProfessorProfessor & Head Emeritus Professor Srinagar Prof. S. K. Gupta Professor Jagruti Kiran Foundation,Computer Science & Engg. Prof. S.K. Kaul Prof. U.K. Choudhary Civil Engineering Professor, Deptt. of Commerce Deptt. of Commerce & Bus. NagpurPSG College of Tech., Professor Professor IISc Bangalore Prof. B. K. Mohanty H. P. University, Shimla Admin.Coimbatore Electronics Civil Engineering ICICI Chair Professor & Head University of Allahabad, Prof. H. P. Pandey IIT Delhi BHU, Varanasi Prof. Prem Krishna Deptt. Mgmt. Studies Prof. H. L. Verma Allahabad Head & Dean,Prof. L.M. Patnaik Professor IIM Lucknow Professor, Deptt. of Business Deptt. of Business Mgmt.Professor Prof. Ravi Kant Gupta Prof. Ramesh P. Singh Civil Engineering Mgmt. Dr. V. K. Rastogi Avadh University, FaizabadComputer Science & Engg. Deputy D.G. Professor IIT Roorkee Dr. A. H. Sequeira University of Science & Tech., ProfessorIISc Bangalore Information Technology Civil Engineering Head & Asst. Professor, Hisar, Haryana Deptt. of Human Resource, New Prof. S. K. Singh New Delhi IIT Kanpur Prof. Mukesh Sharma Humanities, Social & Mgmt. Delhi ProfessorDr. K.Chandra Sekaran Professor NITK, Surathkel Dr. Gurdeep Singh Batra Faculty of Management StudiesProfessor & Head Prof. Kumkum Garg Prof. Veerendra Kumar Civil Engineering Professor, School of Mgmt. Prof. V. Shekhar BHU, VaranasiComputer Science & Engg. Professor Professor IIT Kanpur Sh. Munindra Kakati Studies Head, Deptt. of Business Mgmt.NIKT, Srinivasnagar, Mangalore IIT Roorkee Civil Engineering Professor & Head Punjabi University, Patiala Osmania University, Hyderabad Shri T. R. Piplani BHU, Varanasi Dr. K.G. Sharma Business Administration Secretary General Professor & Head Guwahati University, Guwahati Prof. Mangesh G Korgaonker Prof. A K Vashisht Phoebus Foundation, New Delhi Civil Engineering ICICI chair professor & Head Professor IIT Delhi Dr. S. Jayachandran Shailesh J Mehta School of Punjab University, Chandigarh Professor, Management Studies Mgmt. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS Chennai I.I.T., Mumbai IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS22 23
  14. 14. Academic Advisory Academic Advisory Body - International Body - Pharmacy Dr. Lee Pooi See Prof. (Dr.) C. N. A. Molenaar Asso. Prof. (Dr.) Paul Lacourbe Dr. Guru Prasad Mohanta Dr. K.G. Ravikumar Nanyang Technological University, Rotterdam School of Management, Central European University, Professor Professor Singapore Erasmus University Hungary Department of Pharmacy, Government College of Annamalai University Pharmaceutical Sciences, Prof. Gary Lucas Prof. Jingshan Huang Mr. Paolo Carloni Calcutta University of Huddersfield, University of South Alabama Institute of Advanced Study, Prof. S .S. Agarwal UK Italy Director Prof. Roop. K. Khar Prof. Marco Mazzarino Dr. Mushtak Al-Atabi Venice International University Ms. Angela Dean DIPSAR, Professor Faculty of Pharmacy, Taylor’s University College, University of Derby New Delhi Jamia Hamdard, Malaysia Prof. Tim Wilmshurst New Delhi University of Derby Dr. Ference Orban Dr. N. Udupa Dr. George Ndi Janus Pannonious University, Principal Prof. B. P. Srinivasan University of Huddersfield, Asso. Prof. Liu Yong Hungary Manipal College of Professor & Director UK Nanyang Technological University, Pharmaceutical Sciences, DIPSAR, Singapore Dr. Chai Gin Boay Manipal New Delhi Prof. Lena Nordholm Nanyang Technological University University of Boras, Mr. Jimmy Yeo Singapore Temasek Polytechnic Dr. Rasheeduz Zafar Sweden Dean Faculty of Pharmacy, Ms. Usha Devi Dr. Meijun Qian Prof. Daniele Passarella Taylor’s University College Jamia Hamdard, National University of Singapore, University of Milano New Delhi Singapore Mr. Walter Mswaka Prof. Rita Martenson University of Huddersfield, Prof. S. G. Murali University of Gothenberg Queensgate, Huddersfield Taylors’ University College Prof. Amoakoh Gyasi-Agyei Prof. Bill Weston Prof. Ng Teng Yong Pentecost University College University of Huddersfield Nanyang Technological University, Ghana Singapore Jen-Yuan (James) Chang Asso. Prof. Kim Pickering SEAT, Massey University, Dr. Barry G Blundell University of Waikato New Zealand Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand New Zealand Prof. Christopher Gan Dr. Sadhana R Talele Lincoln University Dr. Slava Kitaev University of Waikato, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand Dr. Anthony Brien New Zealand Lincoln University Dr. Philip Kostov Prof. Krishnamachar Prasad University of Central Lancashire Dr. Gilbert V. Nartea Auckland University of Technology, Lincoln University Dr. Mahmood Shah New Zealand University of Central Lancashire Prof. Ahmed Al-Jumaily Dr. Liyanage De Silva Auckland University of Technology, University of Brunei Darussalam New Zealand Asso. Prof. (Dr.) Jean-Michel Viola Central European University Hungary IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS24 25
  15. 15. Sh. R. L. Gupta Regional Officer Chairman Nominee of AICTE (Ex-officio) Dr. Navin Gupta Prof. Devender Pathak Member nominated by the Member (University Nominee) Board of Registered Society (VEF) Prof. A. K. Sachan Prof. A. K. Khare Member (University Nominee) Member nominated by the Registered Society (VEF) Prof. Raghuraj Singh Member (University Nominee) Governors Prof. S. K. Wasan Member nominated by the Director, Technical Education Registered Society (VEF) Member (Nominee of the Uttar Pradesh State Government) Sh. Dheeraj Mangal Member nominated by the Prof. (Dr.) Roop. K. Khar Registered Society (VEF) Member (Academician / Educationist) Prof. Bhanu P. S. Sagar Prof. Asok De Member Member (Academician / Educationist) Additional Director Prof. H. K. Sahjwani Prof. Mousumi Das Gupta Member (Teacher representative) Member (Dean of Faculty of Hotel Management) Mrs. Sonia Bhagat Member (Teacher representative) Prof. Navel K. Sharma Member Mr. Arun Aggarwal (Dean of Faculty of MCA) Member (Parent representative) Brig. S. V. S. Choudhary Member (An eminent Technologist) IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS26 27
  16. 16. Genesis IEC Group IEC Group From its humble beginnings as a small Computer training institute at Connaught Place in Delhi, IEC has evolved into an international success story in the filed of education-operating in several countries with a market capitalization of 250 crores- thanks to its innovative learning programs and unwavering determination to impart excellence in education. IEC Group’s tryst with education dates back to 1981 when Mr. R.L Gupta laid the foundation of his dream project India Education Center. IEC was corporatized on August 23rd 1994. Four years later its name was changed to IEC Software Ltd. & today its called IEC Education Ltd. It plunged into the formal education sector much later in 1999 by setting up IEC College of Engineering & Technology at Gr. Noida through its non profit society, Vocational Educational Foundation. The aim was to churn out experts in the field of IT and since then it has never looked back and has been an epitome of excellence in imparting Technical and other education. IEC has now become a group of institutions and offers a wide array of courses in a number of disciplines. A lot has changed in IEC ever since it embarked on this journey nearly 3 decades ago except the Groups unflinching commitment to provide quality education to its students. IEC is committed to providing high quality undergraduate and postgraduate training and education which is based on excellence in academic and applied research. The mission is to advance knowledge and train students in the field of science, technology and other areas. IEC Group is the fastest growing educational organization which is currently on an expansion spree. It is in the process of setting up IEC University at an industrial town of Himachal Pradesh, Baddi. IEC has also made its mark globally with its branches in countries like Nepal, Maldives, Singapore and Oman. IEC has also been awarded various core ICT projects by Government of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Delhi Government. In Rajasthan alone, 56 Colleges of Rajasthan University and 844 schools are getting Computer education and training under this programme. IEC is an ISO certified organization and is listed on Bombay, Delhi and Jaipur stock Exchanges. Today IEC is an established brand name in Computer Education, Science, Technology and Management, Hotel Management, Pharmacy, Vocational education, and an organization of national repute. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS28 29
  17. 17. VEF IEC the parent body Education Ltd. (Earlier Known as IEC Softwares Ltd.) Vocational Education Foundation is a non profit society founded in Since IEC’s incorporation in 1994, IEC has an enviable record of successfully 1989 to provide relevant and reliable education across India. It building IT solutions for massive and complex infrastructure and projects. began its work with an illiteracy elimination campaign in the districts of Ghaziabad, Mathura, Hisar and Sonepat, conducting For Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for their offices all over India. ? For postal and Telegraph Department. ? around 120 vocational programs and benefiting 5000 villagers. A For students of Schools and colleges under Govt. of Madhya Pradesh for ? decade later, in 1999, VEF stepped into the formal sector of providing IT skills to around 500,000 candidates. education and set up IEC College of Engineering & Technology, For students of Schools under Govt. of Chatisgarh ? Greater Noida. Since then it has set many other Colleges in For students of Schools under Govt. of NCT – Delhi. (CEP Project) NCT of Delhi ? different disciplines which later on were amalgamated and today For National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language NCPUL Project- Govt. of ? it is a Group of Institutions recognized by both AICTE and PCI. India. IEC Group of Institutions includes the following: ? Kalyan Kendra – a Govt. of India Project, providing training. For Grih For undergraduate students of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, Agra. ? • IEC College of Engineering and Technology For undergraduate students of Kumaon University, Nainital. ? • IEC-College of Pharmacy For GKK, Ministry of Personnel Public Grievances & Pension, Govt. of India for ? • IEC Institute of Hotel Management Central Govt.employees • IEC College of Planning and Architecture For Govt. of India, Ministry of Defence for DGR training. ? For undergraduate students of 56 colleges under Rajasthan Govt. ? • IEC-CET MCA Programme For students of 189 Govt. Colleges and 2000 Govt. Schools of Madhya Pradesh. ? • IEC School of Management Chandigarh Administration, India. Provided IT training to around 70,000 ? students to Govt. ? and Undergraduate candidates in different Colleges of Chandigarh. Schools Department of Education New Delhi, India-provided IT awareness training to ? 11, 500 students per year of different Govt. schools of Delhi. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS30 31
  18. 18. Expansion Activities IEC Group IEC Polytechnic, Nanowal (Punjab) IEC University, Baddi The group has major expansion plans in the coming years. IEC is planning to invest more than 1000 million rupees in the areas of Education & Social Infrastructure. The Group is planning to construct over One Million Square feet area in the coming years in different parts of the country. • Engineering/Management Colleges in Alwar (Rajasthan), & Nanowal (Punjab) • Engineering/Management Colleges in India in collaboration with leading Foreign Universities • IEC Group of Institutions. Sonipat, Harayana IEC Group of Institutions, Alwar (Rajasthan) • IEC College of Fine Arts • IEC Institute of Health Sciences, Hamipur (H.P.) • IEC College of Dental Sciences, Hamirpur (H.P.) • IEC College of Medical Sciences, Hamirpur (H.P.) • IEC College of Vocational & Industrial Training, Nanowal (Punjab) • Schools in Solan, Alwar, Moradabad • IT Park in Noida • Group Housing Project IEC White House Apartments in National Capital Region IEC White House Apartment, Greater Noida IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS32 33