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Controversial moments on american idol’s history, pt 1


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Controversial moments on american idol’s history, pt 1

  1. 1. By Uberstar – The BookAmerican Idol Online
  2. 2.  Here are some of the most controversial moments of American Idol.  Arranging them by season you will see where some idols have gotten kicked off the show, and many other things to see.American Idol Online
  3. 3.  Contestant Corey Clark is disqualified for not disclosing a police record.  He later claims to have had an affair with “American Idol” judge Paula Abdul.  She denies the charge and an investigation ordered by the network clears her of wrongdoing.American Idol Online
  4. 4.  Franchelle “Frenchie” Davis is disqualified when topless photos of her appear on the Internet.American Idol Online
  5. 5.  There are claims that millions of votes were dropped because the phone system was overloaded for the final between winner Ruben Studdard and runner-up Clay Aiken.  Studdard’s margin of victory is 130,000 votes.American Idol Online
  6. 6.  When future Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson is eliminated, guest judge Elton John calls the vote “incredibly racist.”American Idol Online
  7. 7.  To follow up on more controversial moments of American Idol please click the link below and you will get the full scoop on how American Idol is not what it seems to be.American Idol Online
  8. 8. American Idol Online