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Ido Noyman - Work Samples


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This presentation summarizes my professional experience and education, and showcasing some my work as a product manager in the past few years

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Ido Noyman - Work Samples

  1. 1. IdoNoyman–WorkSummary& Samples 2014 | Microsoft VenturesAcademy| MiniMBAProgram 2007 – 2011 | ShenkarCollege| B.Sc, IndustrialEngineering& Management Experience 2015 – 2016 | Gett (GetTaxi)| Product Manager(Weband Mobile) 2014 –2015 | Applicaster| ConsumerProduct Manager (MobileApps) 2011 – 2013 | Edusoft | Product Manager(Weband Mobile) 2009 – 2011 | SimilarItIs|Co-Founder& Product Manager Education 972-54-6605033
  2. 2. | ProductManager)GetTaxi(Gett|2016–2015 WorkSummary& Samples I led the Operations & Payments domains, working to enhance the tools and abilities of Customer Care, Marketing and Finance departments, creating friction-free payment experience, and reducing fraudpotential. My Responsibilities: UI Wireframes Competitive Analysis Market Research Prioritization Report Monitoring User Stories Sprint Planning Launching New Features KPIs / Motivation ROI AnalysisRequirements Gathering Analytics
  3. 3. WorkSummary& Samples In the Operations domain, I focused on: increasingCustomer Care efficiency,reduce its costs, and automate processes, while optimizingpaymentflows. | ProductManager)GetTaxi(Gett|2016–2015 Situation: Motivation: Solution: Due-to payment processing issues, high valued users, might find themselves blocked from making new orders. 1. Saving lost money! (Main KPI) 2. Preventing churn of power users. 3. Providing outstanding service. Creating an “Alerts System” for Customer Care representatives, right inside the main system they operate, highlighting these users. Alert CustomerCare on“Top User” before blockage NewAlertssub-section Thelistofusersisfilteredaccordingtotheirvaluetothecompany
  4. 4. WorkSummary& Samples | ProductManager)GetTaxi(Gett|2016–2015 Blockingrides from Natbag(ILmainairport) Situation: Consequences: Motivation: Customer Care reps had to cancel manually any immediate ride ordered from Natbag, since the app wasn’t supporting that regulation that exposed the company to legal liability. In many cases these rides were cancelled with a delay, causing huge frustration for drivers and passengers. 1. Eliminate manual work by Customer Care. 2. Prevent bad experience for our drivers and passengers. 3. Assure the alignment with Natbag regulation. I've designed solutions to solve operationalburden, which included integration with the company‘s micro-services, and were reflected in its apps and internal tools.
  5. 5. | ConsumerProductManagerApplicaster|2015–2014 WorkSummary& Samples In the Mobile Video Apps area, I had full ownership on several new apps and innovative features for: Entertainment, News, Sports and Kids audiences. My Responsibilities: UI User Stories PRDS Wireframes UX Definitions Competitive Analysis Market Research Prototyping Requirements Gathering Features Prioritization Use Cases Sprint Planning User Centered Design
  6. 6. | ConsumerProductManagerApplicaster|2015–2014 WorkSummary& Samples I've defined the UX and functional behavior, and designed the UI of a new Peruvian Sports App for Tablets and Smartphones.
  7. 7. WorkSummary& Samples Sports App | ConsumerProductManagerApplicaster|2015–2014
  8. 8. WorkSummary& Samples I've worked with the customer to gather requirements, formulate concept, and create the functional and UX specifications for new kids App. | ConsumerProductManagerApplicaster|2015–2014
  9. 9. WorkSummary& Samples I've designed the UI, UX behavior and technical specifications of several innovative features for the company’s video apps for iOS and Android Tablets and Smartphones. Storefront (Purchase Content)Notifications Settings for Sports App | ConsumerProductManagerApplicaster|2015–2014
  10. 10. WorkSummary& Samples MyResponsibilities: Concept Initiation from Scratch General Management Marketing designing User Interface User Experience BrowserExtensionforWikipedia–Project| PersonalWikiLinks|2015 I’ve Developed abrowser extensionthat improves the browsing experience on Wikipedia, by showing the first paragraph of any hyperlink, straight from the page that the user is currently reading. Writing Specs
  11. 11. WorkSummary& Samples MyResponsibilities: Concept Initiation from Scratch Needs Analysis market research designing User Interface User Experience 2014 | PersonalProject –MobileAppforRestaurantsRecommendations I’ve Developed a concept for series of Mobile Apps, that each of them recommends on specific type of cousin, based on the user’s Location and Social-Circles.
  12. 12. | ProductManagerEdusoft|2013–2011 I’ve managed two products: My Responsibilities: 1. Company’s flagship product – Web / SaaS Included two main parts: i. Online learning platform ii. managementplatform for teachers & admins WorkSummary& Samples Roadmap Requirements PRD’S Wireframes Cool Features Release Management Project Management Competitive Analysis Market Research
  13. 13. WorkSummary& Samples | ProductManagerEdusoft|2013–2011 2. Android & iOS mobiletablet apps Enabled students to extend their learning experience on the go. My Responsibilities: Project Management Outsourcing Product Requirements Pre-Sale Presentations Product Integration Online Training Customers’ Relations Plan Launch Campaign Marketing KIT
  14. 14. WorkSummary& Samples 2009–2011 | SimilarItIs | Co-Founder& ProductManager SimilarItIsrecommendationsengine wasusedin twoproducts: My Overall Responsibility: • Product definition and product roadmap. • All aspects of user interface and user experience (usecases, workflows, wireframes &mockups.) • Marketresearch, competitors analysis, and customers requirementsgathering. 1. 2. Generic Toolbar for ContentWebsites – allowed website owners, offering their users personalized browsing experience. SimilarItIsStandalone Social-Network – offered its end-users to connect,interact and get personal recommendations from people around the world, that share similar taste on their areas of interest. SimilarItIsAreas: #Web #SaaS #B2B #Social Networks #B2C #Personalization Services #Facebook API #Recommendations System
  15. 15. WorkSummary& Samples 2009–2011 | SimilarItIs | Co-Founder& ProductManager Product Requirements: PRD’S, Wireframes, Mockups, UI & UX
  16. 16. WorkSummary& Samples 2009–2011 | SimilarItIs | Co-Founder& ProductManager Product Requirements: PRD’S, Wireframes, Mockups, UI & UX
  17. 17. WorkSummary& Samples 2009–2011 | SimilarItIs | Co-Founder& ProductManager Product Requirements: PRD’S, Wireframes, Mockups, UI & UX
  18. 18. WorkSummary& Samples 2009–2011 | SimilarItIs | Co-Founder& ProductManager Business and Strategy: Presentations, Public speaking, Investors & Customers relations
  19. 19. WorkSummary& Samples 2009–2011 | SimilarItIs | Co-Founder& ProductManager Live Beta: Before After SimilarItIsturnedanystatic website, into dynamic, more engaging and personalized website After login, the user could enjoy personalized view, offers himrecommendations for news, albums and deals right from within thesite’s content source: