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Benefits of a High Protein Diet


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High protein diet helps in losing little weight. It is essential for muscle strength. 26 things related to high protein diet listed.

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Benefits of a High Protein Diet

  1. 1. BENEFITS OF A HIGH PROTEIN DIET   BEANS are an excellent source of proteins. Every 100g of beans contains around 24g of proteins. They diminish the risk of cancer and boost bone health AMINO ACIDS are the basic components of proteins. There are various types of amino acids and have numerous health benefits
  2. 2. BENEFITS OF A HIGH PROTEIN DIET   DEFICIENCY of protein in children causes a disease called Kwashiorkor, which is associated with stunted growth, hair loss, poor immunity and liver damage COTTAGE CHEESE is loaded with proteins and helps in weight loss. It is fat free and thus helps in managing weight.
  3. 3. BENEFITS OF A HIGH PROTEIN DIET   FISH is rich in proteins. Tuna, Salmon & Halibut are varieties of fish which have the highest protein-content. Omega-3 fish oil is enhances the metabolism and assists weight loss EGGS, especially Egg White is plentiful in proteins. It keeps the heart healthy. Being low on calories, egg white also helps in weight loss
  4. 4. BENEFITS OF A HIGH PROTEIN DIET   HIGH PROTEIN DIET is good for people who are into anaerobic exercise and intensive weight training. Bodybuilders usually take high protein diet. GOAT MILK has high amounts of amino acids and is totally fatfree. It is rich in sodium and helps keep the body fit and healthy
  5. 5. BENEFITS OF A HIGH PROTEIN DIET   JACKFRUIT, being a good source of protein is excellent for skin and hair. It has anti-ageing properties. It has plentiful cancer fighting nutrients INTENSIVE STRENGTH TRAINING requires a high protein diet. Regular workout and a protein rich diet together help in muscle gain
  6. 6. BENEFITS OF A HIGH PROTEIN DIET   LEGUMES are an excellent source of proteins, iron and potassium. They are considered to be a stockroom of minerals and vitamins as well Patients suffering from a KIDNEY DISORDER should avoid consuming a high protein diet. Kidneys require working a little harder to filter protein-wastes and therefore, consumption of proteins should be limited.
  7. 7. BENEFITS OF A HIGH PROTEIN DIET   NUTS are powerhouse of health . They act as stress busters and memory boosters. In weight management also, nuts play a very important part. MEAT is one of the richest sources of proteins. It helps in repair and growth of body cells. Meat helps in improving the immunity of the body and guards the body against infections.
  8. 8. BENEFITS OF A HIGH PROTEIN DIET   PEANUT BUTTER is a super food when it comes to bodybuilding. It is a great source of protein OATMEAL is a source of proteins, fibers and zinc. It has various health benefits. It is packed with antioxidants and is good for the heart
  9. 9. BENEFITS OF A HIGH PROTEIN DIET   RAISINS have high nutritional value. They are rich in proteins and vitamins (Vitamin E, Vitamin C, K and B). QUINOA is a low carb, glutenfree protein food. It has several health benefits. It has good amounts of dietary fibers and iron, which help in managing weight.
  10. 10. BENEFITS OF A HIGH PROTEIN DIET   TOFU is made out of soy milk. It has high protein content and is beneficial to those who want to shed excessive weight SEEDS such as Pumpkin seeds, squash and watermelon seeds are full of proteins. They are good for cell growth and repair
  11. 11. BENEFITS OF A HIGH PROTEIN DIET   VEAL, a form of lean meat is another good source of protein. It helps in weight management. Consuming good amounts of proteins can help reduce ulcer inflammation. Foods such as legumes, fish and oysters are helpful in soothing out ULCERS
  12. 12. BENEFITS OF A HIGH PROTEIN DIET   XANTHONES are obtained from the mangosteen fruit which is rich in proteins. These xanthones are used for various medicinal purposes WHEY encourages weight-loss. It helps in building muscles and burning excessive body fats. Whey is a perfect post-workout food.
  13. 13. BENEFITS OF A HIGH PROTEIN DIET   ZUCCHINI is a low-calorie food enriched with proteins and fibers. It boosts the energy levels. Also zucchini is full of Vitamin C so it also acts as an antioxidant and helps fight cancer. YOGURT is a protein-rich and tasty way to embrace high protein diet in your life. It has amazing health benefits. It is full of vitamins and good for abdomen muscles.