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Mexico institutional arregements


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This is one of the presentations at the 2nd day of "Technical Exchange on Jurisdictional REDD". See more at:

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Mexico institutional arregements

  1. 1. Institutional arrangements and political issues: the case of México June 2013, Manaus, Brazil Carmen Gómez Lozano National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR)
  2. 2. 1. Legislative framework 1. The vision of Mexico about REDD+ 2. Institutional arrangements 1. Interministerial Commission of Climate Change (CICC) 2. Technical Consultant Group of REDD+ (CTC REDD+) 3. REDD+ process in México 1. National strategy of REDD+ 2. Early actions Content
  3. 3. General framework • General Law on Climate Change (2012) • National Climate Change Strategy (2013) • National Strategy for REDD+ (in process) • The vision of Mexico about REDD+ (2010) PublicPolicy • Interministerial Commission on Climate Change (CICC) (2009) • National Climate Change System (in process) • National GHG Inventory (INECC), National Register (in process) • Three years to establish federal executive MRV system • Climate Change Fund (in process) • Regulations and Standard • Option to create an emissions trading scheme Institutional arrengement s Financial mechanism
  4. 4. 1. Lesgislative framework Bloque 4: REDD+ en México General Law on Climate Change (LGCC) ¿What? Public policies and strategies for the national climate change actions. ¿Who? Congress Year:2012 National Climate Change Strategy (ENCC) ¿What? Implementation mechanism for the general law on climate change ¿Who? CICC (Environmental Ministry, focal agency) Year: 2013 National Strategy of REDD+ (ENAREDD+) ¿What? Main document that porpoise strategies and policies to avoid deforestation, degradation and enhancement of carbon stocks ¿Who?: CICC (CONAFOR focal agency) Year: in process 2010 (COP16, Cancun): Aspiration document The vision of Mexico about REDD+ 9/22
  5. 5. 1.1The vision: aspiration goals • REDD+ strategy is part of the Sustainable Rural Development. - Alignment of rural public policies (forestry and agriculture) - A territorial approach and not just sector based -Strengthening community forestry management For 2020: • Transiting to a zero percent carbon loss in original forest ecosystems. • Increasing carbon stocks • More than 100 people contributed on this document
  6. 6. 2.1 Institutional arrangements: Interministerial Climate Change Commission (CICC) Bloque 4: REDD+ en México Grupo de Trabajo de Mitigación GT MITIG Grupo de Trabajo de Políticas de Adaptación GT ADAPT Grupo de Trabajo de Negociaciones Internacionales GT INT Comité Mexicano para proyectos de reducción de emisiones y de captura de gases de efecto invernadero COMEGEI Grupo de Trabajo de Reducción de Emisiones por Deforestación y Degradación forestal GT REDD 10/22
  7. 7. Bloque 4: REDD+ en México • SAGARPA, SALUD, SCT, SE, SEDESOL, SEGOB, SEMARNAT (coordinates), SENER, SHCP, SER (SECTUR, INEGI) CICC • SEMARNAT – CONAFOR (coordinates), CONABIO, CONANP, CONAGUA, IMTA, INE, CBMM GT REDD •NGO: AMBIO, RED MOCAF, CCMSS (preside el CTC REDD), WWF, PRONATURA SUR, NATURA, UNOFOC, TNC, CEMDA, SAO, RITA, CEIBA, DMCN, GREENPEACE •Academy: ECOSUR, COLPOS, CIGA-UNAM, •Government institutions: CDI CCDI CTC REDD+ Advisors Advisors 11/22 Federalinstitutions NGO,academy, governement 2.1 Institutional arrangements: Technical Consultant Committee of REDD+ (CTCREDD+)
  8. 8. CIDRS Federal level State level Local level CTC REDD+ GT ATREDDGT REDD+ National Strategy CTC EstatalComisión Intersecret arial Consejos de DRS States strategies Stockeholders participations Project implementation CICC SAGARPA, SEDESOL, SEMARNAT, SCT, SE, SENER SER Y SHCP SAGARPA, SEDESOL, SRA, SSA, SEMARNAT, SCT, SE, SENER SER Y SHCP Agente técnico Bloque 4: REDD+ en México 12/22 2. Institutional arrangements Climate change arrangements Rural development arrangements Platforms of participtaion and alignemt
  9. 9. 3. REDD+ process in México 2008 • CONAFOR is the focal agency for REDD+. 2009 • It is created de Interministerial Climate Change Commission (CICC) • It is created a Work group REDD+ (GT-REDD) inside of the CICC. 2010 • It is created a Technichal Consultant Commite of REDD+ (CTC REDD+), advices the GT-REDD • It is published the “The visión of México about REDD”. 2011 • Working Group of Early Actions REDD+(GT-AT ) is created in the en la Commission Interministerial rural sustainable development Commission • CTCs in the States are created • Draft of the National Strategy of REDD+ 2012 • Draft of the Strategy of comunication • Design of a proposal for consultation protocol. 2013 • Expected to get last draft of the National Strategy and consultation protocol
  10. 10. Capacity building and national strategy PHASE 1 PHASE 2 PHASE 3 Implementation of public policies Payment by results Financial support: FCPF for the RPP Financial support: FIP Norweign – Mexico project for MRV French Development Agency (AFD) and Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Developement (ECID) for Early Action REDD+ Multi and bilaterales Finance: Not yet Expectatives: Carbon Fund and Forest Bond 7/22 3. REDD+ process in México
  11. 11. 3.1 National strategy of REDD+ Components (last draft, 2012): – .Alignment of public policies – Financial mechanisms – Institutional arrangements and capacity building – RL – MRV – Safeguards – Communication, social participation y transparency.
  12. 12. 3.2 Early actions REDD+
  13. 13. Gracias! For more information about National Strategy of REDD+: Jaime Severino Romo About Norweign – Mexico project (MRV system): Lucio Andrés Santos