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6/19 I Kantara Workshop: MDAV: Mobile Device Attributes Validation (CIS 2017)


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Steve Wilson, Lockstep Technologies discusses Mobile Device Attributes Validation.

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6/19 I Kantara Workshop: MDAV: Mobile Device Attributes Validation (CIS 2017)

  1. 1. MDAV Mobile Device Attributes Validation Cloud Identity Summit Chicago, 19 June 2017 Steve Wilson Lockstep Technologies
  2. 2. • Lockstep Technologies – Steve Wilson • IDI – Adam Madlin, Les Chasen • Kantara – Ruth Puente, Colin Wallis • CCICADA, Rutgers University – Prof Janne Lindqvist MDAV Team Profile
  3. 3. The need • First Responders (keystone customers) – proof of credentials, offline – proof of issuer (provenance) – tamper resistant storage in mobiles. • Broader users – manage multiple attributes – anonymously, pseudonymously – decouple attribute issuers, devices, and RPs.
  4. 4. The Stepwise Approach Individual Attribute Authority AttributeDevice User Control First Aid Certificate Medical Training Agency Smart phone Model M Private Key Store Incident Report Event data Signed: Device First Responder (Subject) Field Officer (RP)
  5. 5. Benefits • Transforms the integrity and privacy of attributes • Provenance of attributes, issuers and devices • Disclosure minimization; anonymous if desired • Matches many supposed qualities of blockchain yet – – works offline – fast to process – leverages mature, standard PKI stack & services – simple, elegant architecture & governance – low risk.
  6. 6. Discussion