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Identive | Press Release | Identive Introduces Innovative Payment Tag for Mobile Phones


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• Patent-pending peel & stick RFID tag enables contactless payments on current generation smartphones
• Technology utilizes standard card production processes

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Identive | Press Release | Identive Introduces Innovative Payment Tag for Mobile Phones

  1. 1. IDENTIVE INTRODUCES INNOVATIVE PAYMENT TAG FOR MOBILE PHONES  Patent-pending peel & stick RFID tag enables contactless payments on current generation smartphones  Technology utilizes standard card production processesSAN FRANCISCO, Calif., May 22, 2012 – Identive Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: INVE; Frankfurt:INV), a provider of products and services for the identification, security and RFID industries,today announced tomPAY™, an innovative radio frequency identification (RFID) peel & sticktag that allows payment card manufacturers to offer contactless payment capabilities usingconsumers’ existing mobile devices. The new tag is being showcased at the NFC SolutionsSummit, a conference and exhibit of the latest developments in NFC technology being heldMay 22-24 in Burlingame, California.Based on Identive’s patent-pending tom® (tag on metal) smart inlay technology, tomPAYfeatures a unique peel and stick form factor that allows it to be manufactured using the sameprocesses as an ISO PVC card, and then popped out of the card and affixed to a mobilephone. When placed on a phone, tomPAY enables contactless mobile payments incompliance with MasterCard® PayPass™ specifications and also can be used for loyalty orother schemes. Additionally, tomPAY can be adapted to support EMV-compliant (SDA/DDA)chips, opening new opportunities for card makers and issuers to provide their customers withan EMV-enabled tap-and-go experience.“Identive’s strong roots in both security and RFID technologies give us particular insight intothe needs of the payment industry and the addition of this market-first offering underscoresour focus on mobile payment solutions. We are gratified that our tomPAY solution has beentested and accepted by a major card issuer in Europe and look forward to the deployment ofthe tags to their customers in the coming months,” said Dr. Manfred Mueller, COO ofIdentification Products for Identive. “Over the next few years there is a significant opportunityfor payment solutions that bridge existing phones with the coming wave of NFC-enableddevices, and with a strong portfolio of NFC offerings, Identive is positioned to address themarket at every point along the way.”
  2. 2. Identive developed its tag on metal technology to overcome the issues inherent to RFIDperformance, which can be adversely affected by exposure to metal, such as thecomponents of mobile phones. The tomPAY product incorporates high-end smart card ICsfrom numerous contactless chip manufacturers suitable for both open and private paymentschemes, transport ticketing and loyalty applications. tomPAY are compatible with standardcontactless smart card manufacturing processes including lamination and card punching. Aswith standard ISO PVC cards, the pop-out tags can be fully printed and personalized in thestandard issuance process.The tomPAY tags work well in both on-phone and in-air scenarios and utilize a strongadhesive backing that adheres to most popular mobile phone brands.tomPAY peel & stick tags are available now.About IdentiveIdentive Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: INVE; Frankfurt: INV) is focused on building the world’ssignature company in Secure ID. The company’s products, software, systems and servicesaddress the markets for identity management, physical and logical access control, cashlesspayment, NFC solutions and a host of RFID-enabled applications for customers in thegovernment, enterprise, consumer, education and healthcare sectors. Identive’s mission is tobuild a lasting business of scale and technology based on a combination of strongtechnology-driven organic growth and disciplined acquisitive expansion. The companydelivers up-to-date information on its activity as well as industry trends through itsindustry-leading social media initiatives and educational resource, Foradditional information, please visit or follow on Twitter at@IdentiveGroup.Note: tom is a registered trademark and tomPAY is a trademark of Identive Group, Inc. Allother trademarks are the property of their respective owners.Contacts:Darby Dye, +1 949 553-4251, ddye@identive-group.comLennart Streibel, +49 89 9595-5195, Page 2 of 2