Identive | Press Release | Identive Adds Online Custom NFC Tags to its Industry Leading NFC Marketplace


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Identive Adds Online Custom NFC Tags to its Industry Leading NFC Marketplace

Personalized NFC tags now available from

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Identive | Press Release | Identive Adds Online Custom NFC Tags to its Industry Leading NFC Marketplace

  1. 1. IDENTIVE ADDS ONLINE CUSTOM NFC TAGS TO ITS INDUSTRY LEADING NFC MARKETPLACE Personalized NFC tags now available from www.identiveNFC.comSANTA ANA, Calif. and ISMANING, Germany, April 26, 2012 – Identive Group, Inc.(NASDAQ: INVE; Frankfurt: INV), a provider of products, services and solutions for theidentification, payment and NFC mobility markets today launched a new NFC tag onlinecustomization service to supply consumers and developers with personalized NFC tags.Customers can now order NFC tags, stickers and smart posters for advertising,promotion, information pick-up or social media check-in and can personalize their tagswith their own designs, photos or logos, specify a URL destination, phone number orother data to be encoded, and place orders directly on"Industry analysts project the number of consumers with NFC-enabled smartphones togrow exponentially this year, making near field communication an exciting tool forpromotions and advertising, and for making information about products or services easilyaccessible,” said David Holmes, vice president Mobility & NFC Solutions for Identive.“With the wave of new NFC phones arriving, businesses and service providers arelooking for ways to use this fun and convenient technology and give their customers aunique and positive experience. This new service makes it easy to quickly create customNFC tags for virtually any environment.”Identive’s personalized NFC tags comply with NFC Forum standards and are available inseveral sizes and form factors to suit specific needs and environments. The NFC tagscan be used on posters or affixed directly to furniture or objects to create a fun andinformative experience for users when they tap the tags to download special offers orpromotions, view a video or movie trailer, check-in to or ‘like’ a business on social mediasites, dial a phone number or enjoy any of the dozens of new phone-based activities thatNFC is expected to enable. Custom NFC tags can be ordered now /More
  2. 2. Identive’s online NFC marketplace,, is the world’s mostcomprehensive NFC store, offering standard NFC tags, Google Places NFC tags,readers, reader modules, software development kits and now custom printed andpersonalized NFC tags.About Identive GroupIdentive Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: INVE; Frankfurt: INV) is focused on building the world’ssignature company in Secure ID. The company’s products, software, systems andservices address the markets for identity management, physical and logical accesscontrol, NFC and a host of RFID-enabled applications for customers in the government,enterprise, consumer, education, healthcare and transportation sectors. Identive’smission is to build a lasting business of scale and technology based on a combination ofstrong technology-driven organic growth and disciplined acquisitive expansion. Foradditional info visit: 

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