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Transient identiti: Design Thinking and Innovation session v4


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The modern day approach for going to market has been obsolete. It's time for Marketing Innovation.

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Transient identiti: Design Thinking and Innovation session v4

  1. 1. Introducing TRANSIENT IDENTITI, INC.“The most important skill set of the NewMarketer is intellectual curiosity”
  2. 2. Our Sole PremiseTransient Identiti is a strategic innovation shopwhere strategy meets design. The core businessfocus is to help clients rethink facets of their go-to-market approach for connecting products withdesired target audiences from ideation ofexecution.Through our exploratory approach centeredaround design thinking, Transient Identiti infusesinnovation across a series of Marketing functionsranging from communications planning tocustomer strategy .2
  3. 3. + Introductions+ Universal Truths+ Future of Brand Management+ Imaginative Thinking+ Innovations in Go-to-Market Approach+ Disrupting the Consumer Goods Business ModelTOPICS3
  4. 4. CONVERSATION Prism4New era of Brand Managementmeans that product design anddevelopment has to create“listening brands.”
  5. 5. UNIVERSAL Truths5Brands mistakingly spend more resources onconsideration and buying phases than on theLoyalty Loop (enjoying, advocating, andbonding). New Media has made the loyalty loopmore relevant than ever.
  6. 6. UNIVERSAL Truths6The Dawn of the Social Consumer…
  7. 7. CONSUMER Pathway7In the new era of marketing, the focus must be on the modes thatconsumers are in when they interact with and experience thebrand.TI+ Pfizer Drug Patient Pathway
  8. 8. UNIVERSAL Truths8The Proximity Effectiveness circle influence impliesdigital must be at the core from the beginning…
  9. 9. + Consumers are developing “commoditized attitudinalpatterns” about brands.+ Overall mismatch between consumer attitudes towardsbrands and the market value of those companies.+ Lack of creativity and energized differentiation+ Brands lack vision (ability to change the way people think),invention (combination of innovation, brand iconography,packaging design, applied technology, retail experience,and customer service), dynamism (penetration of popularculture).UNIVERSAL Truths9
  10. 10. + The most success brands and services are the ones that aredifferentiated by the networks they create, and therelationships they create with users and between users. It hasa lot to do with human behavior and motivation.UNIVERSAL Truths10
  12. 12. WHAT We KnowThe Future of Brand Experiences willbecome more intangible.Proliferation of widgets, gadgets, and apps is increasinglykilling the impression based Marketing model.+ Clients need to completely rethink the “distribution” oftheir brand message and their brand experiences.+ The ecosystem of customer experiences that clients mustnavigate is now defined by micro-interactions with the brand.The future in harnessing media will boildown to imaginative thinking. 12
  13. 13. INVISIBLE Pop-up Retailing13With the limited rerelease of the Airwalk Jim the brand is launching a Pop-Up Shop that is not onlyvirtual but also invisible. The brand is set to release 300 pairs of the iconic sneaker on November15th and if you want to get first dibs they have introduced an app for iPhone named GoldRun. Youcan use the GoldRun iPhone app to find the store’s virtual location and take a photo of the Jimwhen it appears to claim them.
  14. 14. VIRTUAL WALL of Inventory14Adidas fanatics will no longer have to trek to one of the signature Adidas shoe stores to oglethe latest products. Intel creates a virtual wall that stocks up to 8,000 plus shoes.
  15. 15. WHAT We Know+ Consumers are going to the biggest properties+ Consumer connectivity and engagement has caused for thereinvention of the product design and development modeland the go-to-market model.+ If each touch point has a different influence upon theconsumer and it will be the “effect” that makes the differencein the end then the conversation about changing behaviormust begin in the beginning.15
  16. 16. WHAT We KnowWhy Bring Digital Upstream Now?+ The first is the increasing speed of everything. Product lifecycles and design cycles are getting shorter.+ The second issue is inter-industry competition. Competition iscoming from unexpected places. Who could haveanticipated that the iPad’s success would put all kinds ofdisplay devices—like electronic photo frames—out ofbusiness?+ The third trend is disruptions from business models that offerbetter customer experiences instead of simply products.16
  18. 18. RETHINKING The Experience+ Nike ++ Nike + iPod embodied convergent thinking by collapsing thenotion of exercising with a discman, calorie counting watch, andself tracking tools and melded it with the most important product,shoes.18
  19. 19. RETHINKING The Experience+ Nike + (cont.)+ Nike + iPod required re-engineering of the central productelement, the shoe itself. First Nike had to assess the “eco-system.”+ Next iteration is believed to be GPS integration.19
  20. 20. RETHINKING The Experience20+ Nike + (cont.)+ Nike + iPod gave birth to a runners community that matchesvirtual interaction and physical meet ups with the product as thecentral theme where technology was the breakthrough.
  21. 21. RETHINKING Complexity+ Automotive Apps+ From Dodge to OnStar, automakers have created the ultimatelyutility in car apps that will fuel the era of the smart car revolutionwhere diagnostics goes beyond the dashboard.21
  22. 22. RETHINKING Complexity+ Automotive Apps+ The app evolution required rethinking the limitation betweenintuitive understanding of car care and service departmentconversations with the consumer.22
  23. 23. RETHINKING Complexity+ Ford’s Sync Technology+ Ford’s Sync technology entered the marketplace long before thehands free mandate by selective states become a legislativeconcern.+ The Technology is to allow the seamless transition between homeand car in terms of computing utility.23
  24. 24. RETHINKING Consumer Rewards+ On-board Driving Monitors+ Snapshot by Progressive and DriveWiseby Allstate plug in to your car’s on-board diagnostic port.+ By evaluating driver behavior,customers can receive up to 30% indiscounts for save driving.+ The technology re-writes the basis of agiven auto insurance policy.24
  25. 25. RETHINKING Consumer Rewards+ Bluefly introduces Game Mechanics+ Shopping site Bluefly partners with Badgeville and addsbadges to make online shopping more like games+ The more badges shoppers earn, the more they will berewarded with early access to products, special deals anddiscounts. + The technology creates a new value system for shopping.25
  26. 26. RETHINKING A New Dimension+ Dora the Explorer Dora Links™ doll+ The Dora Links™ doll is meant for girls ages five to ten. DoraLinks™ is a fashion doll that merges online activities with actualplay to stretch little girls’ imaginations with pretend play.+ Kids can playing fun and exciting Dora computer games. DoraLinks™ allows you to change her eye color, jewelry color and hairlength through the computer.26
  27. 27. RETHINKING The Crowd+ Crowd-sourced Business Model+ Over a million registered members and addsmore than 20,000 members per month.+ Company receives an average of 150-200new designs per day--thats more than athousand designs a week.+ Company selects seven new designs (andreprints two old designs) each week and sellsthe shirts for $15 to $17 each. The winningdesigners receive $2,000 in cash and $500 instore credit for their designs.+ Company has attracted nearly 150,000submission from 42,000 aspiring designers-withmore than 80 million votes cast by members toexpress their preferences27
  28. 28. RETHINKING The Crowd+ Consumer Customization+ Nikeid and RYZ Footwear were launched under the notion that the most successfulproduct sell is the one in which the consumer creates the finished product.+ Nikeid launch was driven from mobile campaign where customization preferenceswere initiated via handset first.28RYZ FootwearNikeid
  29. 29. RETHINKING Package Design+ Activating the product packaging+ 2D Barcodes to connect consumers via package labeling fromeverything to sweepstakes to product tutorials.29
  30. 30. RETHINKING Package Design+ Activation for product information+ 2D barcoding detailing nutritional facts30
  31. 31. RETHINKING The Experience+ iPad Scannable Boarding Passes+ Through Delta’s boarding pass selection, you can select to receive aneboarding pass.+ The iPad revolutionized this concept by presenting a larger viewablescreen that ensured the success of scanning the ticket. Powered by a 2Dbarcode, passengers are checked in.31
  32. 32. RETHINKING The Experience+ Fancy (social shopping platform)+ Via a bookmarklet, you can flag and import pictures from other websitesinto your Fancy profile; download pictures and text into your profile; youcan snap a photo of a favorite product from Fancy’s iPhone app; you cantag photos (i.e. shoes, furniture) to make them searchable on the site.+ The social component of Fancy allows you to follow other users whoseproduct and image collections you like.32
  34. 34. DISRUPT Your Brand PlanningThese “movements” will forever reshape the way brands arecreated from the inception because they are driven byconsumer behavior, consumer preference, or consumerexpectations.+ Digital Intuition+ The Human Cloud (based on Cloud Computing)+ Multisensory Brand Experiences+ Marketing as a Service (Service Design)+ Customer Managed Relationships+ CO-Creation Expectation+ Game Mechanics34
  35. 35. DIGITAL Intuition+ Entering the marketplace are a series oftechnologies that in artificialintelligence like fashion will begin tomake decisions regarding ourpreferences for us.+ My6Sense as a leading indicator of selfprofiling.+ This app works by building up a ‘DigitalIntuition’ about your tastes. Give it your Twitter,Facebook and Google Buzz accounts, alongwith any RSS feeds that you follow, and overtime you’ll discover that My6Sense really isstarting to learn about the kinds contentyou’re most interested in.35
  36. 36. HUMAN Cloud+ Everyone forms their owncloud+ From Linkedin to FB to Twitter topersonal trainers, there is amovement to create our ownwalled gardens.36
  37. 37. MULTISENSORY Experiences+ Multisensory Brand Experiences+ Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, visitors are invited to experiencemultisensory immersion into the sights, sounds and smells ofFerraris Italian heritage and rides that simulate the G-force ofFormula 1 racing.+ Nissan plans to launch in-car aromatherapy forest airconditioning, which will deliver scents that assist in maintainingalertness and deliver vitamin C to help hydrate human skin.+ 6-D cinemas include seats that move and fragrance jets thatallow audiences to experience even greater sensory thrills.37
  38. 38. MARKETING as a Service+ Marketing as a Service+ With Marketing evolving from being “seen” to being “shared” thenew expectation is that Brand Marketing carry some form of utilitywithin the product offering.+ Nike Plus Runners community.+ Call it engagement or service, experience is the basis from whatall “social currency” bears its roots.  + Service designers must consider the inflection points whenproduct engagement can affect the overall experience butcannot be controlled.+ Service blueprints, touchpoint matrixes, and customer journeymaps are useful tools for breaking down services into sequences.These maps explore individual roles of producers and customerswhile also identifying opportunities for innovation or improvement.They also prioritize ideas, plan next steps, and maintain aconsistent vision.38
  39. 39. CUSTOMER Managed Relationships+ From CRM to CMR+ Any Marketing professional will talk about the role of CRM and it’sability to move consumer across a brand portfolio and drivebusiness across the bottomline.  Primarily executed in a “push”Marketing fashion, this framework fast becoming obsolete.  + Social connectivity means that a brands existence within thesocial construct or social fabric of the consumer’s everyday life isfar more pertinent.  Exit CRM and enter CMR, customer-managedrelationships.  + This term witnesses the emergence of platforms that are userdriven where the brand provides tools that allow the consumer tomore effectively make purchase decisions.  39
  40. 40. CUSTOMER Managed Relationships40
  41. 41. CO-Creation Movement+ Consumers will expect to be brought into the productdevelopment realm in co-creation fashion.+ Dew Mocracry established a new approach for building abrand from Brand Identity to Product Launch+ Through Product Design+ Through Product Development+ Through Customer Experience+ Through in-market Execution41
  42. 42. GAME Mechanics+ Gaming as the Future of Engagement+ The notion of “chance” or play for fun style participation hasalways been a draw for the average consumer.  It’s no secret thatmany of the most impactful business ideas obtained their originsfrom  the gaming arena (virtual reality – now augmented reality;3D animation; multi-player role playing) you name it – anyadvanced form of user engagement. The notion of gamemechanics speaks to the need for the melding of participatoryentertainment as part of the business strategy.  + Consumers more and more will foot note their behaviors throughdigital activities that go beyond a mere utility but also offerexcitement and the “chance” for incentives.  + Implies the community aspect (gamers like to compete andparticipate with friends).  + Allows the brand to come along for the ride with packaged properly.  + The ability of the user to get “lost” in another world (essentially off themainstream, mass media grid).42
  43. 43. GAME Mechanics43+ L’Oreal’s Redkin integrates into Busy Scissors role playinggame utilizing techniques and products from a real salon tostudy virtual consumer behaviors.
  45. 45. IMAGINE The Future+ Starbucks Launches (ProductEnhancements)+ Coffee cup (stopper)45
  46. 46. IMAGINE The Future+ Intuit Launches Collaboration Portal+ Quickbooks meets StockTwits meets Liquidplanner meets Evernote46
  47. 47. IMAGINE The Future+ Target/Kodak Unveils In-Store Facebook Photo Printing+ P&G integrates touch screen in-store kiosks where users canaccess their CoverGirl accounts and pull up photos ofthemselves.+ User scans code on box against screen. Screen recommends best looks forthat product; user can save preferences to online acct.47Target – San Francisco
  48. 48. IMAGINE The Future+ Foursquare Checkin Unlocks This Apartment Door, DIY KitsComing Soon+ P&G creates additional level of product “utility” once consumerscheck-in at retail.+ Through package design P&G could allows users to directly opt-into one of it’s many communities or loyalty program directly at thepoint of sale.48
  49. 49. IMAGINE The Future+ Apple goes multi-touch.49
  51. 51. OUTSIDE Innovation+ Cosmetics Groups needs to create…+ An Architecture of Participation+ Why?+ Customers Insist on Open Access+ Customer Revolution characterized by comparative shopping,demands for customized products, memorable experiences, andhigh services levels is challenging all existing business models51
  52. 52. CONNECT With Us52You have to discretely innovate for every one of those consumers onthat economic curve, and if you don’t do that, you’ll fail.”Robert McDonald
  53. 53. CONNECT With Us53Dynamic customer experiences centered around content,applications, and communications relevant to the social relationshipbeing cultivated will be the new sell-through approach.Transient Identiti, Inc.
  54. 54. 54CONNECT With Us+ Why the name sake? Because we are unconventional.Because we thrive on the notion of disruption. Because weare constantly evolving in our thinking. Because we arealways focused on what rarely remains at rest. Becausecomplacency is another word for traditional.