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  • Thanks for joining. We ’ll get started in just a few minutes as we wait for a couple more people to join. Reminder to record!!!! Hi everyone and thanks for joining us today for another installment of our social recruiting webinars. Our topic today is Employer Branding with Social Media. All other webinars in this series are recorded and posted on our website at employers.identified.com/events.
  • I ’m Jennifer Picard, the Product Marketing Director here at Identified. I’m joined by Lizzie Bluestein, our Sales and Marketing Coordinator, who will be shouting out your questions throughout the presentation so we can answer them. So, please feel free to ask away in the chat box to your right. Today’s webinar should last approximately 30 minutes. Also, a quick intro to Identified: Identified Employer Solutions helps organizations recruit on Facebook through our Facebook job posting app and Facebook sourcing tool that allows recruiters to tap into Facebook ’s 901,000,000 person community. We have a special intro package for webinar attendees, so please indicate in the chat box if you’re interested in learning more about our Facebook recruiting solutions. But, for now, let ’s get in to some quick housekeeping and the takeaways.
  • Today, I ’d like to go over some tips and tweaks that will make Facebook more effective for sourcing talent. We’re going to discuss three ways you can post jobs on Facebook, utilizing Facebook’s insights features to monitor and bolster your outreach, and the best practices for you to post jobs. Let’s get started. Before I get into the nitty gritty of posting jobs on Facebook, I would like to briefly explain the rationale behind its importance: Posting jobs on Facebook is an up and coming concept that we believe is going to co-exist with other large, professional social networks like Linkedin. What you will notice as time goes on is a gradual integration of professionalism with Facebook ’s personal dynamic, and that is something we recommend you capitalize on. Facebook has a constantly growing pool of 901,000,000 users, which dwarfs Linkedin’s 160,000,000 person community. A typical Facebook user also spends about 46 minutes per day on the site. With nearly a billion people devoting this much time to the social network, I think it’s safe to say that Facebook is an imperative facet of your recruiting process. So now that we ’ve established the importance of posting jobs on Facebook, let’s get into the how. There are three ways to post jobs on Facebook: you can use your own personal profile (which should be treated as a supplement to your job postings rather than a primary source), your company ’s Facebook career page, and a job posting application specifically for Facebook. First, let ’s check out how your personal profile can contribute to your social recruiting process...
  • Posting company jobs on your personal profile is yet another way to making your employer brand known. Even though your primary medium for posting jobs should be on your Facebook career page, let ’s see how your personal profile plays a role as an effective supplement: - Posting jobs on your personal Facebook profile is a way to leverage your first degree connections on Facebook. - In the event that these first degree connections are interested in this job, they can click on the link and apply directly through your Facebook career page (assuming you have the job posting app that we will be discussing later) - If these first degree connections know someone else who is interested in the job you have posted, they can share it. - You can tag Facebook friends who you think might be interested in the job you are posting, if you happened to know anyone. When posting jobs, keep these things in mind: - Make the title of the job sound professional, appealing, and of a discernible niche. - Ensure that the description is engaging and detailed. - Add a picture of the office for kicks. It will make people more enthusiastic about applying to your job. This, of course, doesn ’t merely apply to your personal profile, but to every aspect of job posting in general. - Casually mention office perks and tie them smoothly into your job descriptions.
  • If you have not yet created a corporate Facebook page solely devoted to careers, you should make that a priority. Your Facebook Career Page should be the keystone of your employer brand, so it ’s absolutely imperative that you have one. We have a couple of webinar recordings on our website about creating effective Facebook career pages if you are interested. Feel free to check them out after this webinar! Now, let ’s go over how you can effectively post jobs on your Facebook Career Page: - Follow the 20/80 rule: that is, 20% of your career page should consist of job postings and the remaining 80% should be devoted to employer branding. - This is because Facebook users would rather get to know more about what it is like to work for you than see a mundane list of job postings on your career page. A successful Facebook career page is always experiencing organic growth and engagement in its well-rounded talent community. The more transparent you are about your company culture, the more people will want to work for you. - Put in another light, the amount of effort you devote to your career page is directly reciprocated back to you by the Facebook community: so the more meticulous you are about grooming a strong career page, the more quality applicants you ’ll receive over time. - A provocative, captivating cover photo, for example, is a must-do for strong employer branding. You should also include videos, photos, events, office perks, et. cetera in the tabs beneath your cover photo. - Post updates consistently - once or twice a week, at minimum. - This does require some trial and error in order to get down to a science - Posting frequency really depends on the company. Some companies post as frequently as five times per day, and others post as rarely as once a week. - The main thing to keep in mind, though, is consistency – you don ’t want to throw users off by posting twenty times one day and nothing at all for the next month. - These things should all be done with one thing in mind: that you are maximizing the desirability among users to work for your company.
  • Consider adding a job posting app, which will appear as a tab beneath your cover photo. Let ’s go over the importance of Facebook job posting apps: - The purpose of Facebook job posting apps is to make the job application process as seamless and convenient as possible. - The more seamless a job application process is for a candidate, the more likely he or she is to apply - A greater number of applicants entails two things: 1. More desirability to work for your company 2. More potential for a stronger employee - Having a job posting app at the disposal of users suggests a sense of professionalism and care for employees. By having a good Facebook job posting app, you are already building a good rapport with applicants without even interacting with them directly. - Facebook job posting apps make it much, much easier for applicants to share jobs with their friends. Identified ’s TalentLink is a great example of a Facebook job posting app. Upon clicking on the jobs tab on your Facebook Career Page, applicants will be directed to a Facebook page of job listings that you have published. Here, applicants can filter their job search with keywords and apply to jobs with their resumé and/or cover letter without having to leave Facebook. We’ll talk more about the recruiter side of Talentlink toward the end of this presentation.
  • Facebook recently released a free feature for businesses to use to track user traffic on their corporate pages. This is an extremely useful tool to use if you want to see how effective your employer branding strategies are. At what rate are your likes increasing? How many people are each of your posts reaching? Which ones are most effective? How many people are talking about your page? What measures can you take to increase outreach? These are just a few of the questions that Facebook Insights can answer for you. You also have the option to view the demographics among those who like your page, including age, location, and gender. Using these metrics, you should formulate job descriptions and your visual media accordingly. If, for example, your reach is most concentrated among males between 18 and 34 years old, you probably alter your job postings accordingly. Facebook Insights are an excellent tool, free of cost, that allow you to determine what audience you should reach out to most.
  • Identified has created Facebook recruiting solutions for the social employer to compliment your existing recruiting strategies. Our solutions include the job posting app we discussed briefly earlier, Talentlink, for your Facebook Company or Career page and a sourcing tool that helps you professionalize personal Facebook connections and search through existing networks. Let ’s take a look.
  • ProSearch is our sourcing tool which allows you to search Facebook profiles with filtering, ranking and relevance. You can also download resumes, message candidates, and see how you are connected to the candidates through your company ’s employees. Start with a free user profile at identified.com or let us know if you’re interested in a ProSearch subscription. We’re currently running a 4 month promotional trial for ProSearch and TalentLink, so let us know if you’d be interested in trying it out.
  • TalentLink is a Facebook job posting app for your Business Page. TalentLink helps you increase your job views and drive candidates to your jobs because jobs can be shared through social media, pulled by aggregators, and indexed by search engines. Candidates can apply with a cover letter and resume without ever leaving Facebook, or the app can integrate with your ATS to pull jobs and redirect interested candidates. As a recruiter, you can: - Post and edit job openings right from their Facebook Business Page. The application creates a customizable career tab where recruiters can list job openings and their full descriptions. - Track the effectiveness of your candidate acquisition channels all the way through the application process, ensuring a positive ROI and highly qualified applicants. With our reporting feature, you are able to see job views by source to determine which networks offer the best exposure, applicants by source to see which networks your applicants come from, and hires by source to determine which networks most often lead to successful candidates.

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    3. 3. Takeaways• 3 ways to post jobs on Facebook • Personal Profile • Company Page • Job Posting App• How to use page insights to see which of your posts are most effective• Job posting best practices
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