Facebook Versus LinkedIn: A Social Recruitment Showdown


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  • Hi everyone, and thanks for joining. We’ll get started in just a few minutes as we wait for a couple more people to join. While I have you all here, though, I’d like to do a quick audio-visual check. If you can both hear and see me, please let me know in the chat box to the right of your screen.(Lizzie should also be typing this message into the chat box, in case people can’t hear me. She should also go check with the sales team to make sure they can hear me.)Reminder to record!!!!Hi everyone and thanks for joining us today for another installment of our social recruiting webinars. Today, we’ll be covering the similarities and differences to recruiting on Facebook and LinkedIn. All other webinars in this series are recorded and posted on our website at employers.identified.com/events
  • I’m Jennifer Picard, the Product Marketing Director here at Identified, and I’m joined by Erik Kostelnik, our VP of Sales. Identified Employer Solutions are Facebook Recruiting Solutions for the social employer. Our solutions include a job posting app for your Facebook Company or Career page, a Facebook sourcing tool that helps you professionalize personal Facebook connections and search through existing networks, and Facebook advertising to drive targeted talent to your job postings and build your talent community. Today’s webinar should last approximately 30 minutes, with 15 minutes at the end for a Q&A session, so please ask your questions throughout the webinar by typing them into the Q&A box to your right.Today, we’re going to talk about some of the similarities and differences to recruiting on Facebook versus recruiting on LinkedIn.
  • Facebook is the world’s leading “personal” social network while LinkedIn rules the roost amongst “professional” networks. However, both networks have changed drastically over the past year– Facebook had adopted a more business-friendly and professional approach while LinkedIn is increasingly transforming to add a more personal touch. With the two networks becoming increasingly similar, we’re here today to discuss how the two compare for social recruitment. We’re going to start off with some quick social recruitment stats, demographics of Facebook and LinkedIn users, the privacy settings of each network, and, finally, how each tool compares to help you find, connect with, and hire top talent.Let’s jump into some quick stats to see where potential job candidates have social profiles.
  • While LinkedIn has been the social recruitment network of choice thus far, a 2011 Forrester study makes it clear that it’s not an adequate social recruitment strategy on it’s own – only 28% of US adult social media users are on LinkedIn. In contrast, 96% of U.S. adults who use social networking sitesare on Facebook. What we’re seeing here is a disconnect between where potential job candidates spend their time, and where recruiters spend time trying to find them.
  • In fact, this ComScoreinfographic about the average minutes per visitor to social media sites in January shows that the average Facebook user spent 405 minutes (or nearly 7 hours) on the site in January, compared to LinkedIn’s average visitor spending just 17 minutes on the site. This is because people don’t go on LinkedIn, or update their profiles, unless they’re looking for a job. Facebook, on the other hand, shows that 50% of users log in every day. That’s because Facebook is where they go to chat with friends, get news, and now, to find jobs. It’s no wonder people spend more time on Facebook.
  • Facebook is the largest human database of all time, with 845 million users compared with only 150 million on LinkedIn.Out of the 155 million US Facebook users, nearly 60% of those are between 18-34 years old. LinkedIn does not require birthdate information so it’s difficult to compare apples to apples, but it’s common knowledge that LinkedIn is not widely used by the younger generation – which is why they’ve recently revamped profiles for students by adding sections for projects, honors and awards, and courses. As of June, LinkedIn reported 15.5 million worldwide members that are students or have graduated in the past three years. Facebook has 4 times that amount in the US alone. To contrast, LinkedIn boasts that they have executives from all 2011 Fortune 500 companies as members, a figure that we have not seen on Facebook’s stats page. This data suggests that LinkedIn may remain the network of choice to recruit executives and more experienced hires, while Facebook can help you find the entry and mid-level candidates that prefer to do their personal and professional networking from a single platform.If you want to reach this demographic, it’s time to start networking on Facebook like you do on LinkedIn.
  • This is an example of what Facebook’s privacy settings can do to make your profile appropriate for professional use. The screenshot on the left is what my best friend sees when she looks at my profile. It includes all of my pictures and wall posts, my relationship status, my friend list, and other personal information that I wouldn’t necessarily want to share with job candidates. The screenshot on the right is what job candidates see on my profile. It only includes work and education information, mutual friends, public wall posts, and posts I share to just my job candidates list. I also have lists set up for friends, family and coworkers so I can keep them separate from one another and choose which parts of my profile each can see. Now that I can separate my personal and professional connections on a single platform, I can use my Facebook profile for recruiting, like I would with LinkedIn. Add your candidates as connections, share jobs on your profile, and ask for referrals.
  • Groups are a great way to find, and engage with, talent that hold particular interests – and you can use them to join discussions, post jobs and ask for referrals. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you can always start your own.This is a Facebook group for Software Engineers to interact with one another. There are also groups for marketing people, Sales people, and so on. You may also want to look for interest groups. For example, a bike manufacturer could look for biking groups, and a non profit can look for volunteer groups.
  • Facebook won’t let you target by title, but you can target by interests and education level, in addition to the filters offered by LinkedIn. Facebook made some recent changes to ads, which allows them to show up in several different places: in the newsfeed, in the mobile newsfeed, on the right side of users’ screens, at the logout screen and as offers. Just like LinkedIn, you can choose cost per click or cost per impressions and set a daily budget.Let’s do a quick poll on Advertising.
  • As many of you know, LinkedIn Recruiter allows you to source candidates from their database of 150 million users. You can sort through results with filters and message up to 50 candidates per month. This tool has always had a major advantage over Facebook, which does not have a candidate search engine built in. Identified has created search engine which allows you to find candidates from Facebook’s 845 million members.
  • Our free tool, identified.com allows users to search through their first degree connections and identified users. Identified has indexed over 202 million Facebook profiles, made them professionally relevant, and given them a score so you can see who the top candidates are. Basic sorting and filtering are enabled. I’d suggest that everyone sign up for this to see who you may be able to find as a referral hire. What you’re seeing here is our paid tool, ProSearch.ProSearch is our Facebook sourcing tool which allows you to search Facebook profiles with advanced filtering, ranking and relevance.You can search by location, graduation year, company, industry, and much more.You can also download resumes, message candidates, and see how you are connected to the candidates through your company’s employees. If you’d be interested in a demo, please let us know. We’ve just launched a beta program, where we’re offering ProSearch and TalentLink for $1000 for 4 months. If you’re interested in learning more, please write us a note in the chat box and one of our Account Executives will follow up with you. Here’s a quick overview of TalentLink, our job posting app.
  • Talent Link allows you to post jobs on your Facebook page.It will integrate with your ATS, or you can manage your jobs and candidates straight from the app. All jobs posted are pulled by Indeed, JuJu,Simply Hired and Joobleto increase views and drive candidates to your Facebook page. We do offer a 7 day trial of TalentLink, so you can see for yourself how easy it is to get started with Facebook recruiting. Or, as I mentioned, you can sign up for a 4 month ProSearch/TalentLink beta.
  • Our third tool, JobReach, helps you build your talent community and drive applicants to your job postings with targeted advertising. You can promote a specific job, career event, Facebook page, or your own website with a custom message and call-to-action. Relevant actions from the viewer's friends will automatically be shown to build word-of-mouth awareness.
  • The results are in for the social recruitment showdown, While LinkedIn is still a great tool for recruiting executives, Facebook is the clear winner for recruiting Generation Y.
  • Thanks for joining us today, our next webinar will be on the new Facebook Timeline updates, in two weeks, on March 20. We’ll run through the updates to the new Facebook Timeline layout, so you’re ready for the changes on March 30. If you’d like to get started with this transition sooner, please feel free to reach out to us for a complementary Facebook recruiting consultation. Just type us a message in the chat box and we’ll follow up with you as soon as possible.If you have any questions, please type them into the Q&A box to your right, and I’ll try to get to all of them.
  • Facebook Versus LinkedIn: A Social Recruitment Showdown

    1. 1. Facebook vs. LinkedIn A Social Recruitment Showdown
    2. 2. Presenters Today:
    3. 3. Takeaways• Quick Stats• Demographics• Privacy• Tools – Personal profile – Company pages – Groups – Advertising – Search
    4. 4. Quick stats
    5. 5. Average minutes per visitor to social media sites in January
    6. 6. Facebook vs LinkedIn Demographics 845,000,000 150,000,000 Global Facebook Users Global LinkedIn Users 155,892,160 62,168,075 U.S. Facebook Users U.S. LinkedIn UsersSources: self reported
    7. 7. Recruiting throughPersonal Profiles
    8. 8. Privacy
    9. 9. Recruiting throughPersonal Profiles
    10. 10. Recruiting with your Personal Profile:Who wins the showdown?Please vote in the “poll” box to the right.
    11. 11. Company Pages: Facebook
    12. 12. Company Pages: LinkedIn
    13. 13. Recruiting with Company Pages:Who wins the showdown?Please vote in the “poll” box to the right.
    14. 14. Facebook Groups
    15. 15. LinkedIn Groups
    16. 16. Poll:Who wins the showdown?Please vote in the “poll” box to the right.
    17. 17. Advertising on LinkedIn
    18. 18. Advertising
    19. 19. Poll:Who wins the showdown?Please vote in the “poll” box to the right.
    20. 20. Sourcing with LinkedIn
    21. 21. Post Jobs on your Facebook page Candidates apply directly on Facebook or through your ATS.Jobs reposted through partners:
    22. 22. Draw an audience to your jobs through targeted Facebook advertising Engage your audience withFacebook Sponsored Stories Build your Talent Community with a Facebook Cost/Like campaign
    23. 23. SummaryWhy you should use Facebook: – Find Generation Y – Free personal profile – Company career pages engage talent community and provide a window into your corporate culture – Higher volume of users – No/low cost to startWhy you should use LinkedIn: – Find executives – Free personal profile – Free company page – Free GroupsBoth work for: – Active and passive recruiting – Targeted ads
    24. 24. Thank You!• Questions?• Connect with us on Social Media to learn more about social recruitment http://www.facebook.com/IDforEmployers http://www.twitter.com/#!/IDforEmployers http://www.linkedin.com/company/identified https://plus.google.com/113207732250645259561/post s