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Symantec BCS Presentation


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Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business
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Symantec BCS Presentation

  1. 1. Symantec Business Critical Services Premier Securing Greater Value 1©2014 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. A proactive service delivery model Symantec Business Critical Services Premier includes: Simplify support, maximize return, and protect your infrastructure. Symantec Business Critical Services Premier 2 A named services expert designated for your business Rapid response issue resolution Proactive planning and risk management Included access to Symantec technical education 1 2 3 4
  3. 3. Gain a champion inside Symantec • Get expert proactive help from your Business Critical Account Manager (BCAM) who understands your business needs. Symantec Business Critical Services Premier 3 • Acts as a single point of contact for your critical cases • Customizes Support Services to fit your business needs • Coordinates more seamless software upgrades and migrations • Helps organize staff training/education through Symantec Education Services • Acts as a trusted advisor to help you succeed IMPACT 1 Simplify, Maximize, Protect
  4. 4. Speed issue resolution with priority access to experienced technicians • If it breaks, we fix it. Your issues get priority treatment. • Only highly experienced technicians are assigned to resolve your issues—onsite if necessary. • BCAM oversight helps you get the best Symantec has to offer • Post-issue, you’ll have case history reports, root cause analysis, and post-mortem analysis for continual improvement Symantec Business Critical Services Premier 4 • Reduces risk • Mitigates the impact of failure • Improves stability and reliability IMPACT 2 Simplify, Maximize, Protect
  5. 5. Win with proactive planning and management • A Business Critical Engineer (BCE) works with you to optimize your Symantec environment to suit your business needs. • Support extensions for select product families give you more time to plan. Symantec Business Critical Services Premier 5 • Helps minimize downtime by identifying potential issues before they impact performance • Use each product feature fully to get the most value from your software investment IMPACT 3 Simplify, Maximize, Protect
  6. 6. Maximize staff effectiveness with Symantec Education Services • Empower your staff to fully utilize product features and capabilities. • Instructor-led trainings and online courses will help your staff get the most from their Symantec technology. Symantec Business Critical Services Premier 6 IMPACT • Less human error • Increased productivity • Fuller, more efficient use of technology • Reduction of staff knowledge gaps that hamper efficiency 4 Simplify, Maximize, Protect
  7. 7. Symantec Business Critical Services Premier Maximize Get proactive help from highly experienced technicians who help you maximize the value of your technology investment. Simplify A single point of contact who acts as your champion within Symantec. Protect With rapid issue resolution and access to technical education for your staff, you’ll minimize downtime. Symantec Business Critical Services Premier 7
  8. 8. Simplicity A named services expert to help you manage your support experience. Speed Rapid, priority response by product experts, onsite if necessary. Stability Experienced technicians to help you tune your Symantec technology. Knowledge Access to instructor-led training and a vast library of online courses. Peace Experts working with you to help prevent issues—and there to help if they occur. Value Product features optimally utilized to get the most from your technology investment. Business Critical Services Premier A rigorous, proactive service offering for the large enterprise Symantec Business Critical Services Premier 8
  9. 9. Symantec Business Critical Services 9 Secure greater value with Symantec Business Critical Services Premier