Ideba Q1 2014 Portfolio


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Ideba Q1 2014 Portfolio

  1. 1. Portfolio Q1, 2014
  2. 2. Case Study Page 3 Clinicient 1515 SW 5th Avenue Suite 950 | Portland, OR 97201 · user interface, but poor reporting capabilities; another had a strong focus on compliance, but was cumbersome to use. While Clinicient was initially appealing for its ability to report on business metrics, it stood out for meeting the other criteria as well. “Clinicient has done a really good job of balancing reporting with compliance, and creating a backend that enables business owners and managers to focus their energies, and get information out of it in a really efficient way,” said McKee. “Clinicient has incorporated those capabilities without sacrificing anything in terms of the user interface.” Beyond the software, McKee was impressed by the expertise and solidity of the people and underlying values of Clinicient. “I really appreciated their experience, their demeanor and their deliber ateness with decision-making,” said McKee. “Clinicient has been good at monit oring growth, and not simply going for exponential growth and risking the wheels coming off. Stability is an important factor in this.” Following the thorough evaluation process that included meaningful input fr om the entire team, San Francisco Sport and Spine Physical Therapy chose to implement Clinicient’s physical therapy software solution in order to meet all of their business and patient care requirements. SOLUTION When San Francisco Sport and Spine Physical Therapy began working with Clinicient, the company had approximately 800 active patient cases. During the implementation, the clinics’ team worked collaboratively with Clinicient to ensure a smooth and seamless deployment. In addition to providing training and resources, Clinicient also put McKee and Durham in contact with other Clinicient user s who shared their experience and knowledge around implementing and using the softwar e. “We did quite a bit of in-depth tr aining with our team and maybe spent more time in preparation than most places do. But when we did go live, we had very few, insignificant issues come up, compared to what I think is normal with onboarding in multiple locations with multiple people,” said McKee. McKee also noted that with thorough preparation and access to Clinicient experts, team acceptance of the new software was much better than anticipated, given that Physical Therapists can be resistant to change. Within just a few months, San Francisco Sport and Spine Physical Therapy was up and running with Clinicient physical therapy software. “Clinicient has been good at monitoring growth, and not simply going for exponential growth and having the wheels come off. Stability is an important factor in this.” -Sturdy McKee, CEO, San Francisco Sport and Spine Physical Therapy Clinicient – Case Studies | InfoGraphics Ideba Confidential2 Clinic drives stronger business decisions through simplified practice performance reporting COMPANYOVERVIEW Established in 2001, San Francisco Sport and Spine Physical Therapy operates from three locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the years, the company has developed a high-quality service model that offers physical therapy from fully licensed professionals only, with no aides or assistants, resulting in faster recovery with fewer visits. Because the company believes that physical improvement requires a partnership between therapist and patient, it focuses on providing a personal experience, emphasizing one-to-one time between patients and ther apists. Clients range from elite athletes to small children and seniors with all kinds of injuries. Sturdy McKee and Jerry Durham, co-founders and owners of San Francisco Sport and Spine Physical Therapy, are recognized leaders in the Physical Therapy world who mentor others about practice management and growth strategies. They’ve become a model for the industry by focusing on people first (both patients and ther apists), keeping a close eye on the clinic’s performance, and tackling challenges head on while constantly seeking strategic ways to improve the business. “Clinicient streamlines therapists’ days and workweeks. It makes their lives easier and more manageable by helping them to track patients, plans of care, and follow-ups, while getting away from paper. This means they can focus on their patients more than when they were writing notes and typing up reports.” -Sturdy McKee, CEO, San Francisco Sport and Spine Physical Therapy San Francisco Sport and Spine Physical Therapy
  3. 3. DTI – PDC Advertisement & Sales Presentation Ideba Confidential3
  4. 4. Iovation – Infographic & Case Studies (writing) Ideba Confidential4
  5. 5. Lucid Meetings – 7 keys one-pager, Webinar promo Ideba Confidential5
  6. 6. Lucid Meetings – 7 keys e-book and InfoGraphic Ideba Confidential6
  7. 7. Microsoft – InfoGraphics Ideba Confidential7
  8. 8. Microsoft – CEP Flipbook Ideba Confidential8
  9. 9. Microsoft Evidence Suite Ideba Confidential9
  10. 10. Microsoft Evidence Suite – e-book Ideba Confidential10
  11. 11. Microsoft – case studies Ideba Confidential11
  12. 12. Microsoft Quick Start Guides Ideba Confidential12
  13. 13. Microsoft NWS Services video Ideba Confidential13
  14. 14. Portland Opera – Advertisement Ideba Confidential14
  15. 15. Play and Chase – Web site Ideba Confidential15
  16. 16. Symantec – Case Studies Ideba Confidential16
  17. 17. Symantec – BCS Ideba Confidential17
  18. 18. VMware – animated video Ideba Confidential18
  19. 19. VMware — Case Study Infographics Ideba Confidential19
  20. 20. VMware – Customer Evidence Strategy Ideba Confidential20
  21. 21. WatchGuard – Sales Collateral and Banners Ideba Confidential21
  22. 22. WatchGuard – Case Study Design Ideba Confidential22
  23. 23. DTI - Satisfaction Ideba Confidential23 Client Need • Align operations and company reps with known client objectives Findings • Immerging trends dependent on client geography, and where DTI’s work is being completed • Just meeting expectations does not merit outstanding CSAT scores Result • Increased interest in company results has led to further examination at executive-level
  24. 24. Lucid Meetings – Qualitative Research Ideba Confidential24 Client Need • Conduct primary research, leveraging for key statistics around online meetings Findings • Respondents are receptive to the idea of trying new tools and techniques to improve meetings • Biggest challenges in facilitating online meetings is starting and ending on time Result • Results leveraged in infographic, and helped in the creation of client-run webinar