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Solar Chimney Integrated into Air Conditioner System


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This is a modified solar chimney design. A normal solar chimney is not connected to an AC unit and has performance limitations in hot climates. However, when integrated into an AC system, a solar chimney can improve cooling ability and save electricity, even in desert areas.

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Solar Chimney Integrated into Air Conditioner System

  1. 1. Air Conditioner HeatAir Conditioner Heat ExchangeExchange with Solar Chimneywith Solar Chimney Perry Scanlon
  2. 2. Basic Solar ChimneyBasic Solar Chimney Borrowed from Wikipedia. Article: Solar Chimney, Drawn by User: Fred_the_Oyster
  3. 3. Less Effective in DesertLess Effective in Desert AreasAreas ● Higher average monthly temps in summer. Palm Springs: 93F July & August ● Higher average annual temps. Palm Springs: 75F ● Cooling to average annual temp: unrealistic. Ground heats up around pipe(s). ● Useful for survival but probably not comfort.
  4. 4. Modified Solar ChimneyModified Solar Chimney 95°F intake air instead of 115°F air saves electricity.
  5. 5. Similar Concept:Similar Concept: Geothermal Heat PumpGeothermal Heat Pump Borrowed from Wikipedia. Article: Geothermal Heat Pump Photo by Mark Johnson, User: Marktj
  6. 6. Advantages overAdvantages over Geothermal Heat PumpGeothermal Heat Pump ● Simpler and easier to build. ● Lower cost. ● No pump or additional electricity required. Air flow is assisted by sun. ● Use of air-cooled condenser coil. ● Leaks: less likely, less damaging, easier to fix.
  7. 7. The EndThe End Questions?Questions?