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idealabs intrapreneur: going from Antwerp, to London and San Francisco

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Cedric Deweeck (idealabs) visited 2 of the biggest startup hubs of the planet in 10 days. Attended 2 big tech and startup conferences, and got the chance to pitch his Startup in San Francisco

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idealabs intrapreneur: going from Antwerp, to London and San Francisco

  1. idealabs intrapreneur From Antwerp to London and San Francisco
  2. Hi!I’m Cedric, I’m the marketingguy at idealabs. From now onalso an intrapreneur
  3. Idealabs is an entrepreneurial HUB located in the center of Antwerp. Wepromote entrepreneurship by inspiring,educating and engaging. We accelerate startups and help them grow. Creating entrepreneurs!
  4. Back to me!I was part of the idealabs teamfrom the very start: Surroundedby amazing people, workingwith entrepreneurs everyday,meeting great people.
  5. Then Imet thisguy atidealabs Meet Emiel: he’s been working on Decolabs, another startup at idealabs. We started talking about a startup idea and joined forces
  6. BOOM! A second screenA new startup idea was applicationborn. for presentations
  7. Shape, build, and launch to market in three months #stoptalkingstartbuildingNow, the hardest part:practice what you preach
  8. Bla Let’s validate!
  9. Validation of idea andMVP during aPitching battlebetween idealabs andSpringboard London It worked
  10. CustomerDevelopmentValidation of need foraudience, speakers atLeweb 2012
  11. We got greatfeedback!Status: we had a Demo/MVP and had validationfrom speakers/audienceNext steps?Let’s compete in startupcompetitions and staylean as long as possible.We did some tweakingto our DEMO and neverstopped talking topeople. Always bepitching!
  12. Back to me and the titleof the presentationidealabsintrapreneur:From Antwerp toLondon to SF
  13. First Stop: LondonFocusI was invited to Live coverthe London Websummitthrough the @idealabs_betwitter accountWorks outAmazing opportunity! Direct contact toconference organizers, otherbloggers, audienceFree inspirationquotes
  14. Matt Mullenweg -(Wordpress)London Websummit"I want to build a businessfor decades, I needed aninvestor with a long termcommitment"
  15. Jeff Lawson (Twilio) - Londonwebsummit"Software people, our time is now, weneed to move fast: iterate quickly, shipfast"
  16. Mark Read (WPP)LondonWebsummit"Advertising peopleshould be part of thestart up ecosystem"
  17. David Tisch - (Techstars)London Websummit"Be upfront with your goals when youre Pitching.Entrepreneurs miss that part quite a lot"
  18. Second Stop: San FranciscoFocus-I won a ticket to attend LaunchFestival 2013 with - 4-6/ made the pitching finals forthe Angel Alley program of DemoConference - 7/03Works outInspiration + contacts from SF
  19. I won a ticket with to attend LaunchFestival. The best place to launch your startup,raise money and learn about starting a company. Free inspiration quotes Coding while listening to a startup pitch. Welcome to SF
  20. David Cohen Techstars #Launch2013"Corporates are partnering with accelerators to bepart of the ecosystem, providing resources for newcompanies"
  21. Dave Mcclure 500 Startups #Launch2013"It takes time to build relationships in Silicon V. Dontexpect coming off a plane, and angels throwingmoney"
  22. Dave Mcclure 500 Startups #Launch2013"Its faster to execute then thinking about executing,go build something, and then approach investors"
  23. David Sacks Yammer #Launch2013"You really need to have a product hook, one thatgets a typical user engaged"
  24. Chamath Palihapitiya ex-Facebook Director for GrowthLaunch 2013“Poker is like the cycle of a startupcondensed into 2 minutes” 
  25. Venture capitalist George ZacharyLaunch 2013“When Twitter looked for Series A funding, itspitch wasn’t exactly earth-shaking — nomention of revolutions or deciding apresidential race. “It was about, where can wego drinking in the Mission District?”
  26. Third Stop: San Francisco part 2Angel Alley Program is designed for startups withoutfunding. They organized a contest to win a booth atDEMO Conference, and the chance to pitch forinvestors. was selected out of hundreds ofentries.
  27. I had 5 minutes to do a Live Demo of, andwe needed to cover: 1.Completeness of product/service 2.Customer Traction 3.Projected growthWe had an MVP!
  28. didn’t make it to the super finals :(We got great feedback from everyone. This was thelast confirmation we needed to stop talking andstart building.
  29. Familiar face in the jury during my Pitch.She had a talk at London Websummit!Di-Ann Eisnor - Waze
  30. His article inDe Morgen We went out for celebrations in SF with Wouter, CEO of Octopin. One of the startups from idealabs
  31. Time to go back to Antwerp. Bringing back alot of inspiration. Fully energized to helpbuild a strong entrepreneurial community.Operating from idealabs, an entrepreneurialHUB
  32. BOOM!Arrived home, opened mailbox:“Someone got disqualified for the DemoConference. You are selected as a winner andwill receive a booth in the Angel AlleyCompetition on 17 April in San Fran.”
  33. Shape, build, and launch tomarket in three months#stoptalkingstartbuildingGot any questions?
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Cedric Deweeck (idealabs) visited 2 of the biggest startup hubs of the planet in 10 days. Attended 2 big tech and startup conferences, and got the chance to pitch his Startup in San Francisco


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