Proven Solutions for Business Innovators                      Innovation Blueprint™
SR&ED ONE                                                                     Innovatio                             St    ...
How Ideacia ONE can become                                                  your Partner in InnovationInnovation Blueprint...
PHASE 4: Funding Model Creation and SourcingUnless the client has the internal financial resources in place to support new...
PHASE 7: Marketing Strategy CreationLeveraging research and market insights, and always keeping the overall            Str...                 3100 Steeles Avenue East, Suite 802 Markham ON L3R 8T3                            1.877....
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The Ideacia ONE - Innovation Blueprint


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Helping a company success throughout the entire Innovation process!

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The Ideacia ONE - Innovation Blueprint

  1. 1. Proven Solutions for Business Innovators Innovation Blueprint™
  2. 2. SR&ED ONE Innovatio St n ure, Conception r eas at ,M r ge nito eg na Mo F ic a M and Ev e Ma al as atio NE ib rke u ilit n gO y ting etin Execu gy ONE tion eStrategic Mark Strat Creation Strategy Business Ideacia ONE Innovation Blueprint™ M ar k S t ra i o n Cre a e t in te g ci n a n d l e t S o ti o n M o d g y E ea ing ON g nd Go Fu r ur R & ve r n C &A D F men M t un d in t Produc nt g e D e ve l o p m p o r t and R &D S up SR &E D O N E Toronto Ottawa Montreal Moncton Vancouver
  3. 3. How Ideacia ONE can become your Partner in InnovationInnovation Blueprint™ How we help…PHASE 1: Innovation ConceptionInnovation is typically driven either by the identification of a problem, R&D ONErealization that an existing product or process could be optimized, or spurred by • Preliminary Eligibility Assessment (conducted fora new idea. SR&ED and Interactive Media Tax Credit funding) • Guidance on how to maintain Documentation ofIn this initial phase we work with clients to evaluate from a high level perspective Experimentation and subsequent regular follow upthe potential for moving forward to the next step by investing in R&D andlonger-term commercialization and/or implementation of the new innovation.PHASE 2: Feasibility EvaluationFeasibility studies are preliminary investigations into the potential benefits Strategic Marketing ONEassociated with undertaking a specific activity or project. • Independent Technical Feasibility Analysis (using our in-house scientists and engineers)In this phase our consultants work with you, your senior management team and • Exploratory Internal andtechnical advisors to determine if the investment in time and other resources External Environmental Analysiswill yield a desirable result. This evaluation will help to determine if the business • Exploratory Competitive Analysisshould move forward to the next phase. • Financial Modeling • Practical Market Feasibility Study with RecommendationsPHASE 3: Business Strategy CreationOur consultants work with business owners and their senior management team Strategic Marketing ONEto develop a business model with a sustainable competitive advantage and • Comprehensive Business Diagnostic™supporting business strategy. A strategy that is clearly articulated within the • Internal and External Environmental Analysisformal Business Plan, along with a comprehensive project plan and critical path • Stakeholder Mapping and Segmentation Analysisused to support the implementation and establish key performance indicators, • Competitive Analysismilestones and measurable deliverables. This strategy will be used not only • Growth Strategies Evaluationto guide the business throughout its growth, but also used to raise funds to • Sustainable Competitive Business Modelingsupport growth. • Business Plan Development • Innovation Strategy Development • Communications Plan Development • Project Plan / Critical Path Creation (identification of Key Performance Indicators “KPI’s”)
  4. 4. PHASE 4: Funding Model Creation and SourcingUnless the client has the internal financial resources in place to support new M&A ONEinnovation, and/or support the launch of a new business and marketing • Acquisition and/or Divesture Plan Creationstrategy, they often require funding from external sources. • Business ValuationIn this phase our consultants work with clients to identify the most appropriate • Company Brief Developmentfunding sources and help to position them to successfully raise the funding they • Investor Presentationsrequire for growth. • Investor Road Show Support and Management • Due DiligenceThrough M&A ONE, approved clients are introduced to angel investors, largefinancial institutions, venture capitalists, and where possible any government • Negotiationgrants and assistance programs. • Investor and Banking Relations’ Expertise and Support R&D ONE • Preparation of Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) Grant ApplicationsPHASE 5: Product Development and R&D SupportDuring this critical new product development and R&D stage, R&D ONE’s R&D ONEscientists and engineers are accessible to clients, supporting them from the • Ongoing Review & Support for SR&EDvery beginning to ensure they are effectively documenting the entire process in Documentation and Claim Preparationorder to optimize their SR&ED claims. • Facilitating the Linkages between Business Innovators and Strategic Partners (i.e. academia,At this point in the innovation process clients are undertaking the industry organizations, investors, etc.)following activities:• Creation of new products;• Enhancement to existing products;• Improvement of the manufacturing process;• Experimenting with different approaches, processes and materials;• Prototype development; and• Testing.R&D ONE consultants are readily accessible to provide support, expertise, andfacilitate access to other business innovators and/or strategic partners as a valueadded service where appropriate.PHASE 6: Government R&D FundingIn this phase R&D ONE works with clients to recover R&D spending through R&D ONEthe Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) program, offered • Uncover all Eligible Projects and Activitiesthrough the Canadian federal government. • Write Compelling and Robust Technical DescriptionsR&D ONE provides professional and personal claim preparation. We do the entireclaim to minimize our clients’ time spent on this activity. All claims are carefully • Costing of Eligible Activitieswritten up, reviewed thoroughly by our multi-disciplinary team, supported by • Preparation of all Relevant Tax SchedulesCRA guidelines and easily defendable should CRA review the claim. • Filing of SR&ED Claims with CRA • Regular follow-up with CRA and all relevant government departments to ensure the claim proceeds smoothly • Defend SR&ED Claims
  5. 5. PHASE 7: Marketing Strategy CreationLeveraging research and market insights, and always keeping the overall Strategic Marketing ONEcorporate goals and objectives in mind, Strategic Marketing ONE consultants • Comprehensive Business Diagnostic™work with clients to develop solid, forward-thinking marketing strategies • Internal and External Environmental Analysisdesigned to generate results within the marketplace. • Market Research and AnalysisAll too often companies rush to market with identical business models and no • Product/Service Offering Reviewmarketing strategies to differentiate themselves from the competition; either in • Competitive Analysisterms of the market served, customers targeted, or kind of value created. • Stakeholder Mapping and Segmentation AnalysisAt Strategic Marketing ONE our strategies are based on a deep understanding of • Evaluation of Forward-Thinkinghow to differentiate our clients from the competition, while keeping in mind the Marketing Strategiescustomers’ needs. • Key Message DevelopmentWe ensure our clients understand their customers and identify the most • Marketing Plan Developmentprofitable markets to serve. We then work with our clients to develop clear and • Project Plan / Critical Path Creation (including theconcise messaging that resonates with their customers. Proper strategy and identification of Key Performance Indicators “KPI’s”)planning helps to ensure a successful commercialization of new innovationsand/or release of new products.PHASE 8: Strategy ExecutionWith a comprehensive business and marketing strategy in place, Strategic Strategic Marketing ONEMarketing ONE works with clients offering support in the execution of • Business and Marketing Planthose strategies. Implementation Support • Marketing Communications andIn partnership with an award winning marketing communication firm, Public Relations SupportStrategic Marketing ONE seamlessly offers a range of solutions including brand • Brand Development anddevelopment, creative design, and marketing collateral development, among Marketing Collateral Creationother services required to successfully launch and sustain momentum of the • Social Media Business Development Supportnew marketing campaign. • Business Writing Services • Strategic Partnership and Joint-Venture Development Support • Market Research • Ongoing Management, Measurement, and Monitoring (strongly connected to Phase 9)PHASE 9: Manage, Measure, and MonitorSuccess is only achieved if goals, objectives and tactics can be effectively Strategic Marketing ONEmanaged, measured and monitored. • Critical Path and Key Performance Indicator MonitoringWith each and every engagement our consultants establish Key Performance • Comprehensive Business Diagnostic™Indicators and leverage a combination of web-enabled diagnostic systems and and Benchmarkingcritical paths to ensure projects are successfully completed on time and on • Ongoing Competitive Analysisbudget. Any necessary strategy adjustments are made along the way to ensure • Market Research and Analysisgrowth and related innovation strategies are achieved. • Market Conditions Re-Assessment • Proposed Strategy Adjustments M&A ONE • Strategic Advisory Services • Investor Relations Services
  6. 6. 3100 Steeles Avenue East, Suite 802 Markham ON L3R 8T3 1.877.266.0005 TF 1.866.845.1445 F Toronto Ottawa Montreal Moncton