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The Strategic Marketing ONE team is dedicated to thinking, creating and delivering business and marketing strategies.

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Strategic Marketing ONE

  1. 1. The Next Step in Innovation A strategic, multi-disciplined approachOur Methodology Ideacia ONE to growing your businessWe are a different kind of marketing firm, one deeply The name Ideacia is a combination of two words:rooted in business strategy. idea and indicia.Strategic Marketing ONE’s consultants offer clients fresh “Idea” because Ideacia ONE is in the business of ideas.ideas and insights from a cross-discipline perspective, We develop them, help source funding for them, bringapproaching each and every engagement with the them to market, and more. Ideas are the source andsame guiding principles that can be summarized in inspiration for everything we do.three words: Think. Create. Deliver. “Indicia” because it refers to a stamp or identifyingWe are committed to not only developing idea-infused mark. That’s the outcome of what Ideacia ONE does…business strategies and strategic marketing campaigns, we make our mark by helping our clients make theirsbut are committed to ensuring the successful with ideas.implementation of those strategies... and deliveringresults! For more information on how Strategic Marketing ONE, Tangib an Ideacia ONE company, can help your business visit le D or call us at 1.877.266.0005 for eli cre v a free consultation. Ask us about our service guarantee. er s gie ab les at Effective Strate think e ONE Approach™ d e li v e r ts s ul e Re a bl M easur Head Office 3100 Steeles Avenue East, Suite 802, Markham ON L3R 8T3 1.877.266.0005 TF 1.866.845.1445 F To r o n t o Ottawa Montreal Moncton Va n c o u v e r
  2. 2. What makes us differentBusiness and Partners is our commitment to:Marketing Strategists in Innovation • Applying Proven Approaches & Methodologies – Generating results for our clients by following provenStrategic Marketing ONE consultants understand An idea, an innovation alone, is not enough. Strong methodologies and approaches. Taking an approachwhat it takes for companies to thrive in today’s market intelligence and competitive growth strategies that looks at the business holistically, from a cross-competitive market. are critical for ensuring that new ideas and innovations functional perspective. succeed in achieving sustainable long-term profitable • Guiding You Through the Implementation –At our core we are business and marketing strategists growth and optimal competitive positioning. We believe in our work as strategists and are committedwho have a deep appreciation for the importance to ensuring our clients’ success. This is achieved byof linking our clients’ sustainable business models Strategic Marketing ONE consultants work in helping to guide them beyond the strategic planningdirectly to their competitive growth strategies and partnership with your senior management team, stage, and also throughout the campaigns. offering the following core services: • Measuring Results – Our financial experts assist clients • Internal and External Environmental Analysis in developing relevant key performance indicators andUnlike many traditional business strategy and marketingfirms, our team is comprised of experts in the fields of • Competitive Analysis measuring the impact as they implement their newbusiness, marketing, and finance, as well as scientists • Stakeholder Mapping and Segmentation Analysis strategy.and engineers across all fields of science. • Creation of Business Models that Provide Sustainable • Providing In-House Expertise – Providing access to Competitive Advantage with Supporting Growth expertise in the fields of business, marketing, andOur strategies help clients improve their competitive Strategies finance, in addition to in-house engineers and scientistsposition and achieve impressive profitable growth. from every field of science. • Business and Marketing Plan Development • Forward-Thinking – Challenging our clients to think • Implementation Support with Competitive Growth differently and distinguish themselves within their Strategies and Marketing Campaigns market space. • Economic Development Consulting • Becoming Your Innovation Partner – Working with Strategic Marketing ONE is a member of the innovation-driven companies throughout each phase International RAN•ONE network of over 500 business of the innovation cycle by leveraging the expertise advisory firms with members in North America, available within each one of the Ideacia ONE boutique Asia-Pacific and Europe, enabling us to draw upon the consulting firms, which include Strategic Marketing combined experience and resources previously only ONE, R&D ONE, and M&A ONE. accessible to large, international consultancies. • Forming Strategic Partnerships – Developing strong partnerships that complement our existing service offering portfolio and adding measurable value to our clients.Danny Ladouceur and Jennifer Powers Principals & Co-Founders