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Using Social Media to Launch Your Startup: How to Expedite Brand Awareness and Engagement


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This session was presented by Megan Hargroder, Founder & Strategist of Conversations LLC. Find out more at

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business
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Using Social Media to Launch Your Startup: How to Expedite Brand Awareness and Engagement

  1. 1. using social media to launch your startup how to expedite brand awareness + engagement
  2. 2. this isn’t about how to use hashtags or “what is a pinterest?”
  3. 3. (this is)
  4. 4. Stay on top of important social media news + boost your overall impact in 5 minutes / week
  5. 5. so you wanna be a big deal?
  6. 6. you better work
  7. 7. from zero to engagement build it and they will come… engage them and they will stay
  8. 8. 1. Reach out to your own network 2. Utilize existing communities of partners and allies 3. Work it.
  9. 9. Reach out to your own network (it’s bigger than you think) TELL EVERYONE
  10. 10. how to announce your cool new thing without sounding like an asshole
  11. 11. perfect your pitch
  12. 12. bring out the big guns
  13. 13. be real be unique be YOU
  14. 14. produce content around trending topics
  15. 15. how to: Optimize Facebook Posts for Sharing Ideal image ratio: 1.91:1 Ideal image size: 1200 x 630 px *Proper image size optimization means the photo will appear larger in the news feed Alt Option: Post image and then add link
  16. 16. driving traffic is all about the links, y’all
  17. 17. Utilize existing communities, partners & allies THAT’S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR
  18. 18. reaching out to professional affiliations & communities Professional Organizations Email Lists Google Groups LinkedIn Groups Meetup Groups Friends with Large Relevant Followings
  19. 19. hey, can you tweet this for me?
  20. 20. make it easy for people to share website “share” buttons Optimize Facebook Posts for Sharing
  21. 21. image via
  23. 23. listing sites article and pitch submissions press release distribution guest posting speaking gigs ads
  24. 24. listings & profiles
  25. 25. pitch conferences and events
  26. 26. press release distribution
  27. 27. guest posting
  28. 28. speaking gigs
  29. 29. online ads google ads facebook ads twitter ads ads on niche blogs ads in niche e-blasts
  30. 30. facebook ads v. google ads
  31. 31. twitter advertising weak: good:
  32. 32. so you’ve got an audience... now what?
  33. 33. your ultimate goal: other people are talking about your brand, referring it to others and promoting your product FOR you.
  34. 34. content that engages: 1. Topical / Current Issues 2. Something Funny 3. Questions (that don’t require too much thought) 4. Incentives (like free things) 5. Babies 6. Puppies
  35. 35. or something completely random:
  36. 36. incentives: contests promotions referral credits
  37. 37. the golden rule of content: If you don’t have something engaging to post, don’t post anything at all...
  38. 38. it matters what your audience wants, not what you want them to want
  39. 39. analytics are sexy
  40. 40. facebook conversation score
  41. 41.
  42. 42. find the resource guide from this talk @
  43. 43. web: email: