White Paper: Innovation Community Engagement Tip Sheet


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In the business of citizen engagement, network intelligence, or crowdsourcing, ideas and dialogue can indeed be powerful in two very important ways: citizen buy-in and also delivering millions of dollars of savings.

Download this white paper to learn:
- How much digital engagement can impact bottom-line savings
- How engagement can increase tax compliance
- More information about the state of government digital engagement today

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White Paper: Innovation Community Engagement Tip Sheet

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  2. 2. Short, Targeted Campaign The crowd is often more inspired when they are looking to solve a specific problem against a deadline. Creating time-limited challenges or specific questions that require specific answers often yields both a higher response rate and a higher quality of ideas. Reward for Engaging Others
 Many community engagement programs offer incentives to contributors, but research shows that the best way to not only improve engagement, but also overall idea quality, was to offer rewards to members who generated the most participation from other members. Problem Statement
 Get your best writer’s involved. A short, compelling brief or problem statement can truly help the crowd connect to both the problem and the solution. These statements should be easy-to-read, easy-to-understand, and generate some sort of heart response. Be Responsive 
 You can’t (and probably shouldn’t) deliver on all ideas, but organizations should respond to every idea. And, perhaps more importantly, when ideas are moved forward, selected, and implemented, these changes should be communicated to the author of the idea and the community. Multichannel Invitations
 There is no silver bullet that’s going to get people to participate in a new community. However, when there are multiple invitations from various sources, it is more likely that an employee or customer will engage. Links from various appropriate pages on a website, social media invitations, videos posters, emails, and stickers are all great ways to get people involved. Reward Participation
 In order to get people on board, it can be useful to simply incentivize adoption. Some clients offer random prizes to employees who signed up, some clients evaluate employees more favorably in annual reviews if they’ve contributed to an IdeaScale community. Get Senior Level Buy-In Research shows that a community is far more likely to join the conversation, if they think their ideas are being taken seriously. However, if a CEO or leader starts participating in the community, they often stop supporting others and start supporting the CEO. The best method is for leadership to endorse the program: write a blog, create a video, attend a launch meeting. People will believe in the efficacy of the program. 2COMMUNITY  ENGAGEMENT  TIP  SHEET Generate a high level of participation and satisfaction in any community. FOR  MORE  INFORMATION   sales@ideascale.com Global  /  Americas   +1  800-­‐549-­‐9198 New  Zealand   +64-­‐080-­‐099-­‐5088 Australia   +61-­‐02-­‐9037-­‐8414 United  Kingdom   +44-­‐0-­‐808-­‐189-­‐1476