White Paper: Ideascale Security and Support


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IdeaScale has been an SaaS (Software as a Service) based company since 2003. With that experience, comes years of expertise keeping Fortune 500 data safe and secure. We employ a variety of security techniques that any enterprise IT department has come to expect. Download this paper to learn more about our security certifications.

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White Paper: Ideascale Security and Support

  1. 1. sales@ideascale.com +1 (206) 395-451 © 2012 IdeaScale
  2. 2. Security and Support| Page 2 Security Matters IdeaScale has been an SaaS (Software as a Service) based company since 2003. With that experience, comes years of expertise keeping Fortune 500 data safe and secure. We employ a variety of security techniques that any enterprise IT department has come to expect. • SAS 70 Type II Servers: Your community will be as secure as possible on dedicated servers housed at one of the most trusted data centers in the world. Our enterprise servers have undergone extensive security reviews and stringent audits to earn the SAS 70 type II stamp of approval. • SSL Security: All IdeaScale communities support full SSl encryption. Also, our email servers are configured with tlS to support encryption between mail servers. This minimizes any chances of packet inspection between servers. • Single Sign-On: Single Sign-on (SSO) allows users to access the IdeaScale community with the credentials of an existing company Intranet. Your choice of SAML or cookie based SSO can be used with popular authentication systems such as Active directory (AD) or IDAP. • Blacklist: IdeaScale synchronizes with popular IP blacklists to completely lock out access to IP addresses that are known to be fraudulent. About IdeaScale •Firewall: As part of the SAS 70 Type II certification, IdeaScale’s firewall software is scanned on a monthly basis by an approved third-party auditing firm. IdeaScale has developed an idea crowdsourcing technology that empowers communities to drive innovation. Support IdeaScale offers dedicated support to our enterprise customers. If you can’t find the solution to your problem online, our support team spans the globe to make sure that there is always someone there to answer your question. • Up-time guarantee: enterprise customers are guaranteed 99.99% uptime. •Email: 24x7 email support. •System Monitoring: Full 24x7 system monitoring of all servers. The software allows organizations to involve people that matter to them by collecting their ideas and giving them a platform to vote. The most important ideas bubble to the top. More and more software companies are using crowdsourcing coupled with social media technologies to greatly increase the quality of feedback for their organization. In addition to being an industry leader in idea management software, IdeaScale leads its competitors in the security of its communities, its full support offerings, and its protections from community abuse. •Knowledge Base: unlimited access to online support. Over 500 help articles featuring screenshots and videos at http://support.ideascale.com. sales@ideascale.com +1 (206) 395-451 © 2012 IdeaScale
  3. 3. Security and Support | Page 3 • Community: Feedback and suggestions can be submitted to IdeaScale’s own IdeaScale at http://ideas.ideascale.com Eliminating community Abuse Community abuse like ballot box stuffing and SPAMing can be very detrimental to the success of your feedback initiative. That’s why IdeaScale provides a number of methods to prevent nefarious individuals and spambots from exploiting the community. • Double Opt-in Verification and Captcha - IdeaScale offers the ability to require recaptcha verification upon user registration. This simple technique helps to prevent automated scripts from creating fake accounts. • Email-Based Access Restrictions - A very simply and elegant way to limit user registrations to your own organization can be accomplished via email based access restrictions. Basically, you can configure your IdeaScale community to only allow registration if the user signs up with the email address domain for your organization (ex: @xyzcompany.com). • IP-Based Access Restrictions - Similar to email based access restrictions, access to your IdeaScale community can be restricted to only a specific IP address range. • Community Flagging - IdeaScale leverages the power of the crowd to help moderate your community. Any IdeaScale community member can flag an idea or comment for review by your moderators. “One of the best things about the IdeaScale solution is that it saves the team both time and debate on identifying new features for each upcoming release. We know what’s important to include as well as why. It is a place for people to constantly add and suggest new feedback and we’ve found that it’s a great way to communicate with others about why we implement those changes.” Shane Lovellette, Product Manager, TechSmith • Profanity Filter - Ideascale can be configured to prevent community members from submitting text with specific words. The system checks against the seven most common curse words and any additional words added by the community moderator. Comments or ideas in violation are placed in a moderation queue for censoring or deletion. • Fraudulent Activity Detection - There are many fraud detection features under the hood within IdeaScale that are constantly working to protect your community. IdeaScale employs a host of techniques to detect scripts/bots and prevents them from creating accounts, applying fraudulent votes, or submitting spam or phishing posts to your community. • Domain Restrictions - Similar to email-based access restrictions, IdeaScale gives you the option to block a list of domains from registration. This is most commonly used to restrict registration from users using free accounts. If you have a concern regarding community abuse that you think may not be covered by the features above, let us know. We are committed to providing you and your community members the best experience possible. sales@ideascale.com +1 (206) 395-451 © 2012 IdeaScale